Most Effective Methods of Cleaning A Fence

Arvada fencing

Keeping your fence clean is a requirement that has a practical as well as an aesthetic side and is essential for the health and the visual appeal as well. Here is how to do it efficiently:

  • If your fence is covered in stubborn dirt, apply a generous quantity of water on it to soak the grime and make it easier to remove;
  • Fill a bucket with water, get a sponge that has an abrasive surface, inspect the fence inch by inch and scrub off any dirt spots that you find;
  • Use a mix of water and a mild detergent to wash the fence components again – the dirt that gathers on fences is unsightly, but usually not very stubborn, so you don’t need a very harsh chemical for the process;
  • Rinse the fence and let it dry – you can use a garden hose;
  • Apply suitable protection – Arvada fencing professionals suggest that when the fence is clean and dry, it is time for the protective coating. Get a product that is suitable for your fence material and apply it to help your fence stand up to the elements more efficiently. If the fence has an old coat of paint that is damaged or warping, remove the old layer and wash the bare material before you apply the coating.