The Main Reasons to Choose an Ornamental Fencing Design

ornamental iron fence

Are you looking to improve curb appeal or make your home more likely to get a good offer from a buyer? Choosing an ornamental fencing design might be right up your alley.

ornamental iron fence

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, however, there might be some additional reasons why you might want an ornamental fence, that you have yet to think of:

  • Ornamental designs will freshen up your house and make it look inviting. An ornamental fence is just the thing you need, if you want to warm up to your neighbors and feel at home in an area you just moved to.
  • Another reason why a lot of people prefer ornamental iron fence Denver artistic designs is the creative freedom it allows them to make their homes stand out. This can be used as a fashion statement, to gain recognition among your peers, or even to increase curb appeal and get a better offer when you decide to sell your home.
  • Finally, an ornamental fencing design can make you feel more at ease and relaxed around your own house. The fence can be made to look aesthetically pleasing from inside and outside your yard, so whenever you get home from a tiresome day at work, it will cheer you up.

Metal Fencing Options

ornamental iron fence Denver historic design

Back in the 19th century, metal fences were a symbol of the rich. Only they could afford the sophistication of decorated iron cast fences. Today, they are more common and available to mostly everyone.

Metal fencing options typically include aluminum, steel or cast iron. For those who want to build the fences themselves, the best choices are aluminum or light steel. Cast iron and solid steel require professional knowledge and skills.

The main advantage of metal fences is that they need very little maintenance, namely to be recoated with paint, in order to prevent the formation of rust.

If there is such thing as a homeowners’ association in your neighborhood, you may need to observer restrictions in terms of style, size or material.

ornamental iron fence Denver historic design

Wrought iron is the classic choice. An ornamental iron fence Denver historic design is recommended especially to those who live in the historic area of the city. This type of fence is usually weatherproofed by coating it with powder. But in order to keep it in good shape, you may need to re-paint it every two years.

Aluminum, on the other hand, does not rust and is lighter in weight. It can be easily bent, which makes it easy to work with. But if you want a metal fence that is almost impossible to damage, the best option is steel.

Ornamental Fence Designs

ornamental iron fence Denver

Your garden or yard would not be complete without a fence. Fences contribute to the aesthetics of the outdoor space, so it is necessary to give them due importance, especially if we also consider their practical role.

The living fence – because it is trendy to be “green”

If you want an ecological, natural and very aesthetically pleasing fence, then the living fence is the right choice. Moreover, this alternative to a traditional fence brings with it a number of advantages: it provides protection from wind and even storms, it retains dust and noxious and, at the same time, it transforms the garden into a wonderful place. With little attention and minimal effort you can get all these benefits.

There are countless species combinations for creating a decorative living fence. For example, you can use a combination of trees and shrubs. Thuja occidentalis (white-cedar) is an evergreen specie that you should definitely consider.

ornamental iron fence Denver


Custom metal fences

No, it is not just about forged iron fence designs, although they are always in style, but also about custom fences made from decorative metal panels. These take into account the design desired by the client, the necessary dimensions and the allocated budget. Besides the fact that these fences have a special and even unique decorative role, they also offer the privacy that wrought iron fences do not provide.

Get more ideas on unique fence designs from ornamental iron fence Denver companies.

Durable Fences for Your Multi-Family Property

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Even though it may appear only as an element designed to ensure the privacy and security of a property, a fence can also bring significant aesthetic value when chosen in relation to the architecture of the building and the area in which it is located.

Durable fences are the best, and this feature depends primarily on the materials they are made from. The most durable fences for a multi-family property are generally those made from masonry/ concrete or wrought iron.

Concrete or masonry fences

These fence solutions can be very strong and stable, providing privacy, security and even sound protection. They are solid and some people consider them claustrophobic. Concrete or masonry fences are expensive and the main disadvantage occurs when the constructor does not take the right measurements and produces a product with an unpleasant aspect that cannot be modified unless the construction is re-created.

ornamental iron fence Denver

Wrought iron fences

A beautiful ornamental iron fence Denver installation is suitable for different property styles. They can be designed to be elegant or modern, although they are also some of the most expensive fencing materials. However, the price is the main disadvantage; in rest, wrought iron fences are very resistant (more resistant to rust than ordinary iron because wrought iron is an alloy) and versatile. Wrought iron fences are rarely replaced because they are highly durable and easy to repair.

The Most Important Benefits of Metal Fencing

ornamental iron fence in Denver

ornamental iron fence in Denver

Metal is one of the most popular fencing materials – whether made from steel, aluminum, iron or some other alloy, metal fences have features that are beneficial for any property. Here are some of the most important benefits:

  • Great cost to value ratio – metal fences are not the cheapest fencing options, but the sturdiness and the durability makes the investment worthwhile;
  • Security – metal fences can endure a lot, protecting the property they are installed on from intruders as well as the elements;
  • Curb appeal – metal is a versatile material that can be shaped into sheets, poles and is suitable for executing even the most sophisticated designs. An elegant ornamental iron fence in Denver may be considered to be the classiest of them all, but the other alloys used for making fences can also feature very attractive designs;
  • Resistance – many property owners dismiss metal fences because they are concerned about the material’s sensitivity to rusting. The truth is that most alloys used in fences don’t rust and even iron fencing components are coated for achieving resistance to rust. To ensure the rust-free longevity of your iron fence, you should reapply the coating, but the process is simple and needs to be carried out only every 3-5 years.

The Latest and Hottest Commercial Fencing Trends

ornamental iron fence in Denver

Commercial properties, especially the ones located in areas where curb appeal matters, need fencing that is not only functional and able to efficiently protect the safety of the commercial property and the assets and merchandise stored on and inside it, but also fencing that is attractive and able to create a positive first impression on visitors – a very important aspect if you want to impress your future business partners. Commercial fencing design is, like the design of almost any building component, governed by trends – here are the most popular trends for commercial fences:

  • Multiple types of material used in the same fence – using masonry on the bottom of the fence and metal on the top is a timeless, classy solution that is trendy today, too and so is the combination of concrete and wood;

ornamental iron fence in Denver

  • Wrought iron fences – an ornamental iron fence in Denver is attractive, but not cheap, therefore it is often used only to delimit the space from the street or road in front of the property and combined with cheaper solutions, such as wire fencing, in the back;
  • Wood fences with horizontal panels – the solution reduces the quantity of wood used for making the fence, while also offering more privacy and making installation easier and faster as well.

Tips for Preventing Fence Rust

ornamental iron fence

Iron fences are some of the best solutions for adding security and also enhance the aspect of your property. However, just like other fencing materials, metal has its specific problems, and the word “rust” sums them up. Preventing fence rust is very important for the aspect and durability of the fence.

ornamental iron fence

An ornamental iron fence in Denver requires periodic maintenance and some special tools, considering that in some cases you will need to remove existing rust first, as well as debris and dirt that interfere with the rust-proofing treatment. Typically, these tools include gloves, goggles, a face mask, a disc sander and sand paper, a wire brush for scrubbing, a rust removing solution and mineral oil.

Start by assessing the condition of your fence and then start cleaning the existent rust and debris. Once you have removed what was possible to remove, apply the rust cleaner, allow it to react and then use a water hose to rinse the cleaner and the remaining loose rust. These steps can be repeated if necessary.

Wipe dry the surface of the fence and apply a special rust proof coating as a primer and then apply a sealer or paint your fence as you wish.