Some Popular Ideas in Residential Fences

When it comes to residential properties, fences are used to provide privacy, security and a decorative aspect. Not all fences manage to provide all these three functions though. It may seem easy to choose a fence, but in reality, the variety of the available options can be confusing.

There are some popular trends in Thornton fence company residential fencing: mixed models – that is fences created from more than one materials and with a modern design that often goes beyond tradition.

Thornton fence company
  • Horizontal slats

This fence is typically made of steel and concrete, wood and concrete, wood and steel etc.

Vertical timber fence

This fence is rustic, unique and imposing. It keeps outsiders out without hiding your front yard.

  • Brick and metal fence

If you have an existing brick fence, you can upgrade it by replacing sections of it with trendy metal slats.  This interchange is surprising and aesthetically pleasing, while it also provides the protection you need.

  • Decorative wrought iron fence

Wrought iron is a very beautiful fencing material – an ornament in itself. Due to their aspect and properties, these fences will always be popular.

  • Modern Gabion Wall

Gabion walls exist since middle age, being a very toughest fence idea. Nowadays, the rough  wall is updated  with stones creating very interesting patterns.