How Will Setting Up a New Fence Freshen Up Your Landscape?

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When you buy a new home, you might be thinking that even if everything is almost brand new, you need to make some improvements to freshen up the landscape and make it look trendier or more appealing. The idea of setting up a new fence fits perfectly here, as it would help you make your home and landscape look more desirable, and boost your security at the same time.

A fence is, of course, not just an installation meant to keep burglars from breaking into your home. Although that can be one of its main functions, a residential fence company can add curb appeal as well.

residential fence company

If your home has an old fence or if the current fence isn’t up to the standards of the paint you used when you renovated or the garden and landscaping elements added during the renovation process, setting up a new fence will not only be a good idea, but it might even be completely necessary.

A new fence will create a livelier contrast between your home and the surrounding environment, and it will present your property in a better light for your neighbors and visitors. Finally, with a brand new fence, you can create your very own, unique fashion statement that will add to the original appeal of your landscaping and home exterior, and complement its appearance to an ideal extent.

Choosing the Right Height for your Fence

residential fence company

Naturally, the first things that attract attention to a house are the fence and the entry gate. Thus, choosing the fence should be a well-calculated decision because, in addition to affecting the aspect of the house, it also interferes with the exterior space. Besides, once installed, a fence is likely to stay there for many years, even until the demolition of the house.

One of the frequent dilemmas refers to the height that a fence should have. The answer is not simple and depends primarily on the role of the fence.

residential fence company

If the main function of the fence is to delimit the private space from the public space, provide protection for children or animals, or simply enhance the appearance of the property, then the best choice may be a not very high fence, but which must be fully functional and visually matching the house. But if you are looking for intimacy, you will automatically need a higher fence. Although it will cover much of the facade of the house, a high fence must still be matched visually with it, by choosing, for example, a model with the same color as the roof. You also have to consider the local regulations before deciding on the height of your fence. You must find out what restrictions exist in your area and which is the maximum legal height of a fence. A well informed residential fence company can help you determine what fence will fit your objective, budget, and neighborhood covenants.

In some cases, the height of the fence is also a matter of style.

Why Fences Are A Great Home Investment

Residential fencing adds to curb appeal

Residential fencing adds to curb appeal

Investing into a new fence around your home is a great way to add value to your property through the aesthetic appeal, the comfort and the protection provided by your fence.

According to real estate experts, you might not be able to add the entire amount of the investment to the price you ask for your property when you want to sell it, but a home surrounded by an attractive, stylish and reliable fence will surely sell much faster and will attract much more serious buyers than a property delimited with warping, falling and damaged fencing.

New fencing installed by Metro Fence Company Inc is a great investment into the comfort of your household as well – you and your family will feel much better in your own home if the fence around it is attractive and able to offer you the privacy and the safety that you need. If you have young kids or pets that can run out to the street, your fence will play the role of keeping them safe, making your fence an essential tool for personal safety as well. A sturdy fence can also act as a deterrent for burglars and other intruders and will protect you from the curious eyes of the people passing by your property.

The Advantages of a Fenced-In Yard

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A fenced-in yard is an essential component of a safe, functional and attractive property – here are some of the major benefits of surrounding your property with a suitable fence:

  • Privacy – spending time in a fenced-in yard or garden is more pleasurable than spending time in a space that is open and allows anyone to peep in. Using the right type of fence will make sure that your outdoor space is yours indeed and you can use it the way you want to, without having to worry about being seen by strangers;chain link fence installed by a residential fence company
  • Safety – chain link fences installed by a residential fence company are great for keeping your kids as well as your pets on your property, keeping them safe from the traffic outside and from getting lost in the neighborhood. Your fence will also protect your property against intruders;
  • Noise reduction – a well-chosen fence can keep the noise of the street or of the road outside your perimeters;
  • Curb appeal – if you have a fence, it will be the first thing that your visitors and passers-by will observe when they look at your property, therefore you can use your fence to make a powerful statement about your style and to enhance the appearance of your property.

Reducing Noise with a Sound Barrier Fence

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Some types of fences can be used as sound barriers, by people who live in agglomerated areas, near loud highways or inside busy cities. Wearing earplugs in your own home or yard is not fun, so you should consider solutions for getting the peace and quiet you need on your property.

A sound barrier fence has a few distinct features: it is taller than other fence types and is made of materials that block unwanted noises. Typically, sound barrier fencer are at least 12 feet high, but the taller the better! However, before installing a sky high fence, check the local regulations, because there are limitations.

sound barrier residential fence company

When it comes to sound barrier residential fence company materials these fences are made from massive, solid substance. Possibilities include concrete, masonry, brick, stone, concrete blocks, rammed earth, red wood or steel sheets. You can also add more mass to an existing regular fence, by using overlapping sheets of mass-loaded vinyl.

Obviously, a sound barrier fence should not have any gaps or holes, otherwise noise will be able to find its way and the fence becomes almost useless. If you have enough space, you can also opt for an earth berm, which will reflect the noise upward.


How to Tell If Your Fence Is Disrupting the Wildlife

Are you looking to install a brand new fence? Maybe you want to decide if keeping the old one is a good idea or not. Regardless of the motive, you’ll find that learning how your fence might be disrupting the wildlife and plant life around it should be one of your main priorities:

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  1. The fence you own was built in an area ripe with vegetation, and is hindering the growth of trees, bushes and other plants. As a result, these ecosystems, which include the habitats of many animals and insects, will also be put to the test.
  2. Another sign that your fence is disrupting the wildlife around your home is the material it was made from. Some fences are made from organic materials and materials that are considered to be generally safe for the environment. Others, however, can break down under some conditions (such as being subjected to water or heat for a long time), and the compounds that they release into the environment as a result will definitely not be pleasant.
  3. Finally, some fences are tall and opaque, allowing no light to pass through them. This means some vegetation on either side of your fence might never gain access to sunlight, which could cause it to wither and die, also harming the animals that took shelter in or around it.

Knowing these facts is important, because they can help you better plan the fence you aim to install. Depending on your preference, an eco friendly residential fence company can help you chose what fence will be right for you, your budget, and your property.