Landscaping for Curb Appeal: Make a Statement with Your Front Yard

The front yard is very important because it is often the first impression. Its design must be both practical and beautiful, with vegetation and wide and well-drawn alleys and correct lighting.

In order to command attention, here are a few elements to keep in mind when planning a landscaping project with your front yard.

  • Choose well constructed Westminster fencing according to the exterior style of the house, but also to the overall design of the street. Make sure that it offers protection and enough intimacy, but without completely hiding the house and the front yard.
  • Create a beautiful alley, from the gate to the entrance door. A pedestrian access alley can be a great touch to your yard and it can be made of natural stone, tiles, or even concrete. It can be accentuated by a hedge, flowerbeds or a line of ornamental shrubs.
  • Add project flower trellises and/or a water fountain. Do not forget about the lawn, which must look impeccable. It is also time to consider whether you should purchase a sprinkler for irrigating the lawn and garden.
  • Another sparkle is outdoor lighting. Lighting with poles can be expensive and not very effective, especially if your front yard is not so big. A system of low lamps can be a very good choice along the main alley. For the rest of the yard and to highlight certain elements of landscaping, you can consider stand-alone lamps and reflectors with solar batteries and programmed timing.