Split Rail Fencing Products

The main choice you can make for your split rail fences is between natural trails or pressure treated wood. Regardless of your choice, split rail fencing certainly is one of the most traditional fencing ideas available out there.

Brighton fence

A split rail Brighton fence is ideal for those who live in the countryside or in the more rural areas of a city, adding more charm if they are accompanied by natural elements such as decorative bushes, climbing vines, and so on.

For those who prefer something a little different, there is the option of split boards, which, instead of rails, use boards. The principle of design is the same as that in the case of split rails.

In case you want a more unique touch for your split rail fencing, a good idea may be to use red cedar. This can help you create a beautiful imagery, while also offering you the best in terms of safety.

Another great option is that of round cedar. This type of rails is made from white cedar, which is brought from Canada. This can be a good idea for those who like the traditional look of split rails, but want something that is not so common in their area.