Privacy Fencing Materials –What to Choose for Your Colorado Business

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The best material for a privacy fence is cedar because it is long-lasting and good looking due to its desirable red hue. Moreover, it does not warp or shrink. Conversely, the cheapest material for a privacy fence is the pallet wood which is similar to a traditional lumber.

The most durable material for a privacy fence is vinyl. Its longevity is unmatched if it is properly maintained. It is long-lasting, strong and easy to up keep. It is also rot-resistant and it does not peel, splinter or crack. Moreover, it does not require staining, sanding or painting.

The most important privacy fence ideas for Colorado businesses include: outdoor curtains, super-sized plants, trees planted along the property and retractable privacy screens along the fences. An inexpensive privacy screen is made of: PVC pipes, wood boards, lattice or decorative panels, twigs and branches. Finally, the yard or garden can also be made more private by: using trellis, growing ornamental grasses and bamboo, or planting hedges, trees and shrubs.

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All in all, there are many options for privacy fencing materials depending on specific requirements or preferences. However, the best solutions are the cedar and vinyl fences that are still unmatched in terms of durability, low maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

Find out more about both residential and commercial privacy fence options from the affordable experts at Metro Fence Company.


Practical Methods for Making Your Back Yard Look Amazing

residential fencing Denver

residential fencing Denver

If you have invested a lot of money and energy into creating a beautiful space in front of your building, but your backyard still looks a bit neglected, here are some great practical methods to make the space behind your building really attractive and useful:

  • Consider the fence – the structure that surrounds your property plays not only a role of ensuring the security of your property, but also an aesthetic role. When picking the material and the design for that fence, pick a solution that complements the existing features of your landscape as well as the design of your building. For example, if you have a classic building and a landscape with several large trees, choosing a wood fencing or a masonry structure are two of the best options. You can find great advice and design options at
  • Take the time to design the landscape – the best way to do it is to pick a piece of paper and a pen and draw a sketch of the landscape. Include in your drawing all the features that cannot be moved, such as large trees and create your design around those components.
  • Be patient – while a new fence can be erected within days, the plans that you choose for your landscape will not show their best face for at least a couple of months, so be patient and wait for them to bloom.


How Often Should You Have Your Commercial Gate Inspected?

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When it comes down to having your commercial gate inspected, it might be essential to do it more frequently depending on where you are and what type of gate it is. Failing to have a proper inspection at least once a year can lead to many unwanted issues, including security threats, as intruders will be more easily able to get past your seemingly sturdy gate.

If you live in a very humid area where there is also a lot of precipitation, experts will recommend that you check on your commercial gate as often as 2-3 times a year. This is primarily because of the impact that these elemental stressors can have on your gate and the possible security risks that a faulty commercial gate can lead to.

On the other hand, sturdier gates made of high grade steel can be inspected less frequently especially in relatively balanced or dry areas where temperature differences are not too great between summer and winter. Once or twice a year will be enough for these cases.

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Ultimately, it’s best to contact your local Denver Metro Fence ( experts so they can assess your gate, make proper recommendations regarding maintenance and provide you with specific insight on how frequently you should have your gate inspected depending on the unique factors that might come into play in your area.

How Long Does A Fence Install Take

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The exact duration of a fence installation cannot be clearly determined, because it is influenced by a number of things. Thus, a simple wooden fence around your property may take 2-4 days to install. This may include the removal of the older fence and the post-installation clean-up process.

The installation time for any type of fence highly depends on the size of the yard. Weather is another key element, determining the exact working conditions and duration of the project. This is because fencing installation primarily involves manual labor.

The complexity of your chosen design is yet another important aspect which can dictate how long it will take to get the job done. Ground conditions are yet other ingredients, which can enable or become an obstacle during the fencing installation process.

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The location of the property is another reasonable factor to consider, and so are any potential material delays. So it is very important to communicate with your fencing contractors and decide on the best solutions for your particular location and situation. Experienced fence contractors, like those found at, will be able to provide you with a thorough estimate of all expenses.

In case you want more than just one gate, this may imply that the fencing installation can take a bit longer. Retaining walls and other extra elements can also prolong the duration of the working process.

Holiday Decorations for Your Fence

Metro Fence Company - Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays from Metro Fence Company!

Metro Fence Company - Happy Holidays

Did you know fences can be the best places for using your creative design skills with Christmas decorations. This certainly is one of the best parts of the Holiday season.

Garlands and wreaths can look amazing on most fences. At the same time, you can use them to decorate your balcony or certain areas in your home yard.

Of course, Christmas lights are on top of most people’s preferences. Christmas lights are flexible to use on mostly any part of your decoration areas. But you need to make sure that you do not damage the fence while putting those lights on.

Hanging large Christmas ornaments on your fence is another great idea which everyone can have at their disposal. Hanging up a Santa sock can be another good option, especially if that sock is made from waterproof material.

Chain link fences can offer you a great deal of amazing ideas. Thus, you can use those lights to create nice shapes such as snowflakes, reindeer, Christmas trees, etc. In fact, you can create mostly any shape, depending on your own creativity and passion for these things.

In case your decorations are basically made with bulbs, it is best to use LEDs, because they can last for much longer than standard bulbs.


What Are the Best Kinds Of Wood Fences Available For Yards?

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In choosing the right kind of wood fence for your yard you have to consider the climate, exposure to outside elements and also your budget. You have to be familiar with the type of climate you have in the location you want to install your wooden fence and choose the right wood species that will prevent decay and damage caused by weather changes.

In terms of choosing the wood species, you also have to consider choosing a kind of wood that has a natural insect-repellent or pressure treated. This will make sure that no insects, like termites, will present residence and eat away at your wooden fence.

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Here are some of the most popular types of wood fences available from Denver Metro Fence Company:

  • Pine Wood Fence: Pine wood is a common material used for fencing yards – not only because it is relatively inexpensive, but it doesn’t shrink and has a soft texture making it easy to work with.
  • Cedar Wood Fence: Cedar wood is another common material because it does not require a complicated maintenance process, and has a natural insect-repellent which is a great asset to have for wood fences.
  • Cypress Wood Fence: Cypress wood fence, just like the cedar wood fence, features a natural insect-repellent substance. It is a great alternative to cedar wood although their price is almost the same, and it gives out a nice aromatic scent as well.
  • Redwood Fence: Aside from bringing to the table a few similar qualities to the previous two, redwood fences are also highly durable. Although it is similarly priced to cedar, a lot of people prefer redwood because of its looks and texture.

Why Installing a Fence Helps Boost Home Resale Value

metro fence company

metro fence company

Some fences are built to mark boundaries, to provide security and intimacy or simply as decorative elements. Unfortunately, many people ignore the potential of their fence to boost home resale value and build it randomly, without choosing quality materials or questioning the effect of matching the fence with other exterior elements.

In this context, we can say that fencing is not necessary a home value-added feature. Besides, the market value is determined by comparing the features of your property with those of other surrounding properties. So, if homes in your neighborhood do not have fences, installing your fence will not lead necessarily to a payoff. Not to mention that some neighbors may not be happy about that kind of obstruction and you may get yourself involved in legal disputes regarding property lines and maintenance cost responsibility.

On the other hand, a fence can boost home resale value if it is made from quality materials that ensure resistance, safety and match the style of the house and other exterior elements. It is also a question of the condition you keep your fence in and what buyers are looking for. The thing is, if you really want, you can transform your fence into a form of creative expression, which will work in your advantage.

To decide what fence will work best to increase your home’s value, look at

Tips for Maintaining Your Commercial Fence

Metro Fence Company Inc

Metro Fence Company Inc

Commercial fences, like any built structure, need maintenance to be able to perform well for the entire lifespan they are warranted for. Here are some efficient maintenance tasks suggested by fencing pros, like those found at Metro Fence Company Inc, that will prolong the life of your commercial fence:

  • Regular inspections and cleaning – the dust, dirt and grime that settles on your fence can be harmful and might weaken your fence, whatever material it is made from. To prevent that from happening, clean the fence every six months and inspect it to see whether any repairs are necessary. Pay attention to the foundation of the posts, too – loose posts can lead to fence sagging and fence leaning, compromising the strength of the entire fence;
  • Timely repairs – if you detect any fault, such as sagging, cracks, rust on metal components, signs of mold, rot, mildew or insect attack on wood components, take immediate repair action to prevent the faults from getting worse;
  • Damage prevention – wood, metal and masonry fences need more protection from the elements than the fences made from synthetic materials. Fortunately, there are lots of great protective coating products available – pick your product and make sure to apply it and reapply it according to the instructions for best results.

The Most Common Mistakes Made During DIY Fence Installations

Metro Fence professional installation and repair

Metro Fence professional installation and repair

Installing your own fence might seem like an easy task, especially if the fencing design that you are planning to use is simple. In most cases, the process is fairly simple, indeed, but even so, many property owners who choose DIY fence installation are eventually dissatisfied with the outcome. The reason why DIY fences are sometimes less than perfect is the mistakes and poor judgement during the material purchasing and installation process – here is a list from Metro Fence with some of the most common DIY fencing mistakes to help you avoid them:

  • Buying poor quality materials – lower quality material is cheaper, but very often looks just as attractive as more expensive varieties. However, lower quality material is likely to get damaged prematurely, so you should never make that compromise;
  • Using fence posts that are too short or not digging holes that are deep enough for installing the posts – the posts will give your fence its stability, so they need to be anchored properly in the ground to be able to withstand winds and storms. Ideally, fence posts need to go down at least one third of their height and they also need to be secured with concrete and gravel;
  • Using untreated material for wooden fences – wood should always be treated with suitable, moisture and insect repellent coatings to prevent premature deterioration. Don’t forget to reapply the coatings at regular intervals, too.