How to Prepare for Replacing Your Fence

Arvada fence company

Fences are meant to set the boundaries for your property. Another great purpose is that of showing off a landscape or a beautiful garden. A nice, durable fence installed by a popular Arvada fence company can improve the resale value of any home.

Arvada fence company

Getting your yard prepared for fence replacement is an essential part of the entire process of fixing or improving your home environment.

The first thing to do before replacing your fence is to mark the exact property line for your yard. It is very important to have these lines clearly defined before engaging in any type of fence replacement. Even a two-inch difference can cause you to have to take down a fence, and re-install it afterwards.

At the same time, you have to consider all the potential pipes and utility lines before doing any work on your fencing system. This can save you a lot of stress, worry and extra costs.

It is very useful to make a list of all the materials and tools that are needed for fence replacement, in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Having all things sorted out, including the exact number of panels needed for your new fence, is a very important stage for helping you have your fence replaced quickly and efficiently.

Maintaining Your Wrought Iron Fence and Keeping It Strong in the Long Run

Arvada fence company wrought iron fencing

The most common material for fencing home, buildings or any other landscape property, is wrought Iron. It not only provides security but also adds elegance and beauty to the perimeter of anything that it touches. It is also a durable material which is why it is widely used for fences.

Just like many other types of materials such as wood, aluminum, PVC and bamboo, wrought iron needs proper maintenance to keep its aesthetics and durability. To keep it from wear and tear and other damages, it is important that we know how to take care and maintain our wrought iron fence.

Arvada fence company wrought iron fencing

Dust, dirt and stains could get into wrought iron fences. These materials can hold moisture that could lead into a build-up of rust. Rust not only destroys the beauty of wrought iron fences but weakens them as well, so it’s important to clean your wrought iron fence at least once a month or even more frequently, depending on the level of its exposure to dirt and moisture.

Wrought iron fences installed by Arvada fence company professionals are very easy to clean. Simply use water, sponge and any cleaning detergent. It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning supplies, since they could erode the protective coat on the fence, making it more exposed to rust.

Early removal of the rust is important to preserve the integrity of the wrought iron fence, especially if you live in a region high in humidity and precipitation. Use a fine wire brush to remove the rust in the wrought iron, and if there are portions of the wrought iron fence where paint or coating have peeled off, they need to be repainted.

Looking Up the Types of Pet Safety Fences That You Should Consider

talk to an Arvada fence company for ways to keep your animals safe and secure

Planning to buy a safety fence for your pet is not an easy decision. While Fido might have grown up around your kids as a pup, and he wouldn’t hurt a fly in most cases, your visitors could feel apprehensive about the presence of a huge dog when they come to visit. Also, in some cases, you’ll want to keep your pets safe from what’s going on in your yard and vice versa – depending, for example, on whether you’re planting any fragile herbs or grass in your garden.

talk to an Arvada fence company for ways to keep your animals safe and secure

A lot of the time, people tend to buy fences that are somewhat excessive just for keeping their pets in check. Usually, you can train your dog to respect a basic fence even if it isn’t that tall. Also, it’s crucial that you avoid any type of fence that could harm your pet, if they get too close to it or try to climb it.

Basic metal fences such as an aluminum fence can be a great choice because they are resilient and your dog is not likely to chew or claw his way through them. Some reinforced mesh fences can also work quite well, and even a thick glass fence can be a good idea. Finally, if you want to avoid a large fence that might not fit in with the airy feel of your garden, you can also consider an invisible, electronic pet safety fence.

Talk to a reputable Arvada fence company for specific fencing solutions to keep your pets protected and secured.

Common Commercial Fencing Solutions

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The requirements for commercial fences are quite similar to those of residential buildings. Nevertheless, commercial fences need to be a lot safer and more solid, because they often have to protect rather expensive elements and materials.

residential Arvada fence company

Both commercial and residential Arvada fence company systems have the role to identify properties, to control the access, to offer security and enrich the beauty of the building. In order to achieve these, there are several materials that can be used for commercial fences.

Barbed wire is very good in farm areas, where the livestock needs to be kept under safe surveillance. At the same time, it is also great for those spaces where access control is very important.

Chain link is excellent for keeping away unwanted guests, protecting property lines and is very resistant, very solid.

Made from heavy-duty materials, ornamental steel and aluminum fencing offer security while also looking good.

Another interesting option is composite fencing. Relatively new on the market, it is a mixture of resin, wood and plastic. This type of material is available in various styles and it can help build very tall fences, which offer a lot of privacy.

These are but a few of the solutions that you can find for your commercial fence.

What Should be Included in a Fence Estimate

Arvada fence company estimate

When you get in touch with an Arvada fencing contractor, you should always ask for a written estimate. There is quite a lot of competition between contractors in this industry, therefore many of them are eager to please their clients by offering discounts. An estimate is a marketing tool for them and should reflect important details about the project (the duration of the project, costs, payment options etc.).

Contractors that provide a free estimate do it because they are hoping to be hired. If the client is interested in moving forward with the project, the estimate is completed with details on materials, as well as other obligations and commitments. The Arvada fence company estimate should always be based on a direct discussion as well as a visit of an estimator who will make the necessary measurements.

Arvada fence company estimate

When you are looking for a Arvada fence company contractor, you must not go with the first bit you get. You should get at least 3 estimates, because comparing will help you choose the right combination of quality services and cost for your project.

Once you get an estimate, make sure you take your time to review every written detail and ask for more information if there is unclear information. Sign the contract only when you are 100% sure about your decision.

What Kind of Fencing Blocks Road Noise

Arvada fence company sound barrier experts

Arvada fence company sound barrier experts

If your house is situated in an agglomerated area and your fence must serve as a noise barrier, you must select a solid design. A fence intended to serve as a sound barrier has to be thicker and taller than regular fences. Some materials are also more efficient sound insulators than others, therefore you should opt for mass loaded vinyl, heavy wood, metal or concrete to construct such a fence.

A mass loaded vinyl soundproof fence is made of thick and heavy vinyl sheets with metal particles. The efficiency of this material is great in blocking external noise. A MLV fence is also weather resistant and very durable.

Heavy wood fences can also reflect noise if they are solid and compact. Cedar and redwood are the best options to be taken into account when planning the construction of a sound proof wood fence.

A heavy corrugated metal fence is another great option if you want your fence to serve as noise barrier. Such a fence can be made entirely from corrugated metal sheets, or these sheets can be added to normal fences to make them sound proof.

Solid concrete fences can also block external noise. Concrete is probably the most used building material and it is a good and cost effective choice to isolate your property.

Contact Arvada fence company sound barrier experts for the best options to match your needs and budget.


How Winter Might Damage Your Fence

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Winter is a tough season for every exterior element of your property and the fence is no exception. Some materials are more resistant than others, so if you have a vinyl fence, you will have little to worry about, but a wooden fence, of the other hand, requires special treatment to withstand the cold season and stay attractive and efficient.

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For a wooden fence, the trouble-makers in the winter are excess moisture, heavy snowfall and the freeze-thaw cycles. The wood will dry slowly and moisture can affect its fibers, leading to mold and rot. Also, temperature variations cause wood to expand and contract, which may cause cracks and knotholes, which are more prone to rot and pest infestation. A wooden fence may not be able to withstand heavy snowfall, which can cause structural damage and make the fence break. If your fence is damaged by the snow, immediately call a trusted Arvada fence company to make sure you get proper maintenance and repair.

Some of these problems may happen to other types of fences too. For example, a metal fence may also be affected by moisture in the cold season, which will cause rust.

Any fence must be checked for damage, repaired and treated with special substances before the winter. Throughout the cold season, it must be cleaned of snow and checked periodically.

How to Decide on the Best Materials to Use for Your New Fence

Arvada fence company materials

Arvada fence company materials

You might already know that metal is more durable than wood and concrete is more durable than most types of steel or copper fencing. However, aside from durability, there are also many important factors that you’ll have to consider before having a new fence installed  by a top notch Arvada fence company.

  1. Privacy is one of the most essential things to think about before having a new fence designed and installed. You have to make sure that your fence provides you the ideal amount of privacy depending on your specific needs. For a home where you and your family constantly spend time in the back yard, for example, larger privacy screens or a fence that features no transparent elements whatsoever might be best.
  2. The color, texture and design of your fence is also important, and you can only get some of these from specific materials. For instance, it’s much harder to carve certain exact shapes into concrete than it is with metal, and only wooden fences have a specific kind of texture that one might want in a more traditional outdoor setting.
  3. Finally, you also have to consider how resilient some materials are (or aren’t) in the face of an attack. The best choice in these terms is to get a fence made from a type of material that isn’t easily damaged by simple tools or weapons such as an axe or a machete. Thicker metal planks, as well as masonry, brick and concrete should be your main choices when it comes to that.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Commercial Fence

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Whether your commercial fence is made from chain link, metal panels, timber or synthetic material, there is a lot that you can do to preserve it in good condition and to prolong its life. Here are some tasks that will ensure the health of your fence:

  • Inspections and cleaning – ideally, you should have a reputable Arvada fence company perform a detailed inspection of your fence every six months to catch any damage in the early phase. Cleaning is also essential – damage is difficult or impossible to detect if the surface is covered in dirt. While this might be a time-consuming thing to do, especially in the case of very large properties, it is essential for the health of your fence;

commercial Arvada fence company

  • Timely repairs – whatever fault you detect during the inspection, fix it right away or very soon afterwards to avoid any aggravation;
  • Apply protective coating – there are lots of great coating products that prevent various types of damage, such as rot, rust and insect attacks. Most of them need to be reapplied only every 3-5 years, so you don’t need to spend time painting your fence after each inspection and repair, but whenever you do apply the coating, make sure you apply it on a completely clean surface.

Choosing the Right Fence Color for Your Exterior

Arvada fence company design

Arvada fence company design

Colors are very important design components on the interior as well as on the exterior of your property, including the fence. If you are currently looking for the right color to use on your fence, here are some tips from Arvada fence company design specialists for you:

  • Consider durability – transparent, colorless stain lasts for about two years, semi-transparent products last for about a year longer, while solid, pigmented stains can last for up to 5 years;
  • Coordinate with the trim color on your building exterior – this is the best and easiest way to create a consistent design for your entire property;
  • Consider the texture as well – if you have a solid fence, you can choose to create a pattern on the surface that matches the texture of the material used on your exterior walls. You can also choose a color that is a continuation of the wall color, not of the trim;
  • Black, one of the trendiest options right now – black stain or paint is elegant, easy to maintain, it works with any building style and it is also suitable for any landscape design, for gardens with pretty flower beds as well as for landscapes with a lawn, smaller and larger shrubs and trees.