What Types of Products are Used to Treat Wood Fences?

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The exact types of products which are recommended for treating wood fences depend on the species of wood. The degree of protection which is necessary is another important factor to be considered, and which depends on the type of climate you live in.

The condition of the wood may also influence the amount of solution required for treating your wood fence. The porosity of the wood and the method of application are yet some other aspects which can help you decide the best products to treat your wood fence.

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Wood preservatives help you keep your fence in tip-top shape for a long time. As a matter of fact, wood preservatives protect your fence from the damaging action of mold, algae, fungi or insects. Wood preservatives contain insecticides and biocides. Despite the fact that they are pretty efficient, wood preservatives do have their limitations. In this respect, wood surfaces treated with preservatives may need re-painting or re-coating every couple of years.

Another decision you are most likely to make is between water-based and solvent-based wood preservatives. Talk details with Arvada fence company pros because each of these two has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should know the exact characteristics of each product before you make your decision.

What are the Most Common Issues Homeowners have with Their Wood Fence?

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A beautiful and properly maintained wood fence constructed by Arvada fence company professionals does not only add more beauty and charm to your living environment, but also adds more value to your home.

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In the case of wood fences, one of the most common issues homeowners usually have to deal with is the missing pickets or boards. Missing or deteriorated slats can be another problem that wooden fences may have. This type of issue can generally be caused by high winds or strong impacts. Dogs can also damage slats, if they keep pushing them.

Discoloration may also occur in the case of wooden fences. This can happen due to excessive moisture or rain and is usually very common. In order to fix this issue, one good idea may be to pain the fence in a darker color and give it a wooden shade. This can certainly help you mask any kind of discoloration to your fence. If the discoloration happened to a white wooden fence, the solution is to apply white-wash, which can help camouflage such defects.

Wood fences may also experience insect damage. You can solve this by removing the infested boards, in order to prevent the damage from spreading any further. You can treat the wooden fence with special insect repellent solutions.

What are the Most Prominent Commercial Fencing Products?

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Eye-pleasing and functional, wood remains one of the most prominent materials used for commercial fence systems. This type of fence can work for several types of businesses, including apartment complexes, warehouses, healthcare buildings, home offices, and so on. Wood fences are easy to paint, stain and clean.

Iron fences can create a very attractive storefront. At the same time, an iron fence can add more charm and grace to the curb appeal of your commercial building. This type of fence is perfect for automatic gates. It is also good for garage areas, office parking lots and government institutions.

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A popular commercial Arvada fence company suggests that split rail systems look really nice and come at often affordable prices. They are ideal for farm areas, or other large spaces, such as horse arenas or animal pens. It uses a minimum amount of materials.

Chain links are recommended for playgrounds and sports fields. They are easy to install and maintain, and very convenient in terms of pricing.

Ornamental steel and aluminum fences offer both protection and aesthetic benefits. Another good option for commercial fences is the composite fence, which is a mixture of wood, resin and vinyl. It can be found in various colors and styles and is ideal for very high fences.

What Are the Latest and Most Prominent Styles in Residential Fencing?

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Arvada fence company

Appearance might not seem like a big deal when it comes to fencing, but a well-designed fence goes a long way towards improving your home’s curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell it or you just want it to look nice, you’ll find that choosing the best styles and trends from a well known Arvada fence company for residential fencing will be an inspired decision no matter when you consider to plan your new fence installation:

  • Art Deco styles and their intricate complexity has made a comeback in 2020, and it seems to be here to stay. Custom metal fencing options with inspiring geometric shapes for the gate have been cropping up everywhere, and we can expect to see this style becoming even more popular in 2021.
  • Floral fencing has been gaining a lot of traction and popularity in recent years, and its use is steadily on the rise today. Floral patterns offer immense creative freedom, as homeowners can choose between custom wood and metal patterns and unique paint options that highlight the presence of any herbs, plants and trees blooming in the immediate area.
  • Vinyl, steel and various composite materials are being used more and more frequently as alternatives to natural wood. In fencing, wood can be exposed to termites, rot and mold more easily than other materials, which is why we are seeing the rise of many alternatives to wood fencing options.

Can Fences be Built on the Property Line

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Fences have the purpose of protecting your home, especially your children, your pets, your belongings. At the same time, they are meant to clearly indicate the property lines. You cannot simply build whatever type of fence you like, especially a very tall one, or one which disrupts the overall style of the neighborhood you live in.

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Also, experienced Arvada fence company pros caution that you need to know the exact laws and regulations of your specific state. The situation may vary greatly from one region to another; therefore it is very important to be well informed about your exact situation.

One good thing to know is how close to the property line you can build your fence. In most cases, you are allowed to build your fence exactly on the property line. But if your neighbor is a public entity, you may not be allowed to build it right on the property line.

Despite the fact that you or your neighbor are permitted by the law to build the fence on the property line, prior notification of the other party is required. At the same time, you may ask your neighbor to pay 50% of the cost for the property line area.

But if your neighbor is building a fence on your property line just to annoy you, the law is on your side.

How Fencing Can Keep Your Home or Business Safe from Intruders

security conscious Arvada fence company

security conscious Arvada fence company

No matter where you live, staying safe is always an important matter. You may want to keep intruders outside, and for that there are certain fencing-related elements which can help you. It is therefore good to know a few tips from security minded Arvada fence company professionals.

There are various ways in which a fencing system can keep your house or commercial property safe from potential evil-doers, and thus you can rest assured that your living environment remains secure and in good condition.

The main advantage of a fence is that it can discourage intruders, even if it is very thin. Low fencing for gardens can be a good idea, because it can easily present the exact boundaries. Despite the fact that tall, solid fences can give homeowners a sense of safety, they may actually appear as inviting to burglars. The reason for this is that high fencing can conceal burglar activity from passers-by.

It seems that taller chain link fences may do the best job at keeping intruders away from your property. The only problem is that this type of fence is less appealing, from the visual point of view. A good solution in this respect would be to add some trellis at the top of your fencing system.

Fence Material Options

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Arvada fence company

Your choice of fence materials usually depends on your budget, on the general performance requirements, but also on your personal styles.

For instance, wood is sure to offer your fencing system elegance, style and practicality. At the same time, wooden fences can offer you a lot of privacy, deterring curious passers-by. Also, it can be considered a more environmentally-friendly Arvada fence company option, because wood decomposes easily, unlike metal or other such materials.

Vinyl can be another great option for your fencing system. Picket vinyl panels can create a beautiful look, increasing the general appeal of your home. Vinyl fences are very solid, they do not rot and do not permit the growth of fungus, algae, mold, etc.

Durable, versatile and low maintenance, aluminum is another good idea for your fencing system. It does not rust or rot and can come in a wide variety of visual options. Aluminum can be related to modern architecture, to the idea of novelty.

Chain link fences are among the most affordable option, at least in terms of installation. They also come in a wide variety of products and can last for tens of years. Steel fences are often coated with a layer of zinc, and galvanized, to last longer.

Different Materials for Fences

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Fences have always been the best way to keep your property safe, while also keeping away undesired visitors. Before installing a fence around your home, there are certain things you may want to know, including the legislation requirements, as well as if there are any conditions from the part of your neighbors for creating your fencing system.

At any rate, there is a huge variety of materials to choose from. The most frequent, typical choice is wood, because it has a beautiful, classic look and is among the most affordable options out there.

A local Arvada fence company contractor suggests that cedar has a long-lasting appearance, and it hardly ever warps or shrinks, which is why many people use it for their fences. It does not only resist decaying, but also insects. Treated wood is less likely to rot after several years. Concrete grounded posts are highly recommended for this type of fence.

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Vinyl fences are still relatively new on the market, and can be a great option for those who want an easier to maintain fence. Thickness plays an important part, ensuring more safety and resistance for your fencing system. At the same time, it is highly recommended that you install your vinyl fence with the help of a professional team.

Why Should I Replace My Fence?

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Replacing your fence may not seem like the best idea, in case your fence can still be repaired. However, there are certain things that you can follow while deciding whether you should replace your fence altogether or just do some minor repairs on it.

Replacing your fence completely makes the perfect choice in case the costs of fixing and repainting your fence seem too expensive. Arvada fence company representatives suggest that the rule of thumb in this case is that, if you need to replace more than 20% of your fence pickets or panels, perhaps it is best to do a whole replacement of your fence instead.

Replacing fence posts is more difficult and often more expensive than replacing fence panels or pickets, because they require a good amount of digging, choosing the best size, and so on.

At the same time, in case your fence panels have got too old, the exact product may no longer be available from the manufacturer, so replacing your entire fence becomes the right choice for your property.

Not providing enough privacy or safety is yet another good reason to go for the whole fence replacement option. Another perfectly understandable reason is your desire to change the style of your fence.

Is it Better to have a Custom Fence in Colorado

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Having a custom fence may be a very convenient way to fix your fencing issues. You can thus enjoy the benefits of relying on experts’ experience and professional advice, while also saving money in the long run.

Among the many types of fences that you can choose from, we could include wood fences, vinyl fences, chain link type of fences, ornamental iron, barbed wire, and so on.

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Most importantly, you need to adjust your fence to your specific needs and to the general appearance of your entire property, including your home, your yard, pool, etc. A custom fence will add more beauty and charm to your home.

Cedar is a beautiful, versatile material that can offer many great options for your fence. If properly treated, it can be quite durable and strong.

Ornamental iron is yet another recommended Arvada fence company choice among Colorado homeowners. They offer style and grace to mostly any type of building.

Rail fencing is a wonderful option for those who want to keep their pets or livestock from getting out. On the other hand, vinyl is a more up-to-date version of a fence, which can be easily cleaned and last for a long time.

Automatic gates may be another feature that can offer your fence security and style.