How to Make your Commercial Fence Last

Commercial property fences can have both protective and esthetic purposes. If you want your commercial fence to last, you should start by choosing quality materials, have the fence installed by specialists and schedule periodic maintenance.

Here is how maintenance should be done in the case of two of the most popular materials commercial Brighton fencing is made from.

The elegant stone fence

The natural stone fence is solid, sturdy and attractive. A stone fence deteriorates less than fences from other materials, but needs periodic cleaning, followed by a waterproofing treatment, which will improve its resistance.

Brighton fencing

Metal fence

Metal fences require very little maintenance. The ones made of quality materials can last for decades. However, they have only one weakness: rust. Even a small portion of rust can compromise the fence’s durability and shorten its lifespan. Ensure that your metal fence is maintained annually, especially if you live in a humid area. Remove any rust using a fine wire brush. Apply a primer, which must be oil-based and designed for metal products. Apply a thin layer of oil-based paint that is suitable for metal. Regularly maintain the hinges with a proper lubricant to ensure smooth operation and to protect them from damage.