What are the Most Popular Paint Colors for Fencing?

Arvada fencing

Arvada fencing

A fence is one of the very first thing people notice about a house. Therefore, it is very important for it to look nice and strong. Moreover, you will certainly want your fence to harmoniously match the rest of the landscape. So you can either highlight, or make them blend in with the rest.

Black fences may seem a bit too intense but, in fact, can have a neutralizing effect. Black can make flowers and plants appear more vivid.

A blue fence is another great option, which can create a nice contrast with the rest of your yard, especially if your house is already colored in neutral shades.

Another classic option is gray. This goes very well with mostly any kind of home style, and is the preferred choice of many.

Arvada fencing experts say that if your house has a traditional design, white can be the perfect color for your fencing system. At the same time, white fences are great for gardens which have colorful plants and flowers, because it really allows the colors to stand out.

Natural wood stain can be the choice of those who prefer stain instead of paint. Stain can be found in several different shades and creates a rustic, natural appearance.

What is the Advantage of Vinyl Fencing?

Arvada fencing

People may be cautious about vinyl fencing, because they usually do not know what to expect from it. However, there are many great advantages for this type of fencing, which explains why they are so popular among homeowners, and not only.

This type of Arvada fencing material is both affordable and versatile. Also, it can come in a wider variety of colors than wood or wrought iron. These are but a few of the many good qualities that this building material possesses.

Arvada fencing

First of all, vinyl Arvada fencing requires minimum maintenance. It can be cleaned easily; it does not rot or warp and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Due to these facts, a vinyl fence is the preferred choice of homeowners who do not want to work a lot for their fences.

Vinyl fences are strong. In fact, a vinyl fence is about five times more solid than a wooden fence. At the same time, it does not get destroyed by insects or rust. Vinyl does not absorb humidity, so you can use it for swimming pools, without worrying about it getting damaged by water exposure.

Apart from being strong, vinyl is also quite flexible. Because of that, vinyl fencing is typically used for horse areas or farms.

What are the Best Materials for Commercial Fencing?

Arvada fencing

Depending on your exact type of business, you may not need to build your fence to look too pretty. There is a wide variety of materials available on the market. Commercial fences may be needed for school areas, dog pounds, fencing for military areas or farms, tennis courts, and so on.

Chain link is the most affordable and easiest to install type of commercial fence. Metal fences can be built from wrought iron, aluminum or steel and the can last for a long time if they are properly taken care of.

Arvada fencing

Wood is one of the most frequently used Arvada fencing materials. Cedar, redwood or teak are very popular choices because they are long-lasting and also look nice.

PVC can be another great material for your commercial fencing. It is very low maintenance and can last for a long time. At the same time, it can come in various shapes and styles.

Wood fiber and plastic make together a composite material which looks like wood but has the durability of plastic. Apart from the fact that it does not rot, composite fencing is resistant to pests.

Masonry can also be a good idea for your commercial fence. Despite the fact that it is more expensive, it can last for an impressive amount of time.

What Are the Sturdiest Types of Wood You Can Use for Fencing?

Arvada fencing

In choosing the right type of wood for your new fence, it is essential to consider a number of factors to determine which wood to use. First, what is your budget and how much can you afford to spend? Second, is your area ripe with pests and insects, and is the weather typically stable or does it change a lot?

Arvada fencing

Depending on the factors involved, you can choose one of a variety of resilient and dependable types of wood for quality wooden Arvada fencing solutions:

  • Cedar is a more expensive option, but also probably the most popular one. A cedar fence will be low-maintenance, pleasant to look at and featuring a desirable smell (as well as natural insect-repelling compounds).
  • If you want something a little more affordable, you can choose cypress. This wood is more potent against insects, and has fewer knots.
  • Redwood is longer lasting, though similarly priced to cedar. It is typically more appealing due to its unique appearance.
  • If you’re looking for cheaper options, you can always choose pine. This type of wood is relatively affordable, and the fact that it’s soft makes it easy to work with. Its resilience, ability to resist shrinkage and impressive longevity also makes pine one of the best materials currently used for fencing.

Are Fences Covered by Insurance?

Arvada fencing

Many homeowners wonder whether their fences are somehow covered by insurance. The answer is yes, and there are some other important details to know.

First of all, your insurance company will probably only cover the costs for your fence’s current value, not the ones for the initial work and installation. Much like vehicles and other belongings, fences also tend to depreciate over time. Another important thing to know is that fences usually are referred to in the “other structures” section of your home insurance policy.

There are certain specific situations in which your insurance policy can cover fences also. For instance, it may happen that your fence got vandalized, or it got struck by a car, it may have got damaged by harsh weather events such as storms, hail winds, lightning, fire, and so on.

However, the insurance may not cover the damage done to you due to other types of situations such as floods, earthquakes, termites, sewer backups, etc.

Arvada fencing

If your fence is damaged by one of the events talked about above, schedule a meeting with Arvada fencing sales people to see what they recommend, and the estimate of repair costs. This gives you a stronger idea of the financials involved in the insurance company claim. The exact amount of money you can recuperate with the help of an insurance policy in case your fence gets damaged may also depend on the age of the fence, if it already got depreciated or not, and if the fence was kept in good conditions.

What Makes a Good Gate for My Home or Business?

Automatic gates installed by Arvada fencing

Every business needs a proper security gate. This can also be the case for commercial properties or businesses. A good gate is the basic elements for deterring intruders. It can help prevent breaking in and other forms of harms.

At the same time, a good gate can offer any business a more professional appearance. A proper, strong and nice-looking security gate can be an excellent way to promote mostly any type of business. In a business assembly, a proper security gate can perform several different functions.

In case your prime goal is safety, then you may need to take into consideration the specific actions for controlling access to your property. Steel, wood and aluminum are among the best looking materials for a security gate. Also, these types of gates can be customized depending on your exact needs.


We can speak of several types of security gates which are highly recommended for businesses. For instance, sliding gates are good for driveways. They can be opened by sliding to one side. Swing gates and rolling gates are some other great options.

Automatic gates installed by Arvada fencing

Manual gates are considered to be among the ones with older design. Automatic gates installed by Arvada fencing pros may cost a bit more, but they are more recommended for businesses.

Best Fences for Home Security

Arvada fencing provides security

To keep your home safe, there are a number of aspects that you may need to consider. First of all, you may want to be able to see through the fence especially in the backyard area. Also, fences should be at least 8 feet tall, in order to ensure optimum safety for your property.

Fewer horizontal rails are another wise choice, which does not encourage burglars to climb up your fence. At the same time, fences which are spiked at the top are less likely to be used by intruders to get inside your yard and cause further harm.

Securing your fence into the ground with concrete also goes a long way, helping you stay safe. In case securing your entire fencing system seems too expensive, trusted Arvada fencing companies suggest that you may want to secure at least the fence posts.

Arvada fencing provides security

A safe fence cannot possibly be cut through. Common fence styles, such as chain links, can easily be cut through by burglars. An alternative to this type of fence can be the wire mesh fences, which are not easy to cut and climb by malevolent people.

Safety gates are yet another essential ingredient for keeping your home safe and sound, and therefore a wise investment for you and your family.

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Fence

Arvada fencing

The best time to replace your fence is when your older fence can no longer serve its purpose properly. At the same time, according to the general consensus, the cold season may be the best time of the year to take this major step for your home or commercial property.

Choosing the right time for replacing your fence is always a good idea, no matter if you want to do this work on your own or if you intend to hire a professional Arvada fencing contractor. With the help of specialized equipment, winter digging poses no problem. You can have your fence replaced and installed in no time, regardless of the season.

Arvada fencing

At any rate, extreme weather conditions indicate that it may not be the right time to replace your fence. Thus, heavy rainfalls certainly can prevent doing a proper job while working on replacing a damaged fence.

Contractors tend to be less busy during winter, and you can use this to your own advantage, thus having your fence replaced in a shorter period of time than it would have been if you did this work in the warmer season. Fall season may be another great option, because temperatures tend to be more convenient.

When is it Time to Replace Your Fence

Fences can make your home look more beautiful and your yard more charming. However, if your fence gets deteriorated, this can seriously affect the general appeal of your entire property. It is important to know when it is time to replace your fence and take steps as soon as possible.

First of all, it is essential to inspect your fence on a regular basis, in order to notice signs of damage caused by storms, accidents, and so on. You should never overlook an extended damage to your fence. In fact, replacing a damaged fence can cost you less than temporary repairs summed up could eventually cost you.

Arvada fencing replacement

Broken boards are one good example of damage that you should not ignore. Such damages can affect the structural resistance of your fence, while also affecting its overall appearance.

Discoloration is another sign that your fence may need replacement. Gray or yellow stains on your fence may indicate the presence of mold or rotting condition. Treated lumber is more resistant to mold and rot, and could be a good idea for your Arvada fencing replacement.

Leaning fences can also indicate more serious problems that need to be addressed immediately. It means that the fence posts got deteriorated.

Do I Really Need a Permit to Have a New Fence Installed?

Arvada fencing licensing, permits and codes

The answer to this question depends upon the codes, zoning and regulations established by the city, town or county where you live. Typically, adding any outdoor structures to your home, including a fence, would require a permit. Your city, town and county which established the codes and regulations that are involved, will let you know what type of fence and nature of installation would require a permit. Some agencies would even require a special permit for the repair of existing fences. Check with locally endorsed Arvada fencing contractors for insight.

Arvada fencing licensing, permits and codes

In some cases, you may also need to acquire a written permit from your next neighbor and neighborhood association especially if what you have is a shared fence. It is important that before installing your fence, you inquire about your permit at your local government agency, and check with your neighborhood association to make sure the fence you are planning to install is in compliance with the permitting rules.

It is therefore mandatory that after you come up with the style and design of the fence, what materials to use and the nature of construction that needs to be done in installing your fence, all the necessary permits should be acquired. The permitting office will let you know exactly what information is needed in order to acquire a building permit.