Innovative Fencing Designs: Modular Living Fence Systems

This is really a great innovation in fencing design: modular living fences that can be installed in a blink of an eye, without waiting for them to grow and/ or bloom naturally. It is a great solution for this world that seems to lack patience and be in a hurry all the time.

living fence

The system is even more ingenious as it offers great protection. The plant holder is a galvanized steel wire mesh 5 mm thick, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years and with an estimated life span of 45 years. Just perfect to be covered by plants, which will soon mask completely the metal support! Check with a local Denver fence company to see if this is the right fence for your home and garden.

The modular living fence system is perfect – an ideal solution for the protection and privacy of a property or perimeter. On the other hand, it is a welcomed green solution. Every living fence contributes to the reduction of pollution and changes positively the urban landscape, right after installation. It is amazing that it has so many applications, from home fences, to restaurant and cafe screens, exhibition stands, leisure areas, but also to over-ground parking or to the protection of walls and panels on the sides of the motorways. Manufacturers also created these modular living fence systems as a very good solution against vandalism with graffiti.