Styling Your Property – How to Make Your Fence and Landscape Work Together

Thornton fencing

Thornton fencing

There are many reasons why you need to have a fence installed around your property. No matter if it is a residential or a commercial fencing, it has to fulfill several important purposes, such as protecting your house or building from the outside elements, but also from unwanted persons such as burglars, or simply people who represent a threat to your privacy.

Before installing Thornton fencing, you need to determine what exactly you need it for. You may need it for keeping your dog inside your yard, to prevent your young children from going out in to the street, or for other safety-related issues.

Another important detail is to make your fence and landscape work together to create a pleasant appearance, both for you, your neighbors, and the people who visit you. Moreover, you need to make sure your fence is faced the right way. Thus, the finished, smooth side of the fence should face your neighbor. This can make your property look better, while also ensuring a good relationship with your neighbors.

Wooden Thornton fencing can be a beautiful-looking option, but it requires a little more maintenance. So if you do not have much time to invest in maintaining your fence, you can certainly go for vinyl.

Thornton Lawn Maintenance Tips for Your Business Location

Thornton fencing

Thornton fencing

Landscaping and yard maintenance can be extremely important when you want to keep your business location as tidy as possible. The main idea is that you will definitely be looking to improve the curb appeal and first impression that your business has to offer whenever someone important comes to visit – or even just for your everyday customers. So consider the following tips to get through your Thornton lawn maintenance tips as easily as possible:

  1. Look up the most important tasks that you can do to spruce up your garden and yard. For a business that can include installing sprinklers, planting fresh sod or getting rid of old tree stumps to make the area look great. Write all that down as part of your main checklist.
  2. Hire a landscaping expert. It’s always best to hire an expert to go through your gardening and landscaping checklist. They will be able to advise you on what the best practices are and how you should go about getting them done.
  3. Evaluate your budget. Some maintenance activities are simple and easy to put into practice, but others – like buying new lawn mowers, planting a large garden or setting up a rock garden – can be more expensive and difficult. You’ll need the help of your lawn maintenance, gardening, landscaping and possibly even commercial Thornton fencing experts to evaluate all the details and make sure you can greatly enhance the appearance of your business location.

What Are the Main Challenges in Maintaining Wooden Fences?

Thornton fencing

Thornton fencing

Fences are important for keeping your property safe, while also keeping your pets and children inside your yard. Although most people certainly are putting a lot of efforts into maintaining the good state of their fences, chances are these will need to be fixed at least once during their lifetime.

Of course, the exact durability of your wooden fence depends on the exact type of wood. Thus, cedar is the longest-lasting type of wood, with over 30 years of durability. Spruce and pine are some other good examples of wood which is typically employed for Thornton fencing systems.

Among the most frequent challenges in maintaining wooden fences is the windy climate, or high winds. Some other causes for damaged fences include leaning posts, poor or adverse soil conditions, impact deteriorations, and so on. Always rely on wooden Thornton fencing expert builders to ensure quality installation and maintenance.

One of the most commonly-encountered installation problems comes from the fact that the poles are not installed deep enough in the ground. Wooden posts have to be about three feet deep. At the same time, during the post installations, you should make sure you are not damaging the utility lines.

Wooden fences can also get stained or affected by mildew. Therefore, a wooden fence should be properly cleaned and treated with special solutions.

Important Fencing Concerns: Why Consider a Fence Made from Cedar?

Thornton fencing

Thornton fencing

Anyone who needs a new fence can benefit a great deal from purchasing a cedar fence. Unlike other materials, and also unlike most types of wood, cedar can last for quite a long time, and it’s also able to hold out against bad weather conditions. Whether you live in a warmer area or in a place where temperature drops happen frequently and you need a fence that can withstand the freezing weather, cedar Thornton fencing is one of your best possible choices by far.

Cedar is one of the most versatile, beautiful and resilient types of wood you can consider for a new home. If you want a  fence that will look great even without any paint on it, and if you’re interested in a material that’s relatively affordable, but also long lasting and durable, then consider using cedar Thornton fencing for your new fence.

Cedar Thornton fencing can be installed quickly, and it can last for many decades even without any special coating or protection. In fact, cedar is one of the only types of wood that can be installed successfully without the need for coating or even paint. Despite this fact, it will not easily succumb to pests or water damage, and it will not require frequent repairs either.

What is the Upside of Using Bamboo for a Fence?

Thornton fencing

In case you want a privacy fence for your home, but are not sure you are willing to put your money in the sometimes expensive wooden fence, you can opt out for a bamboo fence. Apart from being affordable, a bamboo fence is also ecological and can be installed easily around your property.

Because it is easy to work with and install, a bamboo fence can be a DIY project. The final costs depend on the exact color of your bamboo, as well as on the amount you need for your area.

Thornton fencing

Bamboo is not a wood, but a type of grass. Due to this fact, it grows quite rapidly. This makes it a very environmentally-friendly building material.

The fact that it can come in various colors and shapes is another great advantage of this popular material. You can either choose a natural bamboo, a dark black or a rich honey color. At the same time, you can choose whether you want whole bamboo poles, or split bamboo. Because the tall bamboo poles are placed closely together, they offer good privacy, thus blocking the view of passers-by or neighbors.

These are a few of the reasons why bamboo Thornton fencing  can be an excellent idea.

Why do Construction Companies Use Security Fencing?

Thornton fencing

Construction companies use security fencing for some very important reasons. One example would be to prevent the public from accidentally entering the site and face risk of injuries or other undesirable incidents. In other words, most people would not intentionally trespass a construction site, but they might end up there by mistake while being on a hurry to get somewhere. If there is no fence, people may be tempted to use that area to take a short cut towards where they need to arrive.

Thornton fencing

Another very good reason why construction companies have to use security fencing is to avoid any theft attempts.  Thornton fencing experts – here – affirm that because a construction site usually has good quality equipment, tools and construction materials, the lack of a security gate and fence may cause malevolent persons to try their luck.

The legal cover aspects are some other reasons for which construction companies build fences around their sites. No matter why people choose to enter a construction site, if there is no fence to protect it, it is the construction company that is held responsible for any accidents or injuries.

Another reason why it is good to have a fence around your construction site is to create a better work environment. Onlookers may slow down the working process, as workers would have to worry about people getting injured, and so on.

Modern Trends in Fence Styles

Thornton fencing

One good thing to know about the latest trends in terms of fence styles is the fact that darker colors have become highly fashionable. Thus, in case you want to keep up with the latest styles for your fencing system, you can choose colors such as dark or navy blue, black, dark grey or dark green. The great advantage of choosing such colors is that they can make other elements stand out, and thus you can create a very attractive overall appearance for your home or commercial building.

Smooth lines and geometric shapes are yet another trend in modern fence styles. In other words, Art Deco is back in fashion. Such features can be added to metal gates or fences.

Thornton fencing

Finding new solutions for more privacy and intimacy are also highly popular these days. Thus, we can speak of elements such as living walls, trellis or louvers. Multi-functional fences are another hugely popular option. Thus,  popular Thornton fencing and landscape designers suggest modern-day fences that incorporate lighting, plants, or other unique features to add a latest-trend appearance to mostly any home.

Vinyl fences can look great with low voltage lighting systems, which are very easy to install on these versatile structures.

At any rate, mixing and matching several different styles is yet another modern tendency for fences, and not only.

Do Invisible Fences Work?

Thornton fencing

Invisible fences are created to prevent dogs from disturbing your neighbors. At the same time, confined dogs are less likely to become victims of car accidents or have violent interactions with other dogs. Also, they have less exposure to contagious illnesses and less likely to become the target for pet thieves.

Invisible fences are more affordable and relatively easy to install and can work on mostly any type of terrain, not only on smooth areas.

From the aesthetic point of view, invisible fences are also very efficient, in the sense that they do not block scenic areas in any way.

This type of fences can be installed much faster than the classic versions of fences we are all familiar with. Another major pro for this type of fencing system is that intruders can get intimidated by the presence of a dog in the yard, not knowing that the dog is actually prevented from reaching them by an invisible fence.

In order for invisible fences to work, you obviously need to train your dog for them. The dog needs to acknowledge the presence of flags and of the fence. Fencing companies can offer training services to help homeowners and their dogs get used to this type of product. Learn more about the benefits of different fencing products by consulting with trustworthy Thornton fencing contractors.

Thornton fencing

Check for Underground Wires Before You Dig Your Fence Holes

Thornton fencing pros check for buried cables before digging

Digging fence holes in your yard needs to be done with certain precautions, namely avoiding underground wires. Otherwise you can do more harm than good, damaging certain systems in your home and putting your safety at risk.

Some utilities are marked, whereas others are not. At any rate, electrical service wires, internet wires, cable TV, telephone service wires and natural gas supply pipes are usually marked. However, lawn irrigation systems, security systems, landscape lighting systems and underground cables running to pools are typically not marked. The question is: can you find the unmarked underground wires by yourself?

Thornton fencing pros check for buried cables before digging

You should definitely be able to do that. However, it is more than recommended to check with your local utility provider, just to be sure. The thing is, when a property is sold to another person, the exact location of utility lines is rarely communicated to the new owner of this property. Responsible Thornton fencing companies will engage local utility providers to mark underground cable paths prior to fence and gate installation.

The depth requirements for underground wires may vary a lot, depending on the exact climate of the area you are located in. Thus, in areas with colder winters, the recommended depth is below the frost line, whereas in warmer climates, the wires may be buried at a shallower depth. So it is always best to get informed before starting to dig your fence holes.

Is it Better to Replace a Fence in the Summer Compared to Fall

Thornton fencing

In fact, it is better to replace a fence in the fall, for a number of reasons. First of all, the weather tends to be cooler and milder, making the job easier and faster.

Because busy Thornton fencing contractors usually have less work to do in the fall than in spring and summer, costs may also be much lower during the cooler season. At the same time, there are many discounts on materials and not only. It is highly recommended to ask your contractors about any potential discounts on replacing your fence.

Thornton fencing

In case you have a lovely garden or other such elements in your yard, fall is again the perfect choice for installing a new fence. You can rearrange your landscape when the next spring arrives.

Replacing your fence in the fall provides you with safety during the cold season. Thus, you can let your children and pets play safely in the yard, without having to worry about a deteriorated fence and the fact that they could escape outside and get injured.

At the same time, having a new fence in the fall is a great way to prepare for the Holiday season that is approaching during that time of the year.