Why Winter is a Great Time to Install a New Fence

Brighton fence installation

Although many people won`t consider the cold season for installing a fence, this time of the year can be great for such a project, as long as the weather allows people to work properly and the ground is not frozen. There are many days with mild weather in winter, so why not taking advantage of them?

Brighton fence installation

Landscaping is easier and safer during this season, for Brighton fence contractors and DIYers alike, because vegetation is dormant and it is less likely to be damaged during the construction project. Another advantage is especially for people who rely on trees and shrubs around their property to ensure the privacy they need. In winter, except for evergreens, nature looks bare and it will make them feeling exposed. Installing a yard will remove this inconvenience.

In the cold season, fence contractors are not so busy, so you may be able to schedule an appointment quickly, without being put on a waiting list, and even get some discounts.

Finally yet importantly, considering that in winter people do not spend time in the yard like they do in the summer, but rather get cozy inside, the fence installation will not get in their way.

How To Refresh Your Wooden Fence

Brighton fence repair contractors

Brighton fence repair contractors

Strong sunshine, rain, snow, heat, cold and pests can all harm your wood fence and natural aging can also take its toll, causing the wood to become dull and weak. However, if you notice the signs of aging or damage on your wood fence, you don’t necessarily need to replace it – here are some things that you can do to refresh it and to make it resistant to the elements:

  • Wash the fence – you can use a power washer set to deliver a mild spray or you can do it manually, applying the cleaning solution with a sponge. Wait until the fence is completely dry before you move on to the next step: inspection;
  • Check the fence inch by inch to identify any damage that needs Brighton fence repair contractor services. Look for signs of mold, mildew, rot, insect attack and cracks – if the damage is not too extensive, correct with some wood preservative and caulk;
  • Apply protective coating on all the wooden components of your fence, on the healthy surfaces as well as on the parts that have been repaired. Wait for the coating to dry completely. If you want to preserve the natural color of the wood, the coating is the last task. If you want to change the color, apply your stain or paint carefully, in a uniform layer without drips.

Signs your Business Needs a Commercial Fence

industrial Brighton fence

We tend to associate fences with back yards and neighborhoods, but installing one on your commercial property also has many advantages, especially if you are looking for solutions to increase privacy and restrict or limit access to some areas.

In general, your business needs a commercial fence for different reasons: aesthetics, privacy, access control and, of course, security.

Aesthetics – If you own a business, you know that image is everything, in order to be successful.  A fence can hide less aesthetic things on a commercial property, such as warehouses, protect the entrance or simply complement the building and the surrounding landscape.

Deter trespassers and ensure privacy – People work on a commercial property, so there is no room for unwanted guests. A fence also protects from view and provides security.

Access Control – Some businesses have their properties divided into parts dedicated to different departments. With a fence, the access to these separate locations can be controlled easier.

industrial Brighton fence

Security – Last but not least, security is actually the main reason why most businesses have a commercial fence. A solid industrial Brighton fence prevents vandalism, theft as well as other crimes that may affect your business and make you lose money and reputation.

Trends in Residential Fencing Materials

Brighton fence design

Your fence is probably more than a barrier that separates your property from the surrounding plots of land and from the street in front of your home – the fence needs to play a protective as well as an aesthetic role. While the safety provided by your fence depends on the its sturdiness and height, its aesthetic function is governed by design. Here are some of the latest trends in Brighton fence design that you can use for making a modern fence:

  • Green fences – climbing plants can transform any fence into an attractive, organic component of your property. If you decide to start a green fence, be prepared that you will have to wait for at least a year to get a nice fence, but the effort is surely worthwhile;
  • Multicolored fences – you can buy vinyl panels designed especially for mixing colors and create your own, special and unique fence design;
  • Combining materials – wood panels fastened with elaborate metal stripes that play an ornamental role, too or fences that are made from stone or brick on the bottom and from iron or wood on the top are also very trendy fence solutions;
  • Horizontal panels and wood boards – the fences that use panels or boards installed horizontally, rather than vertically are very popular, too.

Brighton fence design

Helpful Hints For Installing Your Own Fence

Brighton fence installation


Although apparently the idea of ​​building a fence seems simple, it is important to know a number of useful tips before actually starting the project; they will help you make the right decisions.

First of all, determine the purpose of the fence. Some people install a fence for protection, others to enjoy better privacy etc.  Knowing the purpose of your fence is very important for the next step: choosing the materials. Some fencing materials are very durable and provide enhanced protection, while others are rather ornamental.

When you choose the material for your new fence, you must also take into account the styles and colors available. The fence has to match the house.

Brighton fence installation

Before installing a fence, you have to know that digging is not possible without marking underground utilities. It is your responsibility to call 811 and have your yard marked by locating specialists. If you hire a contractor, it is your contractor that should make the call; contractors are required to obtain all the necessary permits before starting their work.

As much as you would like DIY projects, installing a fence can be a difficult task. If you have no experience at all, the safest thing is to call on Brighton fence professionals.