How to Protect Your Residential Fence from Summer Heat

Thornton fence company pros suggest powerwashing maintenance

Residential fences are an important part of your property, and protecting them from outside elements is quintessential to the longevity and safety of your home.

The summer sun can deteriorate mostly any type of fence, but especially wood fences. In order to make sure that your fence is safe and sound in summer, you probably may need to take measures in the previous seasons, starting from the fall and winter of the previous year. Thus, you may need to replace any rotten pickets or rusty hinges, before they get more deteriorated and cause more severe problems to your residential property.

Thornton fence company pros suggest power washing maintenance

Cleaning away any kind of debris or vegetation is also of paramount importance for keeping your residential fence in a good shape. Before preparing for sun proofing procedures, quality Thornton fence company contractors confirm that it is very important to clean your fence properly.  A  pressure washer does an excellent job cleaning and removing chipped paint.

Painting or staining your wooden fence with UV-resistant covering is the next thing to do in order to have a safe and sound fence all throughout the hot summer days.

You can use a brush or a sprayer, depending on the type of product that you are using and on the instructions that are typically printed on the product’s package.

Why Do I Actually Need to Prime My Fence Before Painting?

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If you really wanted to get a fence that adds that appealing flare to your home’s landscape, and would also last longer, before painting your fence, you must first give it a coat of primer as an additional protective barrier that will seal the material you’ve used. This will protect your fence from a wide range of problems such as mildew growth, bug invasion and rotting in the case of wood fences, as well as rusting for metal fences.

Before applying any paint to your fence, whether it is made of wood or metal, make sure that everything is completely clean and dry. Just like your paint, Thornton fence company experts say, it is necessary that you use the highest quality primer you can lay your hands on. In many cases, a second coat of primer is necessary to add durability and protection to your fence. Just make sure that you give the first layer of primer plenty of time to dry before you apply the second coat.

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In the case of wooden fences, find out the type of wood that you are going to use. Red species of wood, such as cedar or cedar or Douglas fir wood, would require an alkyd-based or oil-based primer. This type of primer prevents the red particles in the wood from bleeding into the final coat of paint which can result in or muddled coloring. You may use acrylic latex or oil primer for any other types of wood.

Make sure that you cover the surface in its entirety and allow it to completely dry before applying any paint. This will give your fence painting the best result.

The Most Important Things to Consider Before Buying Commercial Fencing

commercial Thornton fence company

commercial Thornton fence company

When you buy commercial fencing in Thornton, it’s very important to keep track of what you’re buying and make sure that it has the three advantages that every well-designed fence should have: resilience, desired privacy and aesthetics. Of course, one can also argue that safety is a part of it, but the level of privacy and overall resilience of your new fence will be the main factors that actually dictate how safe you’ll be from prying eyes and from potential burglars.

As you decide on buying a fence, you have to make sure that it’s tall and resilient. Its size and thickness will ensure that no one can climb over it easily or break through it. Moreover, if it’s durable as well as resilient, your fence will basically withstand anything.

A private fence is usually a good idea in areas where people walk around a lot – like if you live in the big city – and tend to peer into your site. You’ll want to avoid that and make sure that you and your business are protected from unwanted attention.

Finally, consider the price, the aesthetics and the ease of Thornton fence company installation/manufacturing. The latter can dictate the price as well as the time required for installing your fence and whether or not there could be any complications. For a smooth experience, make sure you hire a local Thornton contractor and ask them about the types of fencing that are easiest to install, and provide the best security.

Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Thornton fence company vinyl material

We are going through a period when the practical sense is more pronounced than ever. We are looking for solutions that respond to our immediate needs, at low costs and without compromising on aesthetics when it comes to elements that define our homes.

That said, we will present you some information on vinyl fences, which represents one of the most modern and most efficient fencing solutions.

Thornton fence company vinyl material

If you are not familiar with fencing materials, the word vinyl may not be particularly appealing to you. However, you should know that it is the most popular Thornton fence company materials these days – and for good reasons!

If you are looking for a fencing solution that is durable and low-maintenance, a vinyl fence would be a great addition to your yard. If you worry about its appearance, don’t. This type of fencing comes in different designs, from picket fences, ornamental fences, to privacy and post-and-rail fences. They are typically available in white and tan, which suits most applications.

Another advantage of these fences is their neat appearance that will not change in time, considering that vinyl is not affected by weather, temperature variations, rot or pest attacks. This is precisely why most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties.

Vinyl fences provide you with confidence, comfort and they are affordable and versatile.

Exploring the Most Significant Benefits of Affordable Privacy Fencing Projects

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Privacy fencing is a great idea when you want to have fun with your friends and loved ones and you’d prefer not to have any prying eyes making you feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many privacy fencing options can be quite expensive, so most people give up on them before they even explore all their options. With affordable privacy fencing options, you don’t have to deal with that problem at all.

You’ll find that many times the solutions listed on a contractor’s website or those they tell you about upfront when you call them are not the only ones they have to offer. In most cases, Thornton fence company pros can also provide you with a more affordable solution, such as low-cost fencing materials and simpler projects that don’t take so much time and energy to complete.

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The benefits behind these types of fencing projects are usually very clear: you get a fair quality fence for a price you can afford, and you don’t have to worry about anyone peering into your back yard to see what you’re up to. Moreover, most of the materials used are recycled, so you’ll get your privacy fence while also helping the environment.

Affordable privacy fencing might not be as flashy or intriguing as some of the more expensive options available, but it will get the job done, and it might even take less time than you expected.

Top Materials for Security Fencing

Thornton fecnce company security fencing

Security fencing is a type of structure used for the delimitation of a property that serves mainly practical purposes, such as privacy and the protection of the premises from intruders, the aesthetic role being of secondary importance. The materials used for building security fences need to be strong, durable and resistant to the elements – here are Thornton fence company top choices:

  • Timber fencing – these fences combine strong wood with even stronger steel frames and posts for enhanced durability. Timber fences can be styled to block the view from the exterior completely and their height can be customized to the requirements of the premises;
  • Metal fencing – metal is a strong and versatile material that is used for manufacturing various types of fences. The list of the types of Thornton fence company metal fences used for security is long, the most common being palisade fencing consisting of poles joined by metal connecting elements and used for building tall fences that form very durable defensive structures and apex railings with pegs that are not only durable, but also attractive;

Thornton fecnce company security fencing

  • Mesh fencing – fencing made from metal mesh is a great, economical solution that provides maximum security. There are lots of options when it comes to the density and the style of the mesh, allowing the owner of the propriety to choose the option that works best for the specific requirements of the propriety.

Common Fence Repairs

Thornton fence company repair

The fence is an important structure on your property, providing privacy, containment and enhancing the curb appeal. Useless to say that the fence must be maintained in the best possible shape to preserve its efficiency… However, a fence is exposed to the elements, thus owners will likely encounter fence-related issues now and then, which are specific to the fence material, but they may also have to do with the age and overall condition of the fence.

Thornton fence company repair

Wood fences are expected to last between 5 years (spruce) and 30 years (cedar); vinyl fences last 20-30 years and most chain-link fences will last about 15-20 years.

Some Thornton fence company common repairs in these types of fences include fixing leaning fences, damaged posts and fallen panels or boards.

To make the necessary repairs, you must first survey your fence and identify what is causing the problem. It is not so difficult to return the posts to their original position, but sometimes you may need the help of a landscaper or drainage professional to address soil issues. Replacing loose and damaged boards or panels is also easy enough and the main challenge is to find or create pieces to match your fence.

Deciding When it’s Time for a New Fence

Thornton fence company repair

A new fence is a great addition to a property, considering the provided advantages: increased protection and security, as well as enhanced visual aspect. However, a new fence also represent a big investment, especially if we are talking about a fence made in expensive materials, so it is important to know when it is time for a  new fence and start planning early.

Basically, you will need a new fence when the existing one is too old and deteriorated to be repaired anymore. Actually, you can always opt for repairs, but they will not be feasible if the fence is too damaged or if it was not installed properly in the first place. A honest Thornton fence company can look at you current fence and give you a good idea if you need new or a simple repair will do.

Thornton fence company repair

Some people also choose to install a new fence for aesthetic reasons (they want to replace a wood fence with one made in wrought iron that matches their newly remodeled property), as well as for safety and privacy reasons. Maybe they have a white picket fence and want to replace it with a decorative wrought iron fence, or maybe they need more privacy and prefer replacing a low fence with a higher one, made from masonry or other compact materials that keep away indiscreet eyes.

Some Popular Ideas in Residential Fences

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When it comes to residential properties, fences are used to provide privacy, security and a decorative aspect. Not all fences manage to provide all these three functions though. It may seem easy to choose a fence, but in reality, the variety of the available options can be confusing.

There are some popular trends in Thornton fence company residential fencing: mixed models – that is fences created from more than one materials and with a modern design that often goes beyond tradition.

Thornton fence company
  • Horizontal slats

This fence is typically made of steel and concrete, wood and concrete, wood and steel etc.

Vertical timber fence

This fence is rustic, unique and imposing. It keeps outsiders out without hiding your front yard.

  • Brick and metal fence

If you have an existing brick fence, you can upgrade it by replacing sections of it with trendy metal slats.  This interchange is surprising and aesthetically pleasing, while it also provides the protection you need.

  • Decorative wrought iron fence

Wrought iron is a very beautiful fencing material – an ornament in itself. Due to their aspect and properties, these fences will always be popular.

  • Modern Gabion Wall

Gabion walls exist since middle age, being a very toughest fence idea. Nowadays, the rough  wall is updated  with stones creating very interesting patterns.

Checking Your Neighborhood’s Fencing Regulations – A Highly Necessary Action to Consider

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According to Thornton fence company professionals, building and fencing regulations are extremely important to uphold in some areas, not only for legal purposes, but also to prevent a lot of the problems that could come up during the fence installation process.

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Installing a new fence, for example, will require you to know the landscape and have a fair idea of the types of fences you might or might not be allowed to install on your property. Thornton fence company professionals may be able to help you obtain the info you need to make the right decisions. Also, regulations are in place to keep homeowners from digging into utility lines and damaging them. If you don’t call 811 to bring in the experts who can help you find the various pipes and wires that run underground then it will be very difficult to install your new fence, especially if you want to choose another location for it.

Finally, the legal issues you might run into will escalate pretty quickly if you don’t find and follow your neighborhood’s fencing regulations as well as the building regulations that are in place for your city and area. An angry neighbor might end up knocking at your door some day, since your fence was installed partially on their property. Following the rules will effectively prevent such mix ups and ensure that you’ll truly have nothing to worry about.