How to Avoid Durability Concerns When Installing a Wooden Gate

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Getting a wooden gate might seem like a bad idea to some. However, as long as you take all the right precautions, you’ll find that this type of gate can actually be extremely resilient. Here are some of the best methods for avoiding durability problems when you install a new wooden gate:

  1. Get a thicker and more robust gate. Although wood is pretty durable on its own, it can be almost unbreakable when you choose a sturdy wooden gate that’s also thicker and has a more robust construction than other wooden gates. A stronger and thicker gate will be able to keep the elements at bay while also keeping intruders out and ensuring that you won’t need to repair or replace it that often.
  2. Consider the most durable types of wood out there. Although some Denver fence company contractors might refer to wood fencing and gates as simply “wood,” the fact is that there are many types of wood that can be successfully used to build these products. Unfortunately, not all of them are as resilient as one might want them to be. European oak, cedar and redwood are three of the best types you can consider, and you’ll find their robust constitution to only be matched by their aesthetic beauty.
  3. There is no substitute for a properly done installation. If you want to avoid durability issues with your wooden gate, make sure that you hire the best contractor to install it, and you likely won’t have to worry about repairs and maintenance too much over the years.