How to Make Sure Your Wood Fence Doesn’t Warp

Wood warping is a problem that commonly appears in outdoor elements and applications such as fences or decks. It is caused by changes in moisture content and, as a result, some parts of the wood may start looking different than others and eventually get unusable. Therefore, a fence affected by wood warping will need to be replaced sooner or later.

wooden fence in ArvadaWhen you install a wood fence, you should know that some types of wood have better warp resistance than others. Cedar is very dense, which makes it naturally resistant, and redwood has a natural chemical that prevents moisture from being absorbed. Another type of very stable wood, once it reached its equilibrium moisture content, is fir.

Other than opting for a resistant type of wood, there are some other ways to make sure your wood fence does not warp.

Expert Arvada fencing contractors treat wood properly prior to installation. Wood should not be kept in a humid environment, nor placed directly on the earth. Wood should be stacked uniformly, on a flat surface to have proper air exposure. Stain or paint the boards, when they reach their EMC; this measure will restrict moisture absorption.