Is It Okay to Install a Gate on a Slope?

Westminster gate installation

Whether you are looking for a good way to install a gate in your commercial fencing or you need a gate for your residential property, you should choose the place for the gate based on the features of the terrain. One of the features that you should have in mind when picking the place for your new fence is the slope of the surface – installing your gate on a slope should be avoided as much as possible. However, in some cases, sloping land is the only option for gate installation, so here are some tips from an experienced Westminster gate installation contractor on how to get a good gate even on land that is sloping:
– Get the narrowest gate possible – the wider your gate, the more it is affected by the slope and the more challenging it will be to keep your gating good operating condition. A narrower gate poses much fewer problems, so think about the smallest width that works for you.
– Consider the aspects related to opening and closing the gate – ideally your gate should be running on tracks and move along the fence section next to it. If you need a gate that swings open, make sure to get one that opens downhill.
– Consider leveling the ground – it might be a good idea to dig out a hole for the gate and install it the same way as you would on ground that is naturally level.