Schedule Accordingly for your New Fence

Scheduling out a fencing project can get complicated quickly. If you stay organized using these tips, the project will not only be easier on you, but it will be easier on your Denver fence company as well. 

Tips for Scheduling your Fence Project

Know what factors may set you off track during your fence repair or installation.

Building a white picket fence with a gate to welcome guests at the front of your home, or distinguishing your home’s property line with a chain link fence to divide your home from your neighbors, are two potential fence projects you may be considering for your home. Whether you need to upgrade your existing fence due to wear and tear or you need a completely new fence installed around the perimeter of your home, a fence project can be costly and time consuming. Some fence products can be bought by the foot while other material must be built from scratch, so knowing the cost factors of your fence construction project will help you adjust your time accordingly. There are many aspects that influence a home improvement schedule, so keep in mind these five factors when planning your fence project timeline.

1. Hiring a contractor

The first step to staying on track with your fence project is to hire the right professional to get the job done. Hiring a fencing contractor, landscaper or contractor will provide you with efficiency and expertise, which are two elements that will directly benefit your project’s success. When searching for a fence installer, make sure to reach out to two or three contractors who can provide you with estimates. This will give you a general idea of how much your fence installation or repair will cost. Be sure you ask to see a full breakdown in pricing including materials, labor costs, permitting, excavation, equipment rental, and clean-up so you can compare your various contractors equally.  Hiring smart will ensure your fencing is completed in a timely manner, as the right professional will respect your project requests and plans.

3. Site preparation

Whether you are replacing a fence or installing a new fence, it’s important to allocate enough time to prepare the area. This might include removal of the old fence, removing plants or trees, or performing site excavation.  If there are questions or concerns about property lines or erosion, make sure to allow enough time for that type of research to take place. If you are sharing the work load with a professional, find out what you need to do before the materials and crew shows up. Not taking care of initial steps can present set backs for your fence project.

5. Availability

Scheduling your fence repair or installation during holidays or in the midst of a busy season may result in your project taking longer than you had planned. Check the availability of your contractor before you hire. While busier contractors may have a greater amount of experience or popularity, they may be less available to devote 100% time and effort to your home’s project. If your schedule is flexible then you can work around your contractor’s availability. But if you want your fence completed by a specific date, make sure to voice your time frame expectations to your contractor before you begin working with him or her.

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