Preventing Rust on Chain Link Fences

chain link fenceCorrosion and rust are destructive for the aspect and functionality of chain link fences, weakening the metal and making it look dilapidated. The good news is that these are problems that can be avoided through some specific and regular maintenance.
The simplest thing that you should do is keeping your chain link fence clean. Dirt and grime are abrasive and may contain chemical compounds that make the fence vulnerable to rust. Clean your chain link fence in Denver with a soft brush using water and some soap or dish detergent.
If rust and corrosion are already present on some areas of the chain link fence, use fine-grit sandpaper or commercial rust removal products to clean it. This operation must be followed by coating your fence with a rust inhibitor or an outdoor paint that contains rust inhibitors.
Prevention is also a good measure to protect your chain link fence. Make sure to avoid scratching it or any other damage that may expose the bare metal underneath the protective layer. Do not climb the fence, avoid any mechanical shock, do not expose it to moisture by using it to dry rugs and blankets and make sure to prevent tall vegetation from growing on the fence.