Ornamental Fence Designs

Your garden or yard would not be complete without a fence. Fences contribute to the aesthetics of the outdoor space, so it is necessary to give them due importance, especially if we also consider their practical role.

The living fence – because it is trendy to be “green”

If you want an ecological, natural and very aesthetically pleasing fence, then the living fence is the right choice. Moreover, this alternative to a traditional fence brings with it a number of advantages: it provides protection from wind and even storms, it retains dust and noxious and, at the same time, it transforms the garden into a wonderful place. With little attention and minimal effort you can get all these benefits.

There are countless species combinations for creating a decorative living fence. For example, you can use a combination of trees and shrubs. Thuja occidentalis (white-cedar) is an evergreen specie that you should definitely consider.

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Custom metal fences

No, it is not just about forged iron fence designs, although they are always in style, but also about custom fences made from decorative metal panels. These take into account the design desired by the client, the necessary dimensions and the allocated budget. Besides the fact that these fences have a special and even unique decorative role, they also offer the privacy that wrought iron fences do not provide.

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