How to Maintain a Cedar Fence

July 26, 2019 Beth
Wood is a natural material, so wooden fences are the most exposed type of fences to the elements: sun, frost, moisture, pests and mold affect them directly, so they need constan...

Innovative Fencing Designs: Modular Living Fence Systems

July 24, 2019 Beth
This is really a great innovation in fencing design: modular living fences that can be installed in a blink of an eye, without waiting for them to grow and/ or bloom naturally. ...

Deciding on the Perfect Fence Color

July 22, 2019 Beth
The color of the fence is just as important as the color of your house\'s facade. Whether it is a wooden, brick or forged iron fence, choosing the right color is essential for t...

Why Fences Are Good for Local Businesses

July 16, 2019 Beth
Any Thornton business, whether small or large, needs some sort of fencing to delimit its property and to create a welcoming entrance area for guests and clients. Here is how loc...

The Most Common Mistakes Made During DIY Fence Installations

July 14, 2019 Beth
Installing your own fence might seem like an easy task, especially if the fencing design that you are planning to use is simple. In most cases, the process is fairly simple,...

Tips for Staying on Top of Fence Repairs

July 12, 2019 Beth
Fencing materials are for building durable and resistant structures to give your property all the curb appeal, protection and privacy it needs, but despite that strength, no pro...

Different Types of Fencing

July 10, 2019 Beth
The three broad categories that fences can be classified into based on the type of the property they surround are residential, commercial and industrial, but most fencing ma...

Whose Responsibility Is Fence Repairs?

July 8, 2019 Beth
In some situations, it is very easy to determine whose responsibility it is to repair a damaged fence – if the fence separates your property from the street and it has been dama...

Tips for Summer Landscaping Around Your New Fence

July 6, 2019 Beth
If you have recently renovated your building’s façade and your Westminster fencing is solid, brand-new and in perfect harmony with the style of your building, too, it is tim...
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