Home Security – Popular Fencing Materials

Brighton fence adds to home security

Appearance, durability, practicality and costs of Brighton fencing are the main factors which determine the choice of a certain fencing material.

Cedar is one of the most popular materials. It is very resistant and it is quite easy to work with, even for DIY’ers. For long-lasting protection, it is best to use a penetrating sealant.

Vinyl fences are both strong and extremely flexible. Very low-maintenance, vinyl fences can be easily cleaned with a water hose and a detergent. It never needs any repainting, which adds up to its popularity among homeowners.

A mixture of plastic polymers and wood fibers, composite fencing can create a wood appearance. The only thing is that this type of fence is obviously more resistant than wood is, so that it does nor rot or attract pests.

Metal is yet another popular choice. The options include cast iron and steel, which require anti-corrosive applications, and aluminum, which does not get affected by humidity or other outdoor conditions.

Resistant to rotting, infestation, rust, treated wood is a great fencing idea. The wood can be treated either by pressure, or chemically.

Chain link is quite spread among homeowners, in spite of the fact that it looks rather utilitarian. However, it can be used in different shapes and colors.