Important Things to Ask a Yard Fencing Expert

ornamental iron fence Denver

Some people may think that simply installing a fence is all that it takes to have your property protected. But there are several questions you may want to consider asking your fencing expert about the fencing system you have just installed. For instance, if you go with iron fencing, you should ask the expert how often should you inspect your fence and clean it. This may sound funny to some, but there are actually people that think that an iron fence doesn’t need any maintenance at all. They are usually those that never had an iron fence and don’t really know much about them.

ornamental iron fence Denver

Another question anyone should ask their fencing expert about iron fencing is how to properly install it. Fences can be installed in a variety of manners. Some may only need some holes dug for the posts while others may need something more substantial to keep it in place, like concrete or brick and mortar. When first considering installing an iron fence, make sure that you consult with a reputable ornamental iron fence Denver expert to find out the best option for your specific situation. You can even ask them if they can recommend a certain type of concrete or bricks to be used.

Landscaping Activities that Harm Your Metal Fence

ornamental iron fence Denver

ornamental iron fence Denver

Many landscaping activities can damage metal fences, so it is important to avoid planting near iron fencing. Bushes, trees, and other landscaping elements should be more than one foot away from the fence. The root systems of large trees can damage the fence, and the landscaping built up against iron fencing can cause excessive moisture that, in turn, leads to mildew, mold, and, eventually, rusting.

Pruning back the branches close to the fence should be done frequently because branches hanging over the fence can damage it during a storm. Moreover, heavy branches leaning against the fence can weaken it and increase rust if moisture becomes trapped during rainy nights.

To avoid damage to the iron fencing, it is wise to consult with a garden designer who can help you develop specific and creative –but also safe –design details. However, if you decide to design the garden yourself, it is best to use a garden design app to provide valuable guidelines and advice.

To conclude, quality ornamental iron fence Denver builders confirm that iron fencing can be susceptible to entrapped moisture because it promotes rusting, which is the main damaging factor to metal fences. Furthermore, the roots and constituents of large trees can weaken the fence’s structure, rendering it obsolete.

Can Iron Fencing Be a Stylish Choice for Denver Residential Properties?

ornamental iron fence Denver

ornamental iron fence Denver

Iron fencing has been a staple of elegance and distinction since time immemorial. From lavish palaces to modern mansions, fences and gates made out of iron have been used to express style and refinement. That is why a lot of people want to use iron when doing their residential fencing. Some might think that iron is a bit too much for their homes. That’s not true. Iron fences and gates can be made as big or as small as they need to be. That’s why a lot of designers and constructors love working with it.

Also, stylish ornamental iron fence Denver designs never go out of style. For as long as there will be property owners, iron will have its special place- right on their property line. That’s because although iron might seem very austere, it is very resistant and sturdy. Plus, decorations made out of iron last much longer than those made of other materials. Protected with the right materials, an iron fence and gate can last anyone a lifetime. You can never go wrong with using iron when thinking of investing in a stylish solution for your home.

Home Remodel Tips Include Iron Fencing in Your Landscaping Plans

ornamental iron fence Denver

ornamental iron fence Denver

In case you have a properly chosen design for your home, landscaping can greatly contribute to it, especially if you choose iron fencing. Choosing the right type of ornamental iron fence Denver offers for your yard is extremely important.

A great idea would be to surround your iron fencing with colorful plants, to confer it a unique style and add to the general charm of the whole assembly. Moreover, they help keep your lawn safe from animals.

Thanks to this type of fencing, the perimeter of your home can look more appealing and sophisticated. At the same time, iron fences can look stunning when they are accompanied by topiaries. In fact, an iron fence can look truly amazing when used in natural environments.

It is not only iron fences, but also iron gates that can make your home look more gorgeous. The moment you are receiving new guests, a metal gate is the very first thing people notice. Because there are so many different options, finding the perfect fence and gate may be a less easy task.

It is also very important to know how to choose between swinging and sliding gates. While swinging gates tend to be wider and need more space for sliding up and down, swinging gates can swing open or closed.


What Are Some of Your Best Options for Quality Ornamental Fences?

Ornamental fences come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on where you live and what the main qualities of your property might be, you’ll definitely want to consider some of them. The classic white picket fence is still an option for many Americans who are more traditionally minded, however other colors and styles of fences are also quite popular.

Art deco is making a comeback, and a lot of experts in interior decoration and curb appeal will recommend it as a great style for both interior and exterior elements. When it comes to fencing, art deco is highly flexible, allowing you to use it for common, shorter ornamental fences, tall privacy fences and even sturdy metal fences that can easily be customized to adapt to the style.

Ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can design and build beautiful fences for both privacy and security.

Wood is more common an option, however, as its natural tones and relaxing hues blend in perfectly with everything from the classic picket design, to art deco, and also to the more natural designs available out there, such as log fences and fences featuring uncommon, abstract shapes.

Speak to your local Denver contractor today to find out whether at least some of fencing products mentioned here are available for you to purchase. Some manufacturers and contractors might even surprise you due to their ability to provide superior customized fencing products at a reasonable price.

How Expensive Is an Iron Fence?

ornamental iron fence Denver

Iron fences are preferred by many homeowners due to the fact that they are not only very resistant, but also good-looking. The price can range between 2500 and over 5000 dollars, depending on the exact type of fence.

The cost is influenced by the local cost of materials, labor and tools. Installation costs can be higher if they involve special structures, such as corners or more than just one level. Due to this fact, it is important to get more than just one offer, and therefore ask for estimations from the part of several different contractors.

Despite the fact that wrought iron can be quite pricey, it can last longer than other options, such as aluminum. The exact design highly influences the final cost of an iron fence.

An iron fence can come in several variations, including plain iron, ornamental or galvanized iron, and so on. Galvanized iron can be a very good idea, as you do not have to deal with rust, for instance.

ornamental iron fence Denver

Ornamental iron can be a very good option too. But the best thing is to never compromise style for functionality. In this respect, it is advisable that you hire a leading ornamental iron fence Denver contractor and follow his guidance, in order to get the best results possible.


What is the Best Type of Fence Material to Use in Colorado

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The best type of material to use in Colorado for your fence depends on a number of factors. The choice may vary depending on the type of property, namely whether it is for a personal, government or commercial property.

Wood fences can blend in perfectly with the country surroundings. Rail, zigzag, framed wire or wood pickets are among the most popular solutions for fences in this region.

ornamental iron fence Denver design

Ornamental iron makes a good choice if you want to stand out. According to ornamental iron fence Denver design specialists, ornamental fences can be adjusted to your modern tastes. It is a perfect solution for pool areas and requires little to no maintenance.

Vinyl and composite materials are also highly recommended in the Colorado region. These synthetic fences can be made of nylon, polypropylene or PVC. They are very popular because they look great and are quite easy to maintain. At the same time, they can come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, making it very easy to choose the best type of material for your fencing system.

Automatic gates, helical piles or boardwalks can be some other types of materials that work well for your Colorado fence. At any rate, you can consult with experts to guide you and help you choose from the best materials available.


What Types of Fencing is Best for Colorado

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For real privacy, the best thing to do is choose a fence with zero space between the fence boards. In case you can live with a bit less privacy, you can choose pickets that have a bit more space between the boards.

There are nice options to solve your privacy issues by building a semi-private fence. Apart from the distance between boards, you can also offer your privacy by building a high fence.

It is ultimately the style of your entire home that must determine the general aspect of your fence. You can choose between vertical boards and horizontal boards, for instance, depending on the style of your property. While vertical or horizontal boards look great on ranch-style homes, pickets are best for Victorian-style homes.

Chain link or picket fences are ideal in case you have kids and/or pets. Nevertheless, they may become less efficient as the kid or pet increases in size.

ornamental iron fence Denver

Another important aspect while making the best decisions for your Colorado fence is to make it as low-maintenance as possible. Vinyl fences are among the easiest to maintain, but they offer less privacy and curb appeal. Iron fences designed and installed by ornamental iron fence Denver craftsman can look amazing and last for a long time, but they may not offer much privacy.


The Main Reasons to Choose an Ornamental Fencing Design

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Are you looking to improve curb appeal or make your home more likely to get a good offer from a buyer? Choosing an ornamental fencing design might be right up your alley.

ornamental iron fence

Aside from the aforementioned reasons, however, there might be some additional reasons why you might want an ornamental fence, that you have yet to think of:

  • Ornamental designs will freshen up your house and make it look inviting. An ornamental fence is just the thing you need, if you want to warm up to your neighbors and feel at home in an area you just moved to.
  • Another reason why a lot of people prefer ornamental iron fence Denver artistic designs is the creative freedom it allows them to make their homes stand out. This can be used as a fashion statement, to gain recognition among your peers, or even to increase curb appeal and get a better offer when you decide to sell your home.
  • Finally, an ornamental fencing design can make you feel more at ease and relaxed around your own house. The fence can be made to look aesthetically pleasing from inside and outside your yard, so whenever you get home from a tiresome day at work, it will cheer you up.

Metal Fencing Options

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Back in the 19th century, metal fences were a symbol of the rich. Only they could afford the sophistication of decorated iron cast fences. Today, they are more common and available to mostly everyone.

Metal fencing options typically include aluminum, steel or cast iron. For those who want to build the fences themselves, the best choices are aluminum or light steel. Cast iron and solid steel require professional knowledge and skills.

The main advantage of metal fences is that they need very little maintenance, namely to be recoated with paint, in order to prevent the formation of rust.

If there is such thing as a homeowners’ association in your neighborhood, you may need to observer restrictions in terms of style, size or material.

ornamental iron fence Denver historic design

Wrought iron is the classic choice. An ornamental iron fence Denver historic design is recommended especially to those who live in the historic area of the city. This type of fence is usually weatherproofed by coating it with powder. But in order to keep it in good shape, you may need to re-paint it every two years.

Aluminum, on the other hand, does not rust and is lighter in weight. It can be easily bent, which makes it easy to work with. But if you want a metal fence that is almost impossible to damage, the best option is steel.