How to Save Money on a Denver Fence

fence installation Denver project planning

There are several ways in which you can save time and money on your new fence. First of all, you may want to start with a good plan.

Planning each phase and making a reasonable estimate of the costs and efforts which you can invest in your Denver fence project are essential steps in helping you reduce costs.

At the same time, another great idea is to draw the fence and add the necessary measurements for building the fence you want for your property.

Choosing the most desirable and feasible design for your fence is also very important. After you decide on the type and style you want for your fence, you can finally start choosing the materials, textures and colors you want to use.

fence installation Denver project planning

Making a list of the tools you need for building your fence is another major step to be taken while building a fence. Such a list may include things like: work gloves, power drills, hammers, tape measures, carpenter pencils, wheelbarrow, line level, and so on.

At the same time, you should set a budget for your diy fence installation Denver project and be able to plan the whole labor process in order to make the whole operation more efficient and stress-free.

Important Tips to Help You Keep Wildlife Out of Your Garden

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Dealing with critters can be a real issue when you have a beautiful garden and you don’t want anything to spoil it. Whether you own a vegetable garden or a lovely flower garden, it can be very important to prevent wildlife from messing with your garden and eating your crops.

One of the first tricks to try is to apply a spray that is made to keep small animals away. Coyote urine spray helps with that, since it makes any approaching small animal think that there are coyotes nearby, so they will usually avoid the area.

Another approach is to include plants that most animals will typically avoid. These can include boxwood, daffodils and marigolds. All of these plants will help keep wildlife out of your garden, without however hurting your crops or your flowers in any way.

Finally, you can consider getting rid of any hiding or nesting areas that are close to your garden. That way, most animals will be deterred from getting too close, as they will feel much too exposed when they show up in your garden.

fence installation Denver

These tips will help you a lot. However, you should also consider hiring a dependable landscape and garden fence installation Denver expert to help you refashion your garden, so that it will naturally keep any wildlife away, even without the need to take most of these measures.

Decorative Fencing Trends

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The eco trend is stronger than ever, and more and more people are opting for natural materials and elements in their homes and gardens. When it comes to decorative fences, there are many solutions but nothing is as “green” as a living fence.

In a brief definition, living fences are an element of landscape architecture, with the role of decorating an area. However, a living fence can also have the purpose to define a perimeter and provide privacy – benefits that many other types of decorative fences do not offer.

Living fences can be found in gardens, parks, courts, along alleys etc., having different heights and shapes, geometrically cut or growing freely. Regardless these aspects and depending on the plant species used to create a living fence, one can come up with decorative and unique designs.

fence installation Denver

Typically, living decorative fences are not very tall (about 40 cm) and are made of decorative species of shrubs with leaves and flowers, including the following, but not excluding others:

  • Thuja, Juniperus, Chamaecyparis or cypress, from the category of conifers
  • Buxus, Lonicera, Berberis, from the category of hardwoods
  • Spiraea, Ligustrum, Hybiscus, Philadelphus or Forsythia, from the category of deciduous plants

Do you want a dream garden, with a unique landscaping? Why build a fence made of iron or other materials – which can be really impressive but also very expensive? Align yourself with the eco trends and choose a living fence, friendly with nature, which will surely not miss proving its decorative role. Of course, if this is not feasible based on HOA or budget constraints,  check with fence installation Denver professionals for alternative options.



Inexpensive Fencing Options

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Installing a new fence can be a costly especially if you choose some attractive materials and design. Although the aspect of a fence should not be more important than its functionality, you can still get an affordable solution that also looks nice. Consider the fence installation Denver suggestions below.

fence installation Denver contractors

Wood Fence Panels

There are custom-built fence installation Denver wood fences that are actually quite expensive, but the installation of prefabricated fence panels is affordable and relatively easy. This fencing option is available in come in multiple widths, heights, and styles. You save the time necessary to constructing each fence panel and move right on to setting and installing the wood fence panels themselves.

Wire Fence

This type of fence is great for those who need to contain livestock. Barbed wire fences, fences made from high-tensile wire or vinyl-coated wire are affordable, easy and fast to install and fulfill their purpose efficiently.

Plastic Mesh Fence

These fences are great for keeping wildlife away from your property or to contain your pets.  The fence material comes in large rolls, which will be attached by the installer to metal posts with zip ties. Such a fence is purely functional, very practical and affordable. It is easy to install; homeowners can do the installation themselves.

Why it’s Important to Clear Snow Off Your Fence

protect your fence in winter

A heavy snowfall is just like this: heavy. Sometimes too heavy for a fence that may break under its weight (especially when it comes to a wood fence), or at least become vulnerable to further damage. Besides, snow accumulation also means moisture that affects both wood fences and metal fences, generating rot or rust. This is why clearing snow off your fence is very important, but it must be completed with other operation to make sure your fence can withstand the cold season and its challenges.

protect your fence in winter

Preparing your fence for snow must start with repairing the existing damage before winter arrives. The fence must be inspected carefully, fixings must be tightened, snapped rails must be repaired and rotten or rusted sections – cleaned or replaced. You can add a new layer of paint for further protection (and to improve the fence`s aspect, for that matter!)

You must check the posts and make sure they are secure and stable. Considering that vegetation nearby can be dangerous in the cold season (falling tree branches caused by snow accumulation or winter storms can damage the fence), the best thing is to trim overhanging vegetation.

Finally yet importantly, when you clean the snow from your driveway or pathways, make sure you do not pile it against the fence, as many people do.

If you do find that you need fence repair or replacement, contact the best fence installation Denver company you can find to ensure quality and longevity.

The Most Popular 2019 Fence Design Trends

fence installation Denver designs

The fence around your property plays much more than the functional role of protecting your home from prying eyes and intruders – your fence has a very important aesthetic function as well, pulling together the design of your entire property and making a powerful style statement. Like the appearance of any other building and property components, fence installation Denver design is also governed by trends, so here are some of the hottest fence design solutions for the current year:

  • Adding plants – whether you have a low picket fence or a taller fence, integrating florals is a great way to enhance the appearance of the fence. You can choose climbing plants to conceal the fence completely, you can surround the fence with colorful flowers planted in beds or you can install shelves for plants on the fence panels;

fence installation Denver designs

  • Use colors – natural and earth colors are still great to use on fences, but designers recommend stronger colors, such as red, blue, orange or black as well;
  • Combine materials – fences that consist of masonry on the bottom and wood or wrought iron on the top, fences that bring together wood and metal or vinyl and wood in a harmonious unit are very trendy these days.

Deciding on the Perfect Fence Color

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The color of the fence is just as important as the color of your house’s facade. Whether it is a wooden, brick or forged iron fence, choosing the right color is essential for the overall aspect of your property.

How do you choose the right color for your fence?

Before hurrying to choose the type of fence or its color, you have to realize that the fence is the element that makes the transition between your yard and the rest of the world, between the intimacy of your home and the surroundings. It is one of the first details (if not THE first) that people observe about your house. Therefore, choose your fence installation Denver contractor carefully.

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What are the factors that influence the choice of the fence color?

The architecture of the house and the color of the facades influence to the greatest extent not only the type of the fence, but also its color. The fence has to complement the house, both architecturally and chromatically.

The roof of the house often influences the color of the fence. Especially in the case of homes built in a classic or rustic style, the roof and the fence typically have the same color, as do the window frames, while the facades are painted in a different shade.

The garden landscape also influences the color choice of the fence, especially if there are various accessories in the garden. If you want to create an atmosphere as natural as possible, choose natural colors and materials.

When Should You Re-stain a Fence?

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Re-staining is an operation specific to wood fences. They are typically made of pressure-treated pickets and posts in cedar or pine. Wood is a beautiful fencing material; it adds to the curb appeal, while also providing security and a sense of privacy. However, being a natural material, it needs proper maintenance.

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Re-staining is a common operation performed to extend the life of the roof by keeping it in good shape and staving off the effects of time and weather. Fences have to put up with wind, rain, freezing temperatures, snow, and direct exposure to UV radiations. The stain applied on your wood fence is exactly the protective layer standing between the wood and the elements.

The stain you choose will largely determine how often you will need a re-stain job. For example, the lighter the color, the more often you will have to perform re-staining. Medium colors typically last from 3 to five years, while dark colors extend the time further. Fence installation Denver pros can help you chose the stain that will work best for your fence.

Also, fences facing east or west are more exposed to sunlight and may require re-staining sooner.

The frequency of this operation also depends on the type of wood. Cedar is more resistant to moisture than other wood types and will require re-staining less often.