Important Questions to ask your Contractor about Wood Fencing

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Wooden fences can be built in a wide range of designs, including those that use boards arranged vertically, horizontally, obliquely, in conjunction with concrete or stone, etc. And if a wooden fence is properly constructed, kept up, and shielded from rain, snow, frost, and heat, it can last for several decades.

If you’re interested in getting a wood fence, here are a few important questions to ask a wooden residential fencing Denver contractor:

Does a wooden fence need a protective layer?

  • Ensure your fence has been specially coated with a layer of protection against moisture and UV rays right away.

When should the wood be painted?

  • To completely cover all sides of the boards, the would should be painted preferably before installing the fence. Paint can be substituted with wood stain if you’d like, but keep in mind that wood stain simply alters the color of the wood; it does not protect it. It’s also necessary to varnish.

What is typically used to clean the wood before painting?

  • If the fence is already constructed, all the boards will be examined by your contractor and it will be cleaned with a brush or cloth and hot water before painting. The ones that are broken will be replaced, and the ones that are detached will be firmly nailed.

Although wood is a noble and natural material, it needs maintenance to keep its attributes and beauty. So one last important question you should ask your contractor about wood fencing is whether they handle maintenance projects as well.