Preparing to Visit Denver in the Winter: Weather Patterns and Climate Conditions

Denver can be one of the most beautiful places you visit during the winter. The season here is remarkable, and from ski resorts to the many impressive urban venues in the center of Denver, there are a lot of things you can see and explore. However, it’s also important to be prepared for what the somewhat unpredictable Denver weather has in store for your stay.

winter in coloradoWhile the highest temperatures in July and May can reach close to 90 degrees, the winter season in Colorado is quite cold. Temperatures in December, January and February can go below 20 degrees, and in some cases even lower. If you want to visit the Rocky Mountains, you can expect snow and freezing temperatures even earlier in the year.

Despite the cold winters, precipitation won’t be much of a problem. The state of Colorado only has about 14 inches of annual precipitation, which leads many experts to consider it an arid state. Because of this, some winters can actually be pleasant, with the sun shining and the weather being perfect for exploring new places.

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