How to Decide How Much Fence You Need

The fence is an element that delimits and protects the property. However, besides these functional aspects, the fence also has an aesthetic role, providing personality to your home. In addition, building the fence is not a difficult project, and with some residential fencing company Denver technical skills and a little help, you can build one yourself.
To determine how much fence you need, you must first decide on the type of fence, the materials you prefer and measure the area you want to surround. The next step is to use the internet and search for online calculators, according to the type of fence that you plan to install. You will find various websites offering free calculators.

calculating fence costs

For example, in the case of a wooden fence, you will have to enter a few required specs (the length and the height of the fence, the number of corners, the number of ends, upright picket width and gap between pickets), in inches or feet, and the wood fence calculator will determine for you exactly how much wood you need for your new fence (required post, rails and boards).
It is recommended to always buy 10% extra materials, just to ensure that you have enough for your construction project.