Winter Landscaping Ideas: Adding Color and Interest to Your Brighton Yard

You should not allow winter to turn your Brighton yard into a gloomy, empty and desolate place, just because the weather is icy, snowy or gloomy. Your yard can still look delightful even in the cold season!

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Winter can be a good opportunity to put your imagination to work and give your garden a new, welcoming and warm, even cheerful look. There are a few landscaping tricks that will help you bring it to life this season.

Brighten certain areas of the yard

It is very easy to light up an area of the garden, a tree, shrub, or a landscaping decoration, using a garden reflector. In this way, you will not only attract attention in that area, but the snow will also spread the light throughout the yard. You can also hang lanterns in the trees, or place them along the alleys. White lights hung from a beautiful fence adds a sense of whimsy as well.

Use decorations in the spirit of the winter holidays

A trellis or pot in which you create an aesthetic arrangement using kinds of vegetable materials such as fir branches, dried leaves and twigs, cones, nuts and acorns, and place it in a visible and friendly position, can cheer up the atmosphere.

Evergreens in brightly colored containers

Certain plants remain green in winter, adding a welcomed splash of color. In addition, some of them can be grown in containers painted in bright colors, which will have an even more cheerful effect against the white background of snow, or the gloomy gray background of warmer winter days.

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Tips for Building Sturdy Fences for Your Pets

To keep your pets safe, consult with Metro Fence Company

Fences play not only the role of protecting your property from intruders – many structures are also intended to contain whatever and whoever is within the premises, including pets. However, pets, especially dogs, can be very inventive when it comes to sneaking out, so the pet fence needs to be very sturdy and designed to meet special challenges. Here are some features that pet fences need to have:

  • Identify your pet’s favorite escape method – pets can invent various methods to get out: they can brute-force or chew on the fence, they can dig under it, jump over it or open the latch on the gate;
  • Suitable height and thickness – whatever material you choose for your pet-proof fence, make it tall and thick enough to prevent brute-forcing and jumping over;
  • Suitable material – it is a good idea to choose a fence material that is hard enough to resist strong teeth. Metal and masonry fences work best on properties where there are pets around;
  • Suitable design – if your pet tends to dig under the fence, prevent that by laying concrete under the fence or by making sure there is no gap between the bottom of the fence and the ground, not even a thin gap – pets can start digging if they find even the smallest gap.

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How Will Installing a Brand New Fence Affect Your Lawn Work?

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Tending to your lawn is a year long activity that you’ll have to take care of almost constantly. Even when the cold winter months arrive, you’ll still have to do a lot in order to make sure your lawn stays in good enough order.

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It stands to reason, therefore, that you have to be very careful about how you manage your lawn after having Metro Fence Brighton install a brand new fence on your property, as well as during the installation process itself.

Because installing a new fence can require digging, it’s important to keep track of how the installation progresses. Was your lawn solid or damaged by cast away debris and dirt during installation? Have the workers trampled on it? Maybe your lawn was simply covered up for too long and you were forced to neglect it during the time that the project was underway.

Aside from these issues, it’s also important to note how the landscape, environment and ecosystem surrounding the lawn might be affected by a new fence. Aside from producing more shade (which can be avoided if need be), a new fence could end up damaging your lawn indirectly by becoming a disruptive influence on the environment and even affecting it as its material compound breaks down in the soil over time.

To avoid all these problems, consider the option of a stone or metal fence that will prevent a lot of the problems you’d otherwise run into.