Make Your Building Stand Out by Installing a Larger Gate

If you are looking for a way to add some stylish decoration to your building while also providing a degree of security, then installing a larger gate can be the perfect solution. A recommended residential fence company advises that compared to more traditional gates, larger models come with an array of benefits, allowing you to make your building stand out from the crowd.

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Security benefits

With a larger gate, you can fortify your building to a much higher degree, making it difficult for potential burglars to access the premises. Larger gates usually come with extra lock features, heavy material and integrate temperature-sensing technology to alert you if someone is trying to breach it. Not only are larger gates more durable, but they are also more visible, making any potential intruder think twice before attempting to enter your property.

Increased curb appeal

The size of the entrance gate plays a crucial role when it comes to the overall appearance of your building. Long gone are the days of dull, metal-barred gates, with entrance gates gaining more popularity amongst businesses. Installing a larger entrance gate will also provide a sense of grandeur to your building’s exterior, allowing it to stand out and making it more inviting for prospective clients and customers.

The finest materials

When selecting a larger gate, the quality of the materials you choose must be top-grade. Common materials for gates include steel, aluminum, iron and wood, each working to provide extra protection while making sure the gate remains durable enough to withstand any potential outside force. Additionally, there are various decorative features that will add more protection while also allowing you to customize the gate to perfectly match the look of your building.

Vinyl Fences and Adequate Landscaping Elements for Improved Privacy

The synergy between vinyl fences and thoughtful landscaping elements can cultivate a sanctuary of seclusion and tranquility. Read on for a few strategies from a vinyl residential fence company that may offer you an idea or two to consider next time you embark on such a project.

  • Lush greenery

Enhance the privacy of your vinyl fence with a curtain of lush greenery. Tall shrubs, evergreen trees, and climbing plants can soften the fence’s appearance while providing a natural barrier that safeguards your space from external views.

  • Decorative trellises

Integrate decorative trellises into your vinyl fence design. These structures support climbing plants, adding an aesthetic layer to the fence while enhancing privacy with a natural screen of foliage.

  • Strategic plant placement

Strategically position plants in proximity to the fence line. By selecting varieties that thrive in your climate, you can create a buffer that enhances privacy while contributing to the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space.

  • Vertical gardens

Vertical gardens offer a creative way to combine landscaping and privacy. Install planters or hanging baskets on the fence, cultivating vibrant blooms and cascading greenery that transforms the fence into a living, breathing partition.

  • Ornamental grasses

Incorporate ornamental grasses that add visual interest and create a natural screen that sways gracefully in the breeze. Their varied heights provide a multi-layered privacy solution.

  • Water features

Strategic placement of water features such as fountains, ponds, or waterfalls near your vinyl fence can create ambient sounds that mask conversations and add more privacy to your outdoor space.

Is Vinyl Fencing Difficult To Install? 

Many Americans are good at DIY work, especially home improvement tasks. It is a big part of what makes everyone home proud. But there are things best left to trained and licensed professionals.

One of these tasks is vinyl fencing installation. The question whether it is difficult or easy to install depends on the fence company professional you hire for the job. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Inadequate Installation Compromises Your Safety

A poorly installed fence will be quickly spotted by robbers and trespassers. Such lawless people have an eye for any weakness that would give them access to a property. Thus, if you don’t let a skilled contractor install your gate, you will never have peace of mind.

Can you really live with that thought?

  1. Poor Installation Will Damage the Fence

You may think – “I’ll try to install the vinyl fencing and if I don’t get it right I’ll call a contractor”. That is not a good idea, either. Poor installation may cause irreparable damage to the fence. The contractor won’t be able to help you, but indicate that you need to buy a new fence.

  1. You Could Get Hurt

Experienced residential fence company contractors use adequate tools, wear protective equipment and have experience in installing fences. On the other hand, you have none of these. Thus, you could injure yourself quite seriously and need expensive medical care.

Avoiding Home Improvement Projects That Are Not Suitable for Your Home

There is the idea that any type of home improvement project you can spend money on will help to increase your home value. Aggressive marketers operating in various areas of the real estate industry or promoting big city contractors might tell you that and encourage you to spend as much as you can. However, in most cases you’ll find that it’s extremely important to pay close attention to what you spend and why, as well as to consider carefully the trustworthiness of any contractor you hire.

The most common home improvements that have to be avoided are those that are simply unnecessary, or that have no bearing on the area where your home is located. For example, installing a cool roof in an area where annual temperatures are pretty low, or installing an expensive wooden fence when you can choose a more practical solution – like vinyl or iron fencing – is usually not a good idea.

To make better decisions regarding the home improvement projects you should choose, consider calling on your local contractors and experts, and asking them for advice. In most cases, you’ll find that they are extremely friendly and helpful, and that they can actively advise you on how to minimize your expenses, avoid unneeded renovations and choose the best projects to fortify your home and increase its overall value.

If you are interested in updating your home exterior and landscaping, talk to trusted residential fence company in Denver for quality materials and services.

Fresh Landscaping Ideas that Go Together Well with Your New Iron Fence

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Iron fencing has to be renewed when it becomes rusty, moldy or discolored. You can use chemical rust neutralizers or paint the fence with a rust-inhibiting primer to protect the iron from corrosion, moisture and rust formation. Moreover, you can repair broken fencing by carrying out a DIY project or hiring a residential fence company wrought iron restoration professional to do it for you. Lastly, you can even change the color of the fence to make it look fresher and well taken care of.

There are several landscaping ideas that go very well with a renewed or new iron fence. For example, using plants can change the appearance of the exterior and even add elegance to the fencing. In a landscape project, plants can provide texture and sophistication.

Other fresh landscaping ideas include: installing fence toppers to increase privacy and security, planting vines with flowers or climbers and adding customizable raised beds of flowers. Curved beds can provide a lot of flair while fence planting can help create a privacy hedge made of shrubs, tall plants with green foliage and long-blooming perennials. Other types of plants for fence line landscaping include: lilac, boxwood, clumping bamboo and climbing roses. There are over ten species of roses and they all look classy and timeless due to their high aesthetic appearance.

Finally, you can use fiberglass planters to make your new iron fence look as modern and as elegant as possible. All in all, there are many landscaping ideas that can enhance the appeal of iron fencing whether it is new or simply renewed with paint, primers and repairs.

Is a White Picket Fence Still a Good Idea for a Single Family House?

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The White Picket fence is a timeless fencing option. It is still a good idea for a single family house to be enclosed and adorned by this classic solution. Moreover, its eye-pleasing symmetry can enhance the curb appeal of any property. Striking or vibrant colors can be part of fleeting trends, but the white color will always be surprisingly relaxing.

Furthermore, this traditional option does not entail difficult choices regarding: automation type, gate material, method of opening and color options. The number of decisions is considerably diminished by simply choosing the White Picket fence. In addition, it can accommodate many styles and it is easy to upkeep. Its thick boards are also known to better withstand rain, sunrays, snow, wind, frost and vandals.

The White Picket fence can be six feet high and it can be designed to discourage climbers and protect lawn furniture. Building codes have to be checked in regard to height or placement, but, in most area, it is allowed to build the fence as high as possible.

However, the White Picket fence is not without its flaws because it attracts mold, algae and mildew if placed near sprinklers. In such cases, the only available solution is a refreshing new coat of painting for gates, fences and railings.

All in all, Metro Fence Company professionals ( affirm  that the White Picket fence has withstood the test of time and it is currently making a comeback among customers of all ages.

How to Wow Visitors by Improving the Appearance of Your Yard

If you own a store and you’re worried about curb appeal and making your commercial space presentable and welcoming to visitors, then it’s important to tend to your yard properly. The key is to make it as appealing as possible to people living in and around the neighborhood in accordance with their standards.

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Of course, some standards and trends are pretty much timeless, and you’ll find you will be fairly successful even if you just stick to them. So here are a few good tips from a local residential fence company to get you started:

  • One of the best ways to make your yard appealing is to plant a beautiful flower garden and hire a landscaper to make the entire area more presentable.
  • You might also consider additional elements such as a rock garden, unique signs to promote your business and some of your best products set on display for all visitors to see.
  • Set up some unique lights in the garden that can light up as soon as the sun sets.
  • If you have to put up a privacy fence, make sure you use wood fencing or some other type of ornate and aesthetically appealing fence. That way, visitors will be drawn more to the beauty of the fence, rather than to the idea that the area behind it is off limits.


How to Choose the Best Fence for Your Property

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Choosing the best residential fence company and fence material for your property can be a tough decision. That’s because you firstly need to consider the type of property you have and then establish what you want your fence to actually do. Is it more for aesthetics or for protection? Vinyl fencing is one of the most popular solutions for this problem because, besides its affordability, vinyl is a very versatile material. That means that you can use it both to protect your property against any threats and to improve the way it looks overall. This type of fencing system has come a long way since it was first developed, making it one of the most sought-after solutions.

Some may say that vinyl fencing is good only in certain situations because they think that vinyl isn’t really such a strong material. That’s where they are wrong. That’s because the fence isn’t just made out of a flimsy sheet of vinyl. There are thick panels of it mashed together, through a process called lamination, that create a very dense and strong material that can be used in any type of fencing. Also, because of the vinyl being so strong, it can withstand a lot of stress and even the elements without too much maintenance.

Is Gate Installation More Complicated Than Fence Installation?

If you are looking not only for a great residential or commercial fencing solution, but also for a gate to go with your fence, you might be wondering which one of the two procedures is more complicated.

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Here are some things to know:

  • Both processes will require some land work – your fence will need poles to stand on, which means that the installation of any fans requires at least a small amount of digging. Your gate will also require you to perform a little excavation, especially if the area where you are planning to install it is not perfectly level.
  • The type of your structures will determine the complexity – a residential fence company that installs gates affirms that some types of fences and gates are easier and more straight forward to install than others. For example, if you have a fence that combines two materials, such as masonry and metal or that features special design solutions, the installation process will probably be more challenging. The complexity of your gate is also a decisive factor, a simple gate consisting of just a door that opens manually is easier to install than an automatic gate equipped with lots of sensors and other features.
  • The option to take one step at a time – if the process of installing your fence along with your gate seems too daunting, you can take things easier, working on the fans first and taking the time to install the gate.


How to Choose the Best Material for Your New Fence

Getting a new fence for your property can be really exciting. But it is important to know how to choose the best material for your fencing system. You may find it hard to choose from the wide range of fence materials, which may include wood, metal, plastic, etc.

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A respected residential fence company offering exceptional services tells us that each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. Wood is generally considered one of the best-looking types of fencing, but it can come with a cost, as it can easily become the victim of humidity, insects, or other damaging conditions. But the good news is there are special types of wood such as cedar, which can be more resistant to insects. At the same time, you can definitely go for treated wood.

A plastic fence can be made of vinyl or composite. Although the early versions of vinyl were usually prone to yellowing, sagging or becoming brittle, thanks to technological advancements, vinyl fences can be a lot more resistant. And in order to clean it, you may only have to use a mild detergent and a water hose.

Metal fences, such as iron fencing, can be extremely durable and solid. Although metal fences offer less in terms of privacy, they are excellent for keeping kids and pets safely inside.