Vinyl Fencing: A Maintenance-Free Option for Your Arvada Home

If you want a modern material for the fence of your Arvada home, you can confidently consider a vinyl fence. It is a modern construction material, lightweight and resistant. We are in the age of unprecedented technological development, so it is wise to reap the benefits of new technologies and materials.

Why is polyvinyl chloride a suitable material for the construction of a fence?

For several decades, the field of construction has been majorly influenced by this relatively new material. We find vinyl in many types of products: heat-insulating joinery (profiles for windows and doors), piping for plumbing, elastic flooring, rainwater systems, decking, waterproofing for the roof or foundations, fences and outdoor furniture, paneling and siding elements, etc.

Polyvinyl chloride is a synthesis of sodium chloride with petroleum through controlled chemical processes and chain polymerization. It is produced in two forms:

  • flexible – used as an electrical wire insulator, rubber replacement, etc.
  • rigid – used as a construction material, including for fences.

This material is suitable for Arvada fencing construction, because it is:

Noncorrosive: Polyvinyl chloride is resistant to almost all kind of chemical corrosion

Hydro resistance: Polyvinyl chloride does not rot nor it allows mold formation

Fire retardant: Polyvinyl chloride contains a significant percentage of chlorine, which reduces oxygen absorption. This materials swells and melts in the fire, instead of burning with flame

Lightweight: Polyvinyl chloride is up to 3 times lighter than wood and 5 times lighter than reinforced concrete.

Why Wood Fencing Solutions Are so Common in the Countryside 

Wood fencing is practically part of the landscape in the countryside. Everywhere you look, you can see them – either large fences in front of homes, or low fences surrounding agricultural land.

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Why is there such a marked preference for this type of fencing material?

  1. It Is Easy to Procure Locally

The countryside is usually bordered by woodland and this is where people obtained building and fencing materials for centuries. It is easier and less expensive to build a fence with local materials than to order an iron fence from a distance.

  1. Wood Is a Versatile Material

A preferred wood Arvada fencing company confirms that wood has a series of benefits: visual appeal, lifespan and ease to manufacture the elements. Depending on the needs, a wood fence can be stylish or rustic – and it can also be very basic and practical.

  1. It Is Fully Recyclable at the End of the Lifespan

People in the countryside are more careful about preserving the environment. This is where food grows, so they are careful about not polluting the air, soil and water. When a wood fence has reached the end of its lifespan, it can be recycled in proportion of 100% into heating supplies or fertilizer.

Vinyl Fencing Options for Better Security and Privacy

There are many advantages to vinyl fencing. Unlike wood fencing, it does not splinter or crack. Therefore, it is safe to install around children and pets. It also provides better privacy than wood or metal fencing. Durable Arvada fencing can be easily equipped with home security features. In addition, its lifespan of thirty years is superior to that of wood, which is why it can increase home value and make it more appealing to potential buyers. White vinyl fences guarantee a higher return on investment because vinyl is very durable and strong especially when blended with other ingredients to produce a low-maintenance product.

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A vinyl fence can easily act as a security fence. It poses a barrier that prevents unauthorized access to the residence, thus, providing an increased sense of safety. Furthermore, it can also act as a privacy fence if you employ a few basic methods of making the yard more private by building a privacy screen, hanging outdoor curtains, building a living wall or planting trees and plants along the fence. You can start by making use of super-sized plants. Then, you can move forward to planting shrubs or hedges and growing bamboo or ornamental grasses. Ultimately, you can also add climbing plants and garden structures into the mix.

However, there are also many disadvantages to vinyl fencing including its initial cost and the fact that it can be damaged by extreme temperatures. Moreover, vinyl is not a natural material and algae or mildew can cause it to become irreversibly stained.

Why Is Vinyl Fencing So Popular?

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Vinyl fencing has become increasingly popular as a commercial fencing solution – not just in Arvada CO, but all around the US. But why is that?

Flexibility and durability

Vinyl is created synthetically by mixing ethylene with chlorine, which results in an incredibly durable plastic – some say it’s 5 times stronger than wood is. In addition, vinyl is also very flexible, and so it moves with the weather and the wind, which reduces the risk of splinters or cracks.


Vinyl is also much lighter than other fencing materials, such as wood or iron. Arvada fencing experts confirm that this reduces the likelihood of it breaking down and falling apart.


Many business and commercial property owners opt for vinyl due to its low overall costs. Wood may be more affordable upfront, but it comes with extra expenses down the line, and iron fencing tends to be costlier upfront, although it implies little fewer maintenance costs in the long run compared to wood. Vinyl fencing has the best of both “worlds”. It is quite affordable upfront, and it doesn’t require much maintenance either, so it is a very good option if you’re concerned about your budget.

Multitude of options

Vinyl Arvada fencing comes in a variety of styles and designs, making it super easy for business and property owners to find a good fit for their needs, whether they’re interested in higher security & privacy or they want a beautiful fence to increase curb appeal.

Vinyl Fencing Solutions for a Practical Layout

Vinyl fencing has a unique aesthetic appeal provided by its components: vertical posts (used for stability) and horizontal rails spaced six feet apart. Covered with trimmed vines and a charming display of art, vinyl fencing can win the hearts of onlookers. Its elaborate and elegant look can be preserved through upkeep and powder coating meant to protect against peeling and chipping. According to knowledgeable Arvada fencing specialists, its durability, long lifespan and elegance also add value to the property. Moreover, a fresh paint of ordinary black or grey can be just as stylish as vivid colors, even though the grey color scheme is less impactful. Mystical birds, ornaments, silhouettes, horizontally installed pillars and metal mesh incorporated into the gate can further increase its appeal.

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Other such improvements include: biometric recognition and detection systems, coded keypads, specialized sensors, cards, automated gates, control access points, remote control and surveillance performed by authorized staff. These additional installments can make vinyl fencing options very practical and, therefore, very enticing to customers. Furthermore, the elegant sliding type of installation can be equipped with even more modern gadgets and an automatic wrought iron gate.

When the budget is generous enough, Victorian style and circular centerpieces can be added to further enhance the attractiveness of vinyl fencing solutions. Moreover, walk gates and double drive gates can be customized to match the fence. However, warranty for defects and workmanship is, generally, short-lived, which is why these trends are, usually, fleeting.


Is Iron Fencing in Arvada More Practical Compared to Wood Fencing?

Considering the most recent trends in Arvada, it’s essential to think about the difference between both the practical and aesthetic advantages of installing an iron or wooden fence. Whether you want to make sure your fence is sturdy enough to keep intruders out and the elements at bay, or you’re simply looking to enhance your home’s curb appeal and privacy, both these types of fences can be adequate, depending on the design.

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Nevertheless, the materials themselves might make iron fencing in Arvada a slightly better choice than wood:

• Iron fences can be protected more efficiently against the weather, and they don’t succumb to pests or to fires. That gives them a great advantage when it comes to durability and maintenance.
• There’s really no good substitute for a high quality, natural wooden fence. However recent manufacturing methods have become more advanced, so custom iron Arvada fencing can still improve your curb appeal quite a bit, if you’re willing to invest in it and take some time to consider your vision of its appearance carefully.
• Finally, iron fences are more versatile and can be integrated with modern technology far more efficiently. Whether you need them for residential or commercial purposes, iron fences will generally be a better choice if you’re looking to integrate your fence with advanced security and monitoring systems.

How to Get a Fence that is of High Quality and Affordable at the Same Time

People are always looking for the most affordable version of things. This goes for fencing systems as well. The good news is that, thanks to modern materials, there are some very good Arvada fencing options on the market for those that want affordability but also durability. For instance, vinyl fencing is very popular nowadays. Some may say that vinyl isn’t necessarily a new material. And they would be right. But the way they use vinyl nowadays is very new and improved. That’s because the vinyl sheets that they use for fencing today are a far cry from the flimsy strips that they had a few decades ago.

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Vinyl fencing is made using lamination technology. That means that several sheets of vinyl are sandwiched together and compressed in order to make strong sheets with a very resistant core. But don’t think that just because they are thicker that it will cost you an arm and a leg. Compared to other fencing options out there, vinyl is still one of the most affordable one can find. That’s because the prime materials used are still easy and cheap to make. So, whenever you’re in the market for your next affordable and resistant fencing solution, think of vinyl as your first option.

Are Cheap Commercial Fencing Solutions Reliable?

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Commercial Arvada fencing solutions have been developed in order to keep property and goods safe. So, they were always more functional than decorative. But that doesn’t mean that they could be made out of anything. That’s because they need to be strong enough to resist various factors such as burglars, accidental hits or even much worse things. That’s why the materials used and the systems that are needed have to be of good quality in order to do the job properly. Of course, everybody is looking for affordable Arvada fencing or even cheap options. Searching for affordable options is one thing, but using cheap low quality materials isn’t necessarily the best thing one should be interested in.

That’s because cheap commercial fencing usually uses low grade materials that are easy to damage and destroy. That means that you will be investing in them more than you would normally like. You will constantly have to replace or fix what is damaged. And, even if the fence itself isn’t damaged, the materials may not be treated accordingly. For instance, cheap solutions often mean that the metals aren’t galvanized or treated in any way to prevent rust. That means that you will have a serious problem with it, especially if your business is in a region that experiences more rain than normal.

Commercial Fencing Solutions for Large Companies

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Commercial Arvada fencing solutions these days come in a wide variety of material and design options, one of the aspects that determine the solution that works best being the size of the perimeters that need to be fenced. Here are some potential options to consider if the terrain you need to fence around is really large:

  • Chain link – the solution is affordable, durable and easy to install, small wonder it is one of the most popular Arvada fencing options for large plots of land. The material allows for creating tall fences; therefore, it is suitable for surrounding agricultural land that requires protection from wild animals as well as for properties where preventing unauthorized human intrusion is important.
  • Vinyl – the material is very popular and widespread in urban areas, but it is also a great, durable and affordable solution for large properties. The material makes a very practical solution for properties of all types and sizes.
  • Cable fencing – the solution is especially suited for terrain used for keeping livestock. The cable material is usually installed between posts made from steel or other durable material for increased durability and more attractive appearance.
  • Barbed wire – the preferred solution for livestock keepers, barbed wire is inexpensive and durable, but it is a labor-intensive solution that needs regular checking and maintenance.

Is Advanced Technology Important to Integrate into Commercial Fencing?


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Modern innovative technologies are usually put into place for security purposes. Generally, the main goal is to install 24/7 surveillance and security. As a result, commercial fencing is the first barrier to intruders. Security spikes are used to deter climbers, and chain links or mesh fencing are employed as additional measures in high-security areas. Noted

Arvada fencing companies offering security fencing solutions confirm that other such actions include biometric recognition and detection systems, coded keypads, specialized sensors, cards, automated gates, control access points, remote control, and surveillance performed by authorized staff.

Commercial fencing can still become stylish despite the utilitarian purposes by adding arch design and interesting patterns. A wide solid steel gate can still be festive on account of its unusual appearance or uniqueness. Moreover, the elegant sliding type of installation can be equipped with modern gadgets and an automatic wrought iron gate.

For remote properties, security and privacy are the most important aspect of commercial fencing. But, due to contemporary design, security can easily blend in with comfort and aesthetics. Covered with trimmed vines and a charming display of art, commercial fencing can win the hearts of onlookers. Ultimately, when the budget is generous enough, Victorian style and circular centerpieces can also be added to enhance the attractiveness of commercial fencing further.