How High Should You Build Your Fence?

Fences are built to delimitate and protect properties from intruders, to keep the animals in an enclosure or simply for aesthetic reasons. The Arvada fence company offers various fence designs and materials to choose from, so each owner can build a fence according to their needs and preferences. However, there are some limits when you build a fence.

things to know about fencesEven if it is on your property, you are not allowed to build a super high fence. You must obtain legal permits to build a fence and common heights include 3 ft for a front yard, 6-8 ft for a backyard, or 4 ft for a pool fence.

Obviously the height largely depends on the purpose and the location of the fence. Fences built to contain certain animals must be high enough so that the animals cannot escape. For example, since most people have dogs, it is good to know that a large dog breed can escape a 4-5 ft fence.

Instead of installing a higher fence, you also have the option to consider extensions that can be fixed on the existing fence, if its structure allows it. They can be custom made to add a decorative touch, besides increased protection.