Making Your Fence Work with The Trees in Your Landscape

Creating a harmonious landscape in which the design of the fence works flawlessly with the trees is not an easy task and it takes a fair amount of patience to achieve, but it is not impossible either.
landscaping around fences
Many garden owners design the perfect layout for their garden, only to realize that the fence design does not integrate the way they want it to. This is when creativity and a little knowledge of botany comes into the picture: with some research, along with the
help of residential fence company pros, you can find shrubs and bushes that work well with your trees and grow relatively quickly to conceal the fence. Here are a few examples:
– Glossy abelia – this low-maintenance hedge shrub grows well in a variety of climate zones and it can reach the height of 10-12 feet quite quickly. The bush brings beautiful, light lavender-colored flowers that leave behind copper-colored sepals for an eye-catching splash of color in your fall garden;
– Pyracantha – this dense shrub produces small, orange-colored berries and attracts not only compliments, but birds to your garden as well;
– Ilex – also known as holly, ilex grows to create a dense bush that becomes covered in bright-colored berries in fall. The plants can reach the height of a small tree.