Landscaping Solutions for a Larger Yard

There are various landscaping solutions for a larger yard. The most common one is creating designated zones that have various purposes: recreation, entertainment, relaxation, meditation, aesthetics and growing vegetables. Experienced Westminster fencing contractors suggest that such areas could include: shaded backyard, lower back patio, open field, fire pit, vegetable garden and pond patio. The vegetable garden area in particular can also serve a pragmatic purpose because it would allow you to grow: herbs, squash, asparagus, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, lettuce and radish.

Designing a flower garden can also add curb appeal or value to the yard, which is why planting perennials in pots or creating a shade garden can be a great investment. The most popular shade-loving plants are: foxgloves, hostas, grasses, bleeding hearts, ferns, hellebores and primroses.

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You can also plant an orchard with pear, apple and mulberry trees, or you can simply add low up-keep landscaping around the house in order to ornate the yard. In some cases, you can install a fire pit or a few outbuildings such as tractor garages, storage units and workshops.

Fun loving owners can install a pool, a pond or any type of water feature. They can also add a small patio by a focal point overlooking a pond or a waterfall area. A pocket-friendly patio can have: stamped concrete, a fire pit, elevated walkaways and a front entrance.

Fun loving people can also build a multi-level deck or install sports and gaming areas for: volleyball, soccer games, Frisbee, baseball games, swing sets and trampoline spaces.