How Long Does it Take to Install a Fence

The duration of fence installation is related to a number of factors, depending on each particular case. For instance, a simple wooden fence can take about 2-4 days to install. Such estimation typically includes the removal operation of the old fence and the clean-up stage of the project.

Any homeowner needs to keep in mind some general factors which determine the exact amount of time needed for installing a new fence for their property.

First of all, it is the size of your yard that may influence the duration of the project. At the same time, the weather during the working period also plays an essential part. And quite obviously, simpler projects take less time to be installed than more complex ones.

The location of your property may also influence the fencing project’s duration. Distance may add up to the number of daily hours required for installing a fence.

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The number of the gates you need for your fence is another key ingredient. According to Brighton fence install specialists, gates usually take longer to install than fences, and, therefore, the fencing process can take longer in case you intend to have more than one gate.

Sophisticated elements such as retaining walls may also add more time to the duration of the project.