Popular Types of Noise Blocking Fences

Because some properties are located in the middle of crowded cities or next to agglomerated highways, noise can be quite a problem. Besides insulation added to the walls and the roof, you can also consider a fence that helps keeping the noise away.
What type of fence is best for absorbing exterior sounds? According to noise blocking Westminster fencing pros, here is additional information on noise absorbing fence material.
noise cancelling fence
A fence intended to act as a sound barrier will usually be thicker, taller and built from heavy materials such as stone or brick / masonry.
On the other hand, if you prefer a wooden fence, make it taller and choose more solid boards that can be installed with no spaces between them. One way to improve the efficiency of a wooden fence in absorbing external noise is to add a sound insulation material called “mass-loaded vinyl”, which is produced in rolls. They are easier to apply on a fence that is in the process of being constructed than on an existing fence.
Berms, also known as walls on earth, are an excellent solution to reduce the noise on your property. They can be built in different ways and are very aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. However, they are expensive and installation requires effort.