What Kind of Fencing Blocks Road Noise

Arvada fence company sound barrier experts

Arvada fence company sound barrier experts

If your house is situated in an agglomerated area and your fence must serve as a noise barrier, you must select a solid design. A fence intended to serve as a sound barrier has to be thicker and taller than regular fences. Some materials are also more efficient sound insulators than others, therefore you should opt for mass loaded vinyl, heavy wood, metal or concrete to construct such a fence.

A mass loaded vinyl soundproof fence is made of thick and heavy vinyl sheets with metal particles. The efficiency of this material is great in blocking external noise. A MLV fence is also weather resistant and very durable.

Heavy wood fences can also reflect noise if they are solid and compact. Cedar and redwood are the best options to be taken into account when planning the construction of a sound proof wood fence.

A heavy corrugated metal fence is another great option if you want your fence to serve as noise barrier. Such a fence can be made entirely from corrugated metal sheets, or these sheets can be added to normal fences to make them sound proof.

Solid concrete fences can also block external noise. Concrete is probably the most used building material and it is a good and cost effective choice to isolate your property.

Contact Arvada fence company sound barrier experts for the best options to match your needs and budget.


How Winter Might Damage Your Fence

Arvada fence company

Winter is a tough season for every exterior element of your property and the fence is no exception. Some materials are more resistant than others, so if you have a vinyl fence, you will have little to worry about, but a wooden fence, of the other hand, requires special treatment to withstand the cold season and stay attractive and efficient.

Arvada fence company

For a wooden fence, the trouble-makers in the winter are excess moisture, heavy snowfall and the freeze-thaw cycles. The wood will dry slowly and moisture can affect its fibers, leading to mold and rot. Also, temperature variations cause wood to expand and contract, which may cause cracks and knotholes, which are more prone to rot and pest infestation. A wooden fence may not be able to withstand heavy snowfall, which can cause structural damage and make the fence break. If your fence is damaged by the snow, immediately call a trusted Arvada fence company to make sure you get proper maintenance and repair.

Some of these problems may happen to other types of fences too. For example, a metal fence may also be affected by moisture in the cold season, which will cause rust.

Any fence must be checked for damage, repaired and treated with special substances before the winter. Throughout the cold season, it must be cleaned of snow and checked periodically.

How to Decide on the Best Materials to Use for Your New Fence

Arvada fence company materials

Arvada fence company materials

You might already know that metal is more durable than wood and concrete is more durable than most types of steel or copper fencing. However, aside from durability, there are also many important factors that you’ll have to consider before having a new fence installed  by a top notch Arvada fence company.

  1. Privacy is one of the most essential things to think about before having a new fence designed and installed. You have to make sure that your fence provides you the ideal amount of privacy depending on your specific needs. For a home where you and your family constantly spend time in the back yard, for example, larger privacy screens or a fence that features no transparent elements whatsoever might be best.
  2. The color, texture and design of your fence is also important, and you can only get some of these from specific materials. For instance, it’s much harder to carve certain exact shapes into concrete than it is with metal, and only wooden fences have a specific kind of texture that one might want in a more traditional outdoor setting.
  3. Finally, you also have to consider how resilient some materials are (or aren’t) in the face of an attack. The best choice in these terms is to get a fence made from a type of material that isn’t easily damaged by simple tools or weapons such as an axe or a machete. Thicker metal planks, as well as masonry, brick and concrete should be your main choices when it comes to that.

Tips for Extending the Life of Your Commercial Fence

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Whether your commercial fence is made from chain link, metal panels, timber or synthetic material, there is a lot that you can do to preserve it in good condition and to prolong its life. Here are some tasks that will ensure the health of your fence:

  • Inspections and cleaning – ideally, you should have a reputable Arvada fence company perform a detailed inspection of your fence every six months to catch any damage in the early phase. Cleaning is also essential – damage is difficult or impossible to detect if the surface is covered in dirt. While this might be a time-consuming thing to do, especially in the case of very large properties, it is essential for the health of your fence;

commercial Arvada fence company

  • Timely repairs – whatever fault you detect during the inspection, fix it right away or very soon afterwards to avoid any aggravation;
  • Apply protective coating – there are lots of great coating products that prevent various types of damage, such as rot, rust and insect attacks. Most of them need to be reapplied only every 3-5 years, so you don’t need to spend time painting your fence after each inspection and repair, but whenever you do apply the coating, make sure you apply it on a completely clean surface.

Choosing the Right Fence Color for Your Exterior

Arvada fence company design

Arvada fence company design

Colors are very important design components on the interior as well as on the exterior of your property, including the fence. If you are currently looking for the right color to use on your fence, here are some tips from Arvada fence company design specialists for you:

  • Consider durability – transparent, colorless stain lasts for about two years, semi-transparent products last for about a year longer, while solid, pigmented stains can last for up to 5 years;
  • Coordinate with the trim color on your building exterior – this is the best and easiest way to create a consistent design for your entire property;
  • Consider the texture as well – if you have a solid fence, you can choose to create a pattern on the surface that matches the texture of the material used on your exterior walls. You can also choose a color that is a continuation of the wall color, not of the trim;
  • Black, one of the trendiest options right now – black stain or paint is elegant, easy to maintain, it works with any building style and it is also suitable for any landscape design, for gardens with pretty flower beds as well as for landscapes with a lawn, smaller and larger shrubs and trees.

How to Decorate Your Fence Without Harming it

Arvada fence company

Arvada fence company

Summer is the season when the gardens are filled with the colors of the flowers and shine under the sun rays. But as beautiful as a garden or a back yard is, a banal or ugly fence will negatively affect its charm.

Some people decorate their fences in various ways, to enhance their visual appeal. Some paint their fences in vivid colors, with cartoon characters or flowers, while others choose to prolong their garden on the vertical planks of the fences, installing stands or pots for different species of flowers and plants. Some creative owners install on the fences colored boxes for birds, or even carve their wood fences in different ways.

With a little patience and skill, these decorative ideas can be easily put into practice.

But before anything else, you should be concerned about decorating your fence without harming it. Protecting the fence starts with knowing the particularities of the material it is made from. Brick or asphalt fences can crack, wood, vinyl and metal can be scratched and stained, while a living fence can be affected in multiple ways. According to Arvada fence company pros, to protect your fence, avoid mechanical shocks, avoid decorations that require the execution of operations that can weaken its structure, and generally avoid performing operations that are not adequate with the material the fence is made of.

Whose Responsibility Is Fence Repairs?

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In some situations, it is very easy to determine whose responsibility it is to repair a damaged fence – if the fence separates your property from the street and it has been damaged by wind blowing from the direction of your building, the repairs are obviously your responsibility. However, there are much trickier situations, such as cases in which a fence separates two properties and the cause of the damage is not that clear – here are some pieces of information that can help you solve these issues:

  • Check the property deeds – most deeds contain information related to the property boundary that the owner is responsible for, so the first thing to do to find out whether you are the property owner who should handle the fence repair is to check the document;
  • Establish who caused the damage – more often than not, clearly identifying the culprit for the fence damage is difficult, but you should try, nevertheless. If it turns out that it was your neighbor who caused the damage, the repair is clearly their responsibility.

Arvada fence company wil repair your neighborhood fences

The best way to avoid disputes arising from fence damage is to agree with your neighbors about the ownership of the fence before any damage affects the hardscaping component. The discussion can take place any time, right after you move in as well as later. Call skilled Arvada fence company professionals for routine inspections and repairs.

Ideas to Update Your Yard This Summer

summer dyi projects

summer dyi projectsWhen the weather turns warmer and nature comes back to life, we all want to spend more time outside. Winter usually takes its toll on buildings as well as on landscapes, so if you want to make your yard a really pleasant space, you will probably need to do at least a little bit of cleaning. However, while you are at it, there is no reason why you should not add a touch of new design to the space – here are some simple, low-cost ideas for a yard update in spring:
– Refresh your furniture – take a look at your outdoor furniture to see whether the pieces have suffered any severe damage. If there are items that are beyond repair, toss them, but if your pieces are just a little bit worn, clean them and paint them, then add some bright-colored pillows;
– Check out your fencing. Now is a good time to have experienced Arvada fence company contractors repair and replace perimeter or decorative fencing. They will provide excellent quality and service.
– Build a fire pit – you can use inexpensive materials to build the pit or you can have a large masonry fireplace built. You can use the pit not only for making barbeques – you can light a fire and sit around it with friends any time you want;
– Add lights – you can use long LED strings that you wrap around your trees or you can use solar-powered lights on stakes to light the paths.

Your Guide to Quick Fence Repairs

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As a property owner, knowing a few quick fence repairs can be very useful.   Some of these are quite easy to perform and by doing them yourself you can save some money.

Fences are typically durable structures, but they are not infallible and sooner or later they will require repairs. With the right tools and fence components (boards, pickets, rails etc.), you can fix most of the problems and push back the perspective of an all-out replacement.

The first thing to do is making a plan to address the necessary repairs. The operations you will be required to do in the process depend on the material the fence is made of.

  • Repairing a wood fence

Wood is a natural material that wraps, splinters and can be affected by moisture and insects.

  • Repairing a vinyl fence

Vinyl is a truly great material that requires almost no maintenance at all and is very durable. However, it can be damaged by impact, in which case you will have to replace some vinyl panels. Additionally, a vinyl fence should be pressure washed periodically, for a fresh look.

iron fence Arvada fence company

  • Repairing an iron fence

Iron fences are affected by rust. To repair them, it is best to hire an iron fence Arvada fence company you need special tools and cleaning solutions, as well as protective solutions and paint.

Tips for Replacing a Fence Post

Arvada fence company repair

Replacing a fence post may seem to be difficult, especially if the initial post was held in place with concrete. However, with the right tools and the right technique, the removal process becomes simple and much easier – here is how to do it:Arvada fence company repair

  • Disconnect the post that you want to remove from any wires and other components that hold it in place or that are held by the post, such as slats and panels – first, detach the fasteners, including the nails, the screws and the bands;
  • Dig a hole around the post to gain access to its foundation;
  • Rock the post back and forth until it becomes detached from the soil surrounding it;
  • Lift the post and take it out – if your post has a concrete foundation, you might need help from 2 or 3 friends, but if it consists of just a piece of wood or metal, without any foundation, you might be able to lift it out on your own. For stubborn posts that are stuck in the ground, you can use a lifting jack as well;
  • Clean the hole before filling it – check the hole for any concrete debris and clean it before you place in the new post or before you fill it up to make sure the soil can safely and efficiently be used for planting.
  • You can always make it easier on yourself and have an Arvada fence company replace the damaged posts for you.