How To Fix Your Wood Fence

Denver fence company wood fence repair

Wood fences are attractive components on any property, but the natural material is sensitive to the effects of the weather, even if it is properly treated with protective substances, such as paints and coating layers. Fortunately, according to skilled Denver fence company contractors, wood fences are not very difficult to repair – here are a few tips how:

  • Cleaning – to be able to see how extensive the damage is, you need a clean surface, so before you start any repair operation, clean the fence properly. All you will need is some warm water and a mild detergent – apply the mix on the fence using a sponge, scrub a bit, then wait until the surface is completely dry;
  • Remove the damaged parts – rot and mildew are the most common issues with wood fences. Make sure to remove the damaged parts, scraping the wood until your reach solid material, then correct the issue with some putty and repaint the fence part to its original color;
  • Insect attacks – if large portions of your fence have been damaged by insects, such as termites, you will have to remove the panels completely, but if the pests have caused only minor damage, you can easily remove the damaged sections and correct the wood the same way as in the case of rot, then treat the wood with an insect repellant coating and paint it.