Types of Fence Gates

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The exterior elements of the house occupy an important place in the aesthetics of the property, some of the most visible being the fence and the gate. They contribute not only to safety and security, but can also increase the curb appeal of a property.

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The choice of the gate typically depends on the type of fence – if you want to create a neat and homogeneous overall aspect.

Wooden gates

If you choose to opt for the rustic decor provided by a wooden fence, the best choice, as far as the gate is concerned, is the wooden gate. It is usually executed on a metal structure. As for the models, there is a wide range available to choose from.

Wrought iron gates

These types of gates are very popular. They have the advantage of being suitable for both wrought iron fences and fences made from prefabricated concrete panels. Wrought iron gates in Denver are particularly decorative and versatile.

PVC swing gates

They have some hinges for closing and opening. All PVC swing gates are a good choice especially for properties with modern designs. Whether we are talking about residential or commercial areas, a PVC gate is compatible and can also provide security and privacy.

How to Decide on the Most Durable Fencing Materials for Your Home

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When it comes to choosing the most durable and efficient fencing materials, it’s important to note that physical durability is not the only factor that has to be considered. There’s also a question as to how long the fence can viably be considered a fence before holes appear and the structural integrity of the fence is damaged to an extent where it can no longer offer the privacy and security it used to promise in the past.

That being said, the following options are considered by experts to be the best in terms of selecting fencing materials that can stay strong for a long time to come:

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  • As long as it’s treated properly, metal can withstand the test of the elements for many decades. There are a lot of old homes with metal gates in Denver and with fences still standing, and new metal constructions are also more durable and resilient than the ones used in the past.
  • Concrete and masonry are also great options, and they can be even more durable than metal fences. Moreover, these fencing materials are extremely resilient and can offer improved privacy by blocking out the view completely, depending on the design of the fence.
  • You can also consider a mix of materials. For example, a concrete base can easily house a fancy metal fence and provide it with the support needed to last even more than a regular one.

Reasons Your Fence Gate Might Be Sagging

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Gate sagging is among the most common issues encountered with fences. The problem usually appears when the fence reaches a certain age, but it might affect new fences as well. Here are the most common causes:

  • The deformation of the gate posts – strong winds, the erosion of the soil and aging can all cause the gate posts to lean inward, which will lead to the appearance of sagging;
  • An uneven gate frame – the deformations suffered by the frame of the gate can also lead to sagging;
  • Loose hinges – most fence gates are fixed to the frame with hinges. Even if you use the best hinges available, the screws that hold them in place can become lose or damaged, with will let the fence gate down a little bit, too.

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Fortunately, all the above root causes are easy to remedy. In most cases, all you will need for the repair is a screwdriver and some new screws, maybe a hammer. If you have identified the problem that has caused the sagging, dismantle the gate, remedy the problem, then install the gate again. If you find the soil around the base of the gate too loose, compact the soil or pour some cement around it. In some cases, with extreme damage, your best bet is to find a person who specializes in repairing gates in Denver.

Is Excavation Really Necessary Just to Install a New Gate and Fence?

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The question of whether or not excavation is necessary when installing fences and gates in Denver is quite an important one. While, for some small gates and fences, you’ll only need your shovel and a couple of days of free time, others are far more complex. While you won’t necessarily be able to dig deep enough on your own to keep them solid and standing, an excavator can do that for you.

So, when is excavation work needed? The answers should be quite simple:

  • The first time when excavation is necessary will be when the fence you install is larger and covers a greater area than most common fences. While you might still be able to get the job done manually, it would be a lot more difficult.
  • Another time is when the ground is hard or frozen. During these times you probably won’t want to spend too much outside, since it’s either extremely cold and everything froze, or extremely warm, and the hot local sunlight already turned the soil hard and barren a long time ago.

Although you might consider a regular excavator, there’s a lot to be said about hydro excavation as well. Aside from being one of the most powerful types of excavation currently available, it’s also the only one that can break through frozen soil without damaging tree roots and utility lines.