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Thank you for your interest in our online estimate portal. Any estimate you receive through this tool is not final. The actual cost of your project is dependent upon an on-site visit by a Metro Fence representative. There are several factors this program is unable to take into account:

–          Access Issues
–          Landscape Overburden
–          Significant Grade Changes
–          Underground Obstructions
–          Irrigation System Obstructions
–          Existing Fence Type and Removal Concerns

*          If your fence project is for a home in a new housing development, please call for an estimate, as costs will vary depending on the location and HOA guidelines.

Additionally, all fencing projects are priced by the foot. This program will simply be able to provide a rough estimate based on footage – not exact footage.

By continuing to the estimate portal, you agree to acknowledge this information and understand that the estimate you receive is not final. Thank you for your understanding.