Iron Fencing for Historic Homes in Denver: Preserving Charm and Character with Modern Security 

Iron fencing is one of the sturdiest options for your home. Built to last, withstand inclement weather and deter trespassers, an iron fence is also very versatile in terms of style.

Many historic homes in Denver have wrought iron fences which meet all the demands of their owners:

  1. Matching the Style of the Building

Wrought iron residential fencing company Denver contractors can replicate period gates which fit perfectly with the architectural style of the buildings. In many cases, this is not just a good idea, but an obligation. Certain registered historic homes must not be modified in any way.

  1. Modern Security Features

You won’t even know that you have a smart camera or locking system on your iron gate. Experienced contractors integrate them seamlessly and make them look part of the gate design. This is extremely important for historic home owners who need to preserve the look of their property.

  1. Easy Maintenance

Iron gates do not require a lot of care and maintenance. A fresh coat of paint every few years is sufficient to keep it in good conditions for many decades to come.

Even if you do not have a historic home, you should still consider a solid or wrought iron gate. Contact an ornamental residential fencing company Denver area residents prefer and let them present you several gate types that match your home!