Protecting Your Wooden Fence from Rotting

wooden fence maintenance
Wooden fences are great, attractive property delimiters, but they are also sensitive structures that can get easily damaged without proper care. Wood is a natural material that interacts with the environment, changing shape and size as the humidity in the air changes and often falling victim to pests or to excessive moisture. However, with a little attention, you can be sure that your wooden fence will stay strong and beautiful for a long time – here is what you should do to protect it:
– Clean and inspect the fence every few months – natural wood, even if it is treated, can deteriorate quickly, so clean your fence regularly with a pressure washer and check it inch by inch for any signs of damage, then make the necessary repairs in a timely manner;
– Use the right type of coating and staining products – if your wood is not painted, use some sort of protective coating (linseed oil is one of the best, natural solutions, but you can use turpentine as well); if it is painted, sand it thoroughly to remove even the tiniest residue of the old paint, then apply a new coat of protective stain, taking special care to paint the lower part of the fence, where it meets the ground and gets into more contact with water.
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