Is it Better to Replace a Fence in the Summer Compared to Fall

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In fact, it is better to replace a fence in the fall, for a number of reasons. First of all, the weather tends to be cooler and milder, making the job easier and faster.

Because busy Thornton fencing contractors usually have less work to do in the fall than in spring and summer, costs may also be much lower during the cooler season. At the same time, there are many discounts on materials and not only. It is highly recommended to ask your contractors about any potential discounts on replacing your fence.

Thornton fencing

In case you have a lovely garden or other such elements in your yard, fall is again the perfect choice for installing a new fence. You can rearrange your landscape when the next spring arrives.

Replacing your fence in the fall provides you with safety during the cold season. Thus, you can let your children and pets play safely in the yard, without having to worry about a deteriorated fence and the fact that they could escape outside and get injured.

At the same time, having a new fence in the fall is a great way to prepare for the Holiday season that is approaching during that time of the year.

What Is The Best Fence For Dogs Based on Their Specific Breeds?

Thornton fencing protects your dogs

Having a fence comes in handy for most pet lovers. Fences keep our canine family members contained and secure. There are many types of fences on the market for pets, but not all are appropriate for certain dog breeds, so let’s take a look at some ideas on finding the best fence for dogs.

Thornton fencing protects your dogs

Chain link fences are great for containing large breeds such as Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Irish wolfhounds. However, a chain link fence is less attractive on landscape yards and may be considered overkill for smaller dog breeds.

Poly or plastic dog fences may be a great idea for smaller dogs. These types of fences could sustain the strength of our tinier canine friends and are typically considered to be a good choice for anyone owning a Pomeranian, chihuahua, pug, toy poodle and many other small dogs. Poly or plastic dog fences are also easy to install, lightweight and beautifully designed.

Metal dog fences are appropriate for medium to large dog breeds. Most metal dog fences feature added PVC for protection against chew marks. This type of Thornton fencing is dig-proof and can assuredly prevent your pets from escaping. Dogs that are appropriate for a metal dog fence include the golden retriever, border collie, Labrador retriever, sheepdog and other medium-sized dogs.

Tips to Help You Landscape Along Your Fence Line

landscaping Thornton fencing

landscaping Thornton fencing

Landscaping can be a beautiful DIY activity that will be extremely rewarding in the long run, if done right. The following tips for landscaping along your Thornton fence line will help you not only make your landscaping more appealing, but also protect your fence from long term damage:

  • First, it’s important to know the type of fence you have and whether or not plants and water will affect it. A wooden fence can be affected easily by frequent watering, so you’ll have to either keep your plants farther away from it, or repaint and re-coat your fence as frequently as possible to avoid the coating coming off and the fence being attacked by rot and pests.
  • If you have chain link Thornton fencing, it’s important to clear your fence line of any types of plants, weeds or small trees. As they grow, they can get entangled in the chain link and they could even damage it over time.
  • In many cases, you can add trees and vines along the fence to make it look quite beautiful. The vines can climb up as they grow and set a wonderful landscaping scene that all your visitors will admire.
  • You can also consider adding planter boxes and various types of decorations that will spruce up the appearance of Thornton fencing as well as discouraging pets and children from playing too much around your fence.

Durable Fencing Options for You to Consider

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A durable fence is one of the most important things that a property must have. In order to obtain it, there are several materials that can be used.

The first one is steel. Due to its carbon and iron combination, steel is very strong and resistant to outside conditions such as wind, rain, etc. Since it tends to rust, steel needs a protective coating, namely that of zinc. This type of steel is called galvanized steel and is very popular on the fencing market. Apart from having a very long life, steel is easy to maintain and, if used in proper designs, can look wonderful.

Aluminum fences are a lighter option, while also being anti-corrosive and very durable. At the same time, it is low-maintenance and can preserve its beauty for quite a long time. These fences are environmentally-friendly and quite affordable.

Thornton fencing materials

Masonry fences are yet another amazing solution for a durable fence. It can use stucco travertine, limestone, granite, tiles, bricks or blocks and can add a lot to the charm of your house.

Wrought iron fences can be passed on the future generations. In addition to its many other qualities, it has a timeless elegance that makes it a top choice in terms of durable fencing options.

Check with experienced Thornton fencing pros to consider what fencing materials and cost fit with you home and budget.

Guide to Finding Expert Fence Installation Services

Thornton fencing installation

The complexity of a fence installation project depends on the type and size of the fence, but the best thing is to hire an expert to do it for you. This is the only way to receive warranties for the products and workmanship. Your main concern should be finding the right fencing contractor who can provide quality and safety at the price that is right for you.

Thornton fencing installation

Finding expert Thornton fencing installation services means using different resources (online, Yellow Pages, local media, friends and coworkers etc.) to make a list of contractors in your area. From this point, you must continue narrowing down your list by evaluating these specialists according to a few relevant criteria.

  • Get free written estimates and compare them
  • Verify fencers’ credentials and license
  • Ask about warranties and insurance
  • Ask if the fence company you evaluate works with subcontractors
  • Installing a fence requires some necessary permits as well as marking underground utilities. Make sure the company is committed to get these permits instead of asking you to do this job.
  • It is not a bad idea to take a look at the company`s a portfolio and ask for references.
  • Contact past clients and see what they have to say about collaborating with the company you plan on hiring for your fencing project.
  • Check the fencer with the BBB.

What Is Crash Barrier Fencing and Why Do You Need it for Your Business?

crash barrier Thornton fencing

Crash barrier fencing involves the erection of highly resilient metallic or concrete barriers and fences meant to keep vehicles from crashing into fields, buildings and sensitive areas where they can do a lot of damage. Whether you own a large outdoor facility or a building that has a lot of sensitive and expensive equipment, having a crash barrier can help a lot when it comes to protecting your assets.

crash barrier Thornton fencing

Commercial and industrial areas usually feature crash barriers in remote places, where serpentine roads can lead to bad car crashes. As a result, whether you just built or bought a new factory or commercial complex, it’s important to talk to a crash barrier Thornton fencing contractor about getting crash barrier fencing in key areas of your property, to protect it from any accidents.

The great thing about crash barrier fencing is that it can also minimize the damage to the vehicle that crashes into them. Designed to absorb impact forces and ensure that the drivers and passengers inside the vehicle have the best chance to escape alive and without major injuries, crash barrier fences might even help you save lives, if they are properly designed. So talk to your Thornton fencing contractor today, and consider the installation of some of the best quality crash barrier fencing that you can afford to get.

Can You Really Boost Your Curb Appeal with a New Fence?

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Thornton fencing experts can tell you that installing a new fence can be a great idea if you want to boost your curb appeal and make your home look more desirable. This is especially a good initiative, if you plan on selling your home and you want to get more money for it.

Even if a new fence isn’t such a huge investment, the impact it can have on your home’s curb appeal can be genuinely high. Remember that the fence is the first thing that potential buyers will see, aside from the view of the exterior of your home as seen from outside the premises of your property. As they enter the gate, they will also be able to see how well the fence lines up with your landscaping and garden, as well as the parts of your house that they couldn’t initially see.

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Your fence also has the role of upholding your privacy and making sure that anyone who lives or walks on your property can be protected from prying eyes. Any client who is serious about buying your home will look at this aspect and consider it carefully. As a result, installing a well-chosen new fence can truly have a powerful impact on your curb appeal and ensure that your home sells at an excellent price.

Best Fence Colors for your Home Exterior

Thornton fencing

Thornton fencing

If you think about changing the aspect of your garden, start with the details that can surprise, such as painting Thornton fencing in a color matching other exterior elements (the roof, the façade etc.), or opt for an unexpected color.


For those who prefer a traditional and rather natural aspect, the green fence is the easiest to fit into the landscape, without turning the attention from the beautiful foliages and flowers you may have in the garden. If you want to break monotony, you can use different shades of green


Came out from classical movies, white fence creates a fresh and comfortable setting.


Opt a shade of orange close to the wood color if you have a wooden fence. In addition, you can match it with outdoor furniture made of the same material, as well as with orange decorations, such as cushions and blankets.


Depending on your preferences, you can either choose a blue to highlight the fence and give a strong personality to the entire garden, or go on a lighter shade, assorted with pool water.


A fence painted in red has a tremendous effect in a garden full of vivid colors.


Dying the fence in many colors is a great and original idea especially if you have a traditional house, in neutral shades. You can go on joining two or more colors, depending on your preference and the message you want to transmit can range from electrifying to relaxing.

Why Fences Are Good for Local Businesses

install Thornton fencing to improve security

Any Thornton business, whether small or large, needs some sort of fencing to delimit its property and to create a welcoming entrance area for guests and clients. Here is how local businesses, whatever their profile or core activity, can benefit from having fences:

  • Aesthetic aspects – the right fence can contribute to the integrated appearance of your business premises. If your business building faces the street, you can install a welcoming low fence to delimit your entrance area and you can use taller fences to conceal the areas that you want to display, such as your yard or your warehouse;
  • Delimitation on the premises – fences can be used not only to mark the limit between your business property and public areas, but within your premises as well, to control the access of your own team members in specific areas;

install Thornton fencing to improve security

  • Security – keeping intruders away from your premises is probably the most important role that fences fulfill. Before designing security Thornton fencing, perform a detailed assessment of the security needs of your business and decide about the material to use, the length and the height of the fence with those requirements in mind. To make the most of your business fence, determine whether you need extra security measures, such as surveillance cameras or special, sensor-controlled lighting on the fence.