How Affordable Is Wood Fencing?

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Are you looking for a new fence, and can’t decide whether wood fencing is a good, budget-friendly choice for you? We’ll help you figure things out.

Wood fencing is more affordable – at least upfront – than other popular fence choices, such as vinyl or composite. Moreover, wood has higher longevity than other types of fencing. A wood fence can last you even 4 decades, as long as the wood was treated properly before building the fence and maintained well throughout the years. So, in this regard, you can say wood fencing is affordable long-term too, since you won’t have to re-fence your property for decades.

Now, while the upfront cost is low and longevity high, you must also consider some added costs before you decide whether wood fencing is the right budget choice for you. With wood fencing, you will also need to consider expenses like stains or treatments against insect or moisture damage (expenses you won’t have with vinyl fences, for instance). Moreover, wood fencing also requires regular maintenance, more so than other materials, so you should consider this expense as well when making your choice.

To find out more about how affordable wood fencing is and what the exact costs are in the long run, contact your local  budget friendly Arvada fence company – they’ll be able to answer all your questions and help you decide on the right solution for your budget.