Most Famous Fences around the World

decorative steel fencing
This may not be something that won’t let you sleep at night, but you might find it interesting to know more about the most famous fences around the world.
Dingo Fence, Australia
Southeast Australia is separated from the rest of the continent by an impressive fence that is over 5,000 kilometers long! It is not only the longest fence in the world but also the most guarded, and its maintenance costs over 10 million US dollars annually. This construction is meant to protect domestic animals from the most dangerous beast in Australia – the dingo dogs. The electric current, passing through the fence, is an additional protection, and is generated by solar panels. This fence also separates the most populated part of the continent from the deserted areas.
Aquarium Fence, Turkey
A businessperson from Turkey built around his villa the most eccentric fence. His luxury home is located in Çeşme, Izmir, and eight years ago, the millionaire replaced the metal fence with a huge aquarium, over 50 meters long and full of hundreds of fish and octopuses. The aquarium fence became one of the main tourist attractions in the region.
Lock Fence
Paris’ famous Pont des Arts has a fence where couples who are in love can fasten a padlock and throw away the key, as a symbol of their eternal love. However, a few years ago, the fence collapsed due to the weight of thousands locks… or so much love perhaps…
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