How to Select the Best Fence Contractor – Useful Tips for Homeowners

Brighton fence company

Brighton fence company

Are you looking to hire a fence contractor that will support you and provide you with good quality labor at an affordable cost? There are a few simple methods you can use to decide upon a Brighton fence company contractor who will help you out more than most:

  1. Decide on the type of fence you need, or figure out what type of fence you have that you need repaired. You can start a more informed searching process based on this information.
  2. Get online, and find the fencing contractors who operate in your area. Hiring someone from farther away will likely cost you more, and it’s not really a guaranteed choice.
  3. Find out which of the contractors you locate specialize in the type of fencing work that you need help with. This can be done quite easily, either by calling them and asking or just by reading some of the information they provide on their website or social media page.
  4. Get their quotes. The best way to settle for a single contractor out of the ones you find is to ask them to provide you with an estimate and with information on how they plan to help you.

These recommendations should help you choose the best Brighton fence company contractor who will not only provide you with quality support, but who will also help you deal with the specific fencing problems that you have right now.

Helpful Tips on How to Match Your Fence to Your Home

Brighton fence company

Brighton fence company

Installing a fence that matches your home and landscape can get tricky, depending on what you need. While your contractor might be able to help you with your choice, it’s always a good idea to have a clear picture of what you really want for your home as well. Here are a few steps to get started with:

  1. Select Brighton fence company materials that are similar to the materials used in your roof or siding. For instance, a concrete fence goes extremely well with fiber cement siding, while a wooden fence might be great if you have a wood shake roofing system. Matching the materials will give you the right textures and prevent your fence from feeling out of place.
  2. The colors should also match. If your home features predominantly cool colors like light blue, purple or indigo, getting a red or orange fence might not be the best idea. Instead, strive to stick to neutral or cool colors, in order to complement the color palette of your home.
  3. Make sure the design of your fence follows the theme of your home exterior design at least loosely. For instance, if you own a somewhat traditional home, you can only go so far when choosing a modern, edgy design for your fence. Instead, it’s important to keep at least some of the main elements of your fence in line with the design of your house.

Is It Safe for Vines to Grow On Fences?

Brighton fence company

Vines can play multiple, beneficial roles when they climb on fences, making the fence not only more attractive, but enhancing its protective qualities and making it more private, too. Unfortunately, vines can also be damaging for the fence – if their growth is not controlled, they can damage the fence. Fortunately, they are easy to keep under control – according to recognized Brighton fence company professionals, here is how to make the vines on your fence safe:

Brighton fence company

  • Choose the right type of vines – certain types of woody vines, such as trumpet vines or wisteria are attractive and have spectacular, fragrant flowers, but they tend to extend their roots too much, damaging fence posts during the process. Invasive species are also dangerous for fences – they tend to acquire the land around, driving out indigenous plant species and damaging built structures on their way, including your fence. The best type of vines to choose for your fence are non-woody species, such as sweet pea, morning glory, nasturtium or moonflower;
  • Manage the vines – regularly trimming the vines and inspecting the fencing underneath is essential for making sure that your fence is safe, undamaged by the vines and that the plants that grow on and around it do not proliferate excessively.

Tips for Staying on Top of Fence Repairs

Brighton fence company professionals

Fencing materials are for building durable and resistant structures to give your property all the curb appeal, protection and privacy it needs, but despite that strength, no property owner should underestimate the power of the elements or should neglect regular fencing maintenance and timely repairs. If your fence is well-maintained, the damage that the elements can cause in your fence are likely to be only minor and easy to fix, so here are some tips from a local Brighton fence company for you about how to achieve that durable fence health and how to stay on top of your fence repairs:

  • Regular inspections – whatever material your fence is made from, you need to inspect the structure every six months and you also need to clean it to maintain its attractive appearance and to make it easier to detect damage;

Brighton fence company professionals

  • Timely fixes – the damage that you find during your inspection needs to be corrected before it becomes more serious. If you have a metal fence, the damage you should look for is rust, while wood fences tend to develop rot and mildew. In their early stages, both types of damage are easy to repair, but after the repair, you should take care of prevention as well, by applying a suitable coating for protecting your fence from any harm in the future.

Great Fencing Options for Your Dog

Brighton fence company - pet security

Dog owners know only too well the challenges of finding the right fence option to prevent their animal from wandering off and getting injured or lost.

The most common types of fences used for dogs are chain link fences, wooden privacy fences and electric containment systems. Each one has pros and cons.

Brighton fence company chain link fences provide decent security, but sometimes they cannot prevent the dog from escaping, especially if they are not tall enough. Many dogs learn to climb them. The animal sees though it and this may be a disadvantage in the case of over-excitable dog, who will bark at everything they see…

Brighton fence company  - pet security

Wooden privacy fences provide security and also restrict the view of the animal. The drawback is that you may need a permit to build a fence over a certain height.

Electric containment systems transmit a signal that is picked up by a receiver installed in the dog`s collar.  When the animal is too close to the limit, the system sends warning tone sounds; if the dog attempts to go further, he will feel an electric shock that will teach him stay inside the perimeter. However, if the animal manages to runs through the electric containment system, he will not be able to return without receiving another shock, which will make him reluctant to come home.

What Is The Expected Cost Of A Fence?

Brighton fence company


We cannot provide a definitive answer to this question and the reason is simple: the price of a fence varies according to the materials you choose, the contractor you hire for installation and how much fence you need.

When it comes to materials, you have different choices: wood, metal (aluminum, forged iron, steel, chain link), vinyl or brick. Each material has different properties and functions.  Brick fences ensure privacy and are soundproof, steel fences are used for protecting enclosures, while forged iron fences are used rather as decorative elements.

The prices vary greatly. Chain link fences are cheaper but they are used mostly in agriculture and industry, metal fences are expensive, while wooden fences cost a lot in terms of labor. Currently, the material providing the best quality-price ratio is vinyl.

Brighton fence company

Hiring a Brighton fence company specialist to install your fence will have a cost, but you can be sure that it will be built to last. You can save it by doing a DIY project, but this is not recommended unless you have some experience in what you are doing otherwise you risk losing even more money.

You must also calculate how much fencing you need. Its length influences the installation and the amount of materials. Obviously, a longer fence will be more expensive.