Preventing Moisture Build Up in Your Wood Fence

Three things should be taken into account when you have a wood fence, to prevent moisture build-up.

  • the type of wood
  • proper water drainage
  • wood protection

The choice of wood is made by taking into account several criteria: durability, resistance, aspect, price etc. Being a natural material, wood can be damaged by moisture, especially in the areas close to the earth, which commonly get affected by rot. That’s why the best wood for fencing is the type used in construction.fence installationWhen building the fence, there are other things to taken into account too. As we said, the biggest problem is decay. Wood that rots in contact with the soil gets more easily damaged by wind, or falls under its own weight. Therefore, in addition to using a resistant type of wood, responsible Arvada fence company contractors must also ensure water drainage and protection of the buried portion of the fence. Proper drainage is ensured if gravel and sand are put in the holes that you dig for the fence poles. If the gravel is also “bonded” with cement instead of earth, the resistance increases even more.

There are also solutions designed to be applied directly on the wood, ensuring moisture proofing and a long lasting beautiful aspect: lacquers, paints, waxes, oils and other impregnation substances. Just remember to choose products designed for outdoor use.