Repurposing Old wood Picket Fences

Old wood picket fences can be used for awesome creative DIY projects, so do not throw them away. Even if they look worn out, you can sand them down and give them a completely new finish using varnishes, paint and other accessories.
We offer you a few ideas to repurpose your old wooden fence boards.
Make a smaller fence for your air conditioner unit
The exterior unit of an air conditioner is not exactly aesthetic, but you can hide it by making a little fence from recycled old boards around it.
Create some serving trays
Wood serving trays are beautiful, elegant and rustic, great for serving coffee cake.
Rustic Signs
You can use them in your garden, but also in your interior living space.
Bathroom cabinets
Why spending money on bathroom furniture, when you can do it yourself, using the same old wooden fence boards? All you need is some metallic accessories.
wood garden fence
Install a plank wall
A plank wall made from recycled picket fence boards will look amazing in your room, being a focal point.
Coffee Table
Old wooden fence boards can be used to create a rustic coffee indoors or outdoors. No matter if you place it indoors or outdoors, it will look amazing.
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