Simple Ways to Dress Up A Chain Link Fence

Chain link is surely among the best, most durable and most affordable fence materials, but it is kind of lacking when it comes to visual appeal. However, the simple construction of chain link fences make decoration easy – here are some of the best ways to hide or dress up your chain link Westminster fencing:

  • Use it as a trellis – plant some attractive, fast-growing climbing vegetation at the base of the fence and guide the plants to go up on the fence. It might take a couple of years for the pants to cover the fence, but if you are patient, your reward will be a beautiful, natural fence;

chain link Westminster fencing

  • Hang small decorations on the fence – you can use colorful pieces of textile, stones, beads or colored glass, your decorations will look great in the sunshine;
  • Add some paint – choose an attractive color that matches your landscape design and the style of your building and paint the fence. The method will highlight the fence, rather than conceal it, so try to prevent any drips or other painting mistakes while you are applying the stain;
  • Install a screen – bamboo screens are cheap and attractive and great for improving your privacy as well.