Maintaining Your Wrought Iron Fence and Keeping It Strong in the Long Run

The most common material for fencing home, buildings or any other landscape property, is wrought Iron. It not only provides security but also adds elegance and beauty to the perimeter of anything that it touches. It is also a durable material which is why it is widely used for fences.

Just like many other types of materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC and bamboo, wrought iron needs proper maintenance to keep its aesthetics and durability. To keep it from wear and tear and other damages, it is important that we know how to take care and maintain our wrought iron fence.

Arvada fence company wrought iron fencing

Dust, dirt and stains could get into wrought iron fences. These materials can hold moisture that could lead into a build-up of rust. Rust not only destroys the beauty of wrought iron fences but weakens them as well, so it’s important to clean your wrought iron fence at least once a month or even more frequently, depending on the level of its exposure to dirt and moisture.

Wrought iron fences installed by Arvada fence company professionals are very easy to clean. Simply use water, sponge and any cleaning detergent. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning supplies, since they could erode the protective coat on the fence, making it more exposed to rust.

Early removal of the rust is important to preserve the integrity of the wrought iron fence, especially if you live in a region high in humidity and precipitation. Use a fine wire brush to remove the rust in the wrought iron, and if there are portions of the wrought iron fence where paint or coating have peeled off, they need to be repainted.