Low Maintenance Shrubs That Work Along Your Fence

Fence line landscaping is a great way to conceal a fence structure that looks less than perfectly great, but many homeowners worry that getting rid of one problem will generate many more, such as the mess generated by the shrubs planted at the base of the fence or the uncontrollably growing branches. Fortunately, there are lots of attractive and easy to maintain shrubs that can enhance the appearance of an ornamental iron fence in Denver. Even inexperienced gardeners can use these successfully – here are some:
– Rudy Haag burning bush – this slow-growing, compact little bush is green all year, then it turns into an astonishing pink-red color in fall. The shrub loves the sun, but it does not grow high, therefore it is more suitable for low-rising fences;
– Thuja occidentalis – the most common shrub used around fences, Thuja bushes are resistant, easy to trim and to maintain and very attractive as well. They can grow to any height between 3 and 60 meters, so they are suitable for concealing fences of any size. Mature plants take replanting relatively well;
– Japanese boxwood – this evergreen shrub usually grows to the height of around 1 meter, but in some cases they can reach the height of 2 meters or more. It has small, oval, bright green leaves that stay on all year.
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