Built to Last: Vinyl Fencing in Brighton CO

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In case you are from Brighton CO, you should know that one of the most popular types of materials for your fencing system is vinyl. Vinyl fencing can come in a wide variety of colors, is easy to maintain and to repair.

Brighton fence

At the same time, a vinyl Brighton fence can definitely last for a very long time. In case it is maintained properly, this type of fence can last for tens of years, which means that it certainly can last longer than wood. At any rate, maintenance usually involves washing your vinyl fence with a garden hose.

Another reason why many people prefer this type of fencing system is the fact that it can be installed very easily and in a short amount of time, especially if you hire an experienced team.

Because it is made from special ingredients, vinyl can resist many weather events and can also successfully withstand UV rays. Installation costs tend to be higher than in the case of wood, but you certainly recoup your expenses in time, due to the fact that it requires so little maintenance. In fact, some experts even state that vinyl is five times stronger and, therefore, more resistant than wood.

What Gate and Fence Combinations Work Best for a Brighton CO Home?

Brighton fence

Brighton fence

When it comes to gate and fence combinations for your Brighton CO home, the possibilities may seem endless. One excellent idea would be a combination of black steel horizontal slats and white concrete. This is surely great looking and works for mostly any type of home.

A slatted wood fence can be another good idea, especially in combination with a chrome frame. A fence made of vertical timber can be another amazing choice for your house in Brighton. It is advisable especially if you do not want to hide your yard completely, but still want intruders out.

Brick and metal interchange is another wonderful option. Thus, your fence may already look imposing enough, so you may want to paint it in neutral colors. A classic wooden fence can look interesting if combined with an etched metal door.

A local Brighton fence builder says gabion walls could be used for the fencing, whereas the gate can be of the classic wooden type. This generates a very powerful effect, not to mention the sturdiness of this type of fencing.

Frosted glass panels may look very appealing in combination with rough wooden gates and frames. Contemporary steel may be the best choice for those who want a present-day appearance for their new fence.


What Are the Most Technologically Advanced Gates You Can Install?

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Technology is constantly pushed to the limit when it comes to researching the best solutions for security and privacy gates. Whether you have a commercial property filled with expensive equipment and materials that you’d like to keep a secret from your competitors, or you just want to protect your residential real estate property from prying eyes and intruders, according to accomplished Brighton fence contractors, you have quite a few options when it comes to technologically advanced gates.

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Aluminum gates featuring automatic open/close systems and remote access will provide you with some of the best technology for privacy and security. Aluminum is highly resilient, and it can protect electronic circuits embedded in the metal quite well from water damage and humidity. Also, because of its lightweight qualities, aluminum allows for some pretty advanced technological applications, or it can be combined with a heavier and more powerful metal frame for added structural integrity and durability.

Gates fitted with advanced sensors, cameras and intercom systems are also rising in complexity and popularity. These types of gates can allow you to see who’s visiting you while maintaining maximum privacy, and they can be vital in detecting and identifying intruders.

Another way technology can help is through advanced types of coating designed to prevent rust and damage due to UV radiation. In the case of an iron gate, for instance, such coating technologies can be vital for maintaining the gate’s high level of resilience for many decades to come.

Is it Smarter to Replace or Repair a Fence?

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When faced with the choice of replacing or repairing your Brighton fence,  the best thing to do is make a thorough analysis of the damage. You must accurately estimate the state of your fence in order to decide on the best solutions to adopt. Of course, the exact type of repair needed strictly depends on the type of fence that you have, namely on the material, style, etc.

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Wood fences are among the most beautiful types of fences. However, they are also the least resistant to outside conditions and other often destructive elements. The extent of damage that a wood fence can reach depends on the type of wood. While a spruce fence lasts for 4 to 7 years, a pine fence can last for up to 12 years. Cedar is the most expensive, but also the most resistant type of wood. A cedar fence can last for as long as 30 years.

According to experts’ opinion, a fence may need to be replaced if more than 20% of it requires immediate repairs. A wood fence would probably require only a few pickets at a time to be repaired, whereas in the case of a vinyl fence, whole panel replacements may be necessary.


Advantages of Vinyl Fencing: Should You Get a Quality Vinyl Fence?

There are very few materials that are better suited to the role of building a quality gate and fence other than vinyl. Most vinyl fences can be comparable to materials like wood and wrought iron when it comes to their appearance and weather resistance, and they can also exceed some materials. Vinyl doesn’t rust and it doesn’t attract termites and other pests. While somewhat less durable and resilient overall, it compensates through simplicity and lower cost.

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When you buy a vinyl Brighton fence, you’ll find that it offers excellent value for your money. Although you only have to pay a very limited amount to erect the fence, and it will be easy enough that you can do the work yourself without too much difficulty, you’ll find that vinyl fences are relatively cheap, so you’ll still be able to afford a quality fence without wasting the precious money that you might need for other home improvement tasks.

Vinyl also works great when it comes to installing a privacy fence. It blocks out the view completely despite being lighter and requiring a lower amount of material to complete the installation. And the good news is that you can typically hire even a less experienced team of fencing professionals and have them set up the fence without much difficulty.

Are Chain Link Fencing Installations Good for Security?

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Chain links are used not only in the USA, but also all over the world. Leading Brighton fence installers confirm that they are easy to install and maintain, have affordable prices and are generally good at performing their protective functions.

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At any rate, you should know that chain links usually have different diameter sizes. A lower diameter means that the chain link is thicker. Thus, an 11 gauge chain link fence is recommended for residential properties.

In order to make your chain link fence more secure, you can either add a bottom rail to it, or a buried mesh. In other words, if you bury about a foot of the mesh into the ground, you can create a safer and more secure chain link structure for your fencing system.

Another good idea may be to have closer posts, which can make your fencing installations perform better in terms of security. Fence detection systems are yet another good option if you want to add extra security to your chain link fencing. What they basically do is to detect any kind of vibration on the fence. Also, you can connect them with an alarm system, which can announce you about any suspicious action on your chain link fence.

Best Wood for Fencing Your Yard

Brighton fence

Brighton fence

A wood fence is an amazing addition to mostly any kind of property. The best wood for fencing your yard depends on a number of factors. Of course, it depends on your climate, on your budget, but also on the curb appeal of your home, and, ultimately, on how long you plan to stay in that particular home.

Another important aspect to bear in mind is the degree to which the wood you are using for your fencing system is vulnerable to insects. In case the wood you decide to use does not naturally repel insects, nor is it specially treated to keep them away, then your fence may get attacked by termites, which can cause it to fall apart easily.

Among the most popular choices we could mention pine wood. Pine is affordable and can last for a long time. At the same time, it is soft, and therefore it is easy to work with. Cypress is insect repellent and it has a pleasant scent.

Brighton fence installation pros recommend Cedar as another great option, because it requires little maintenance and it keeps unwanted bugs at a distance. Redwood can look very nice, and because of that is the preferred choice of many people.


How Long Does it Take to Install a Fence

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The duration of fence installation is related to a number of factors, depending on each particular case. For instance, a simple wooden fence can take about 2-4 days to install. Such estimation typically includes the removal operation of the old fence and the clean-up stage of the project.

Any homeowner needs to keep in mind some general factors which determine the exact amount of time needed for installing a new fence for their property.

First of all, it is the size of your yard that may influence the duration of the project. At the same time, the weather during the working period also plays an essential part. And quite obviously, simpler projects take less time to be installed than more complex ones.

The location of your property may also influence the fencing project’s duration. Distance may add up to the number of daily hours required for installing a fence.

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The number of the gates you need for your fence is another key ingredient. According to Brighton fence install specialists, gates usually take longer to install than fences, and, therefore, the fencing process can take longer in case you intend to have more than one gate.

Sophisticated elements such as retaining walls may also add more time to the duration of the project.

Top 3 Questions to Ask when Replacing Your Fence

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There are three basic questions to ask before replacing your fence. First of all, you need to determine the exact purpose of this action. You may need to install a new fence because you plan to install a pool, you want to set new boundaries, or you want to change the curb appeal of your home.

Another major question would be how much you are willing to invest in replacing your fence. Deciding on your budget can be one of the most useful things to do if you want your replacing operation to be stress-free and functional. Knowing the exact amount of money you have at your disposal can help you decide quicker, saving you a lot of precious time.

Brighton fence design element options

The type of material you are going to use for your fence is another very important question to be asked.  In this respect, you can choose from wood, vinyl, ornamental aluminum or steel, chain link, and so on. Ask Colorado Brighton fence experts about the pros and cons of different design fencing materials.

Both practical and appealing, wood is on top of most people’s preferences. At the same time, it is very cost-efficient and it can last for a long time, if it is properly treated and maintained.

Aluminum fences can add more charm to your property, while vinyl is both strong and eye-pleasing.


A Quick Guide on How to Extend the Life Span of a Wooden Fence

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Wooden fences can be affected severely by the elements just as any wooden item. Wooden doors are often bent out of shaped or rotting away within a few years, if they were severely affected by water damage or the homeowner hasn’t used the proper maintenance solutions to keep it in good shape. The same can be said about wooden fences, which are even more exposed than doors or siding panels.

wooden Brighton fence maintenance

Maintaining wooden fences in good order and extending their life span is possible through good maintenance and the use of high quality paint. As recommended by wooden Brighton fence experts, one thing you have to do is re-coat and repaint the fence at least once every 3-5 years. While you can repaint more frequently, re-coating is also important on occasion, since it helps to prevent UV radiation and decay. Water-repellent coating will also help prevent damage from storms as well as the development of mold and the attraction of tiny pests that could damage your wooden fence severely over time.

Another thing you can do to extend the life span of your wooden fence is to inspect and repair it on a regular basis. By fixing your fence’s deteriorated areas at least once a year, you can prevent more permanent damage that can ultimately only be eliminated by replacing the affected part of the fence.