Tips on Fencing Aesthetics from Landscaping Experts

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A fence can be a beautiful addition to your property, ensuring a high degree of privacy and security while enhancing the appearance of your home and garden. However, without proper maintenance, a fence can quickly lose its charm and become an eyesore. Landscaping experts recommend proper maintenance solutions that are aligned with what your lawn, garden and other elements of your property might need.

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Regularly cleaning your fence with a pressure washer or a mild detergent and brush can help remove dirt, mold, and mildew that can cause discoloration and damage the wood or other materials, while also affecting other parts of the landscape and plant life.

Additionally it’s important to note that plants and trees that grow close to the fence can cause damage by pushing against it or holding moisture against the material. Trim back any branches that touch the fence and remove any plants that are too close.

Staining or painting your fence can help protect it from the elements and add a pop of color that enhances your property’s appearance. Depending on the type of stain or paint you choose, you may need to reapply it every 2-5 years. Stressors such as rainwater can cause damage to your fence over time. Consider also adding a waterproof sealant or cover to protect your fence from moisture.

If you don’t have the time or expertise to maintain your fence, think about hiring an experienced fence repair Thornton CO maintenance service to keep it in good condition. They are the best people you can call to keep your fence looking great for years to come.

Reasons Why Wood Fencing Is a Good Option for Residential Properties

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Wood fencing is a choice that ensures a personalized look to a yard. Life means options and when it comes to choosing a new fence, many property owners opt for the classic wooden fence, which can give a rustic touch, but also ensure natural elegance. This fencing option remains one of the most popular for residential properties.

A first advantage of a wooden fence is the fact that you can choose different types of wood to create the style that you want. Wood fencing does not just complement rustic-looking properties, but also modern and fancy properties.  A wood fence can be turned into a real work of art, if the manufacturer has talent.

The cost of a wooden fence is not necessarily high. It is true, however, that, along with the size and complexity of the design, the cost can increase quite a lot.

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The wood is resistant, as long as it is properly treated, it is aesthetically pleasing and can be processed easily. Exposed for a long time to the elements, wood can be attacked by fungi, insects and moisture, and it deteriorates over time. In addition, it can catch fire. Fortunately, quality fence repair Thornton CO experts tell us that nowadays there are a lot of solutions and treatments for fireproofing and waterproofing, which greatly increase the resistance of this material. If you pay minimal attention to a wood fence and ensure its regular maintenance, it can last as much as a stone or brick fence.

Three Tips for Boosting Your Property’s Ability to Resist Bad Weather

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fence repair Thornton CO

Considering climate change and its increasingly negative effect on cities at large, it is important to take precaution measures as soon as possible. Fortunately, there are more than a few steps that can be taken to make sure that your property holds up well to bad weather.

There are many weather events that can damage metal fences, which is why it is important to avoid planting garden items near iron fencing. Pruning back the branches that are close to the fence should be done frequently because branches hanging over the fence can damage it during a storm. In order to avoid damage to the iron fencing, it is wise to consult with a garden designer that can help you come up with specific and creative –but also safe –design details. Moreover, rainy days can negatively impact any type of fencing. Iron fencing in particular can be very sensitive to entrapped moisture because it promotes rusting which is the main damaging factor to metal fences. Therefore, regular coating should be made into a priority in the upkeep of fencing.

Besides pruning back branches and regularly applying protective coating, it is also helpful to predict the effect of wind on the gate. For instance, in windy locations, all installed gates should provide some level of wind resistance.

All in all, according to fence repair Thornton CO specialists, the property’s ability to resist bad weather can be easily enhanced by means of garden design, affordable maintenance and wind-resistant features.


Sturdier Alternatives to Wood Fencing in Brighton, CO

fence repair Thornton CO

fence repair Thornton CO

Wood fencing has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years all over the world and it is still one of the most popular solutions chosen not only for residential properties, but for commercial facilities as well. However, today the range of materials available for creating attractive, durable and resistant fences has diversified considerably, offering lots of great options for those who are looking for a new fencing material. According to experienced fence repair Thornton CO contractors, here are some of these alternatives:

  • Masonry fencing – constructed using brick and mortar, stones or concrete, masonry fences are surely among the most durable and most attractive solutions. The option to get such a fence is somewhat on the expensive side and it is also a labor-intensive option, but it offers unparalleled beauty and resistance.
  • Metal fencing – another extremely versatile material that stands out with its strength and durability, metal is a great option for creating attractive fences as well. Whether you are looking for perimeter fencing to protect your property from intruders all around or you need a privacy fence, the wide range of metal fencing material will surely give you what you need.
  • Vinyl – a newcomer on the market of fencing materials, vinyl is a synthetic material that can stand up to the elements as well as to fast attacks and will protect your property for decades.

How to Maintain Your Iron Fence in Thornton CO

fence repair Thornton CO

fence repair Thornton CO

Because iron tends to be a versatile, yet solid material, it can be the perfect choice for your Thornton CO home or commercial building. At any rate, having it inspected on a regular basis can be a great idea, as you can thus solve problems before they get bigger and more aggravated.

Iron fence repair Thornton CO experts affirm that even the smallest trace of rust can affect the durability of your iron fence and gate. Iron fence maintenance should be performed at least two times a year, particularly in case your iron fence is located in an area which is prone to high levels of humidity.

When applying the maintenance procedures, there are certain specific things which need to be taken care of. First of all, you should prepare the working area by removing any kind of obstructive elements such as vines, grass, weeds or other unwanted plants which may be growing around your fence or gate.

With the help of a wire brush you can remove the rust. You should avoid using heavy corded wire, because this can damage the integrity of your iron fence. It is best to use a non-ionic detergent to further rinse the fence, and then you can let it dry. Rust converters’ application can be another good idea for keeping your iron fence in a good state.

As you can see, maintain your iron face is not quite a piece of cake. That’s why it’s best to call in professionals for help – they can inspect your fence properly and keep it in tip-top shape for you.


4 Reasons Why Iron Fencing Is More Popular Than Other Types of Fences

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When you need to decide on the exact type of fencing to build around your property, you may be confronted with several different options. Iron fencing is still among the most popular types of fencing systems, and for some really good reasons also.

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First of all, dependable fence repair Thornton CO contractors assure us that iron fences need very little maintenance. An iron fence may have to be repainted every two or three years. This can prevent rust and can prolong the lifespan of your iron fence.

Secondly, iron fences can last for a very long time. Unlike wooden fences, which tend to rot and warp in time and due to extreme weather, or get eaten by termites, iron fences are highly resistant to the outside elements. While wooden fences can last for about twenty years, iron fences can last even a lifetime, if they are properly maintained, of course.

Thirdly, iron fences offer a lot in terms of security. Iron is practically impossible to break, and, depending on the exact design of your fence, can make it very hard for burglars or other intruders to climb it and get inside your yard.

And, last but least, an iron fence can look truly beautiful. Their sophisticated and timeless allure makes them more attractive than other types of fences.

What Is the Best Type of Privacy Fence You Can Get in Thornton CO?

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Whether you just moved to a new home or you’re looking to simply spruce up your place and focus especially on the exterior, it’s a great idea to get a new privacy fence for your home. Following are three of the best options when it comes to getting a privacy fence that would be ideal for the Thornton CO area.

Wood is one of the most natural and overall best choices for privacy fences in Colorado. Because of the lush, green garden that you’re likely to have, or even if you consider purchasing your home in a more arid and dry area where you won’t have much vegetation, a wood privacy fence can be a great aesthetic asset, as it will have a lot of excellent options in terms of styling.

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If you want to spend less money on your privacy fence, but you’re still interested in security, you should also consider a metal fence. Most metal fences are not too hard to install, and they offer ideal privacy. Also, budget friendly fence repair Thornton CO pros say that they can be very resilient and long lasting when facing even the harshest storms that can hit Colorado.

Although it’s not as good as metal or wood, vinyl fencing is also pretty practical for Thornton and most of Colorado. A vinyl privacy fence is easy to install, straightforward and quite affordable. You can get it set up in no time at all and enjoy using it for years to come.

DIY Tips for Restoring Your Wood Fence

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In case you want to revive your wood fence, there are certain DIY techniques you can use. In general, you may need water, a bleach solution, dish detergent, a pump up sprayer, protective gloves, paint brush, paint rollers and sealant.

First of all, you need to make a mixture of water, bleach and dish detergent. Water should represent about 70% of the mixture, whereas bleach should be about 25% and detergent, about 5%. The wood should lighten up immediately after application. In case you do not see this happening, you should add more bleach to the entire solution.

You should let the fence sit for about 20 minutes, and then rinse it off with a hose. Then you should let it dry completely, before applying any kind of sealant. You can apply the sealing product with the help of a paint brush, paint rollers or sprayer. Generally, you should not have to worry about spreading it evenly, as these products usually get absorbed easily into the wood fence. However, you must make sure you cover the entire surface of your wooden fence.

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There are certain areas you should look at while restoring your wood fence, namely the posts, the fence boards, and so on. If you need addition fence and gate repair tips, you can count on trusted fence repair Thornton CO professionals.

Should You do Some Spring Cleaning on Your Commercial Fence?

fence repair and cleaning Thornton CO

fence repair and cleaning Thornton CO

Winter can be tough, and its effects may be felt for a long time, even after it is over. Therefore, spring is the season for cleaning and fixing any issues caused by extreme winter events.

During the cold season, the heavy winds and snow can cause trees to lose branches, which may fall down and make a lot of mess in your yard. The state of your fence may also be affected. As a consequence, it may be a good idea to prune the surrounding area and thus prevent any further damage to your commercial fence.

Of course, the exact cleaning method depends on the exact materials that your commercial fence is made of. Fences can be very different, each one is unique and that is part of the beauty of owning a business.

Chain link fences, for instance, are usually cleaned with the help of a garden hose or a pressure washer. At any rate, regardless of your exact type of fence, commercial fence repair Thornton CO pros say your fence should be cleaned once or twice a year. This includes the application of all the necessary conditioners and other maintenance-related solutions.

Having your fence inspected by a Thornton fence repair expert eye may be another good idea. Thus, you can find out about any broken or missing caps, signs of rust, chips or scratches.

How Often Should You Consider Repainting Your Wooden Fence?

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One of the main ways that you can keep your fence from succumbing to the elements is by painting it. No matter what color you choose, a good coat of paint and an adequate repainting cycle can easily keep your fence from developing mold and mildew, or from being affected by the intense UV radiation of the sun.

Most fence repair Thornton CO professionals will tell you that you don’t necessarily have to repaint your fence too often once after it was painted for the first time. Of course, if you notice that the paint comes off more quickly (which can happen, if you used a cheaper paint in the first place), then it’s a good idea to repaint it early, as it can offer additional protection.

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However, in most cases, the period you can wait before you repaint your fence can be as long as two or three years. Repainting will increase the lifespan of your fence in most instances, but be careful of the type of paint you use and the material of the fence. Cedar, for instance, might not be able to breathe as easily, so regular paint might cause more harm than good.

If you have a cedar fence or an older fence made from another type of wood, and you’d like to make it last longer than your average fence, staining can also be a good idea. Unlike regular paint, stain is not only inexpensive, but also capable of acting as a protective coating layer that looks more natural and can also slow the growth of mildew and rot, as your fence continues to grow older.