What Is Needed To Put In A Motorized Gate

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Automatic or motorized gates are used for ensuring extra security for a certain property, most often a commercial one. They give access to the interior of a manufacturing plant or a facility. At the same time, motorized gates can be used at the entrance of a garage. This is primarily to differentiate the parking areas of employees from those which are accessible to the main public.

A motorized gate has two main components, namely a gate and a gate operator. Most of the gates in commercial areas are made of chain link or ornamental iron. Their design needs to match with the fencing system to which they are attached. Automatic gates installed by Thornton gate contractors also contain gate operators. Such gate operators can be hydraulic, gear-driven or chain driven.

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The most commonly used motorized Thornton gate includes: swing gate, slide gate, cantilever gate, vertical lift gate, bi-folding gate, and so on.

A slide gate uses rollers which move along the ground. In fact, the rollers ride along a metal track which has been installed along the gate opening.

Swing gates are very similar to doors. They are hinged at one side and can be opened and closed. There needs to be enough space between the vehicles and the gates.

How to Know What Type of Gate to Buy

Thornton gate company offers many gate options

Garden gates and driveway gates are among the most popular choices. However, Thornton gate company experts assert that there are a wide variety of gates available, depending on your exact needs, tastes, and on the functionality-related aspects.

Thornton gate company offers many gate options

Safety gates are usually installed in order to block an entry to a building. In case you intend to buy a driveway gate, you need to make sure it is easy to install and to use. A driveway gate should complete the fence or walls that it is related to.

Driveway gates can either be opened manually, or automatically, from a central building or through a wireless signal which is included in a special device. Whereas electronic gates offer more safety, manual gates are more accessible to children.

Deciding on the exact type of material for your gate is yet another important thing to do before knowing which gate to buy. Wooden gates can have a unique design and can offer more privacy.

Steel gates obviously last for a long time. Steel is cost-efficient and can offer a large variety of designs to choose from.

Protecting your gate is another important aspect to consider. Thus, wooden gates should be treated with special solutions in order to prolong their lifespan.

How to Prepare for Replacing your Fence

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The very first thing you should do is check the local council maps and check your boundaries. Otherwise, you may have to deal with unpleasant situations in the future. In case you are not absolutely sure you can solve things on your own, there is the option of hiring a Thornton gate and fence company.

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Consulting with your neighbors can come a long way, and is most often highly appreciated. In case you have a shared fence with your neighbors, this may imply that your fence requires a certain size and design, based on their previously established options.

Choosing the right type of material for replacing your fence is another major aspect of the whole process. Thus, you may need to choose between aluminum and wood. Also, bear in mind that different neighbors may have different tastes and opinions, so if your fence is shared with at least two neighbors, it is best to discuss things before starting the replacement. At this point, you should also remember that different materials can also differ in terms of price.

Another essential detail you need to check is the utility installations. These include sewage lines and water pipes. Again, professionals can guide you into this process, by making the necessary inspections before starting their work.


The Advantage of Living in a Gated Community – What You Need to Know

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Living in a gated community is something not many people tend to consider. Aside from being an unusual concept, it gives most people the idea that they are hidden away from the world and made to live in obscurity, almost as hermits. The truth is far from that depiction.

Unlike what most people believe, living in a gated community can be an amazing experience. If you research the type of community you’re going to join, you get to enjoy living in a community with people of like mind, who share some of the same interests, and have similar ideas about privacy, safety and sharing common resources and amenities. Getting the best Thornton gate installed at entrances for extra privacy and safety is key.

Thornton gated communities

One of the key benefits of a gated community is safety. If you want your belongings to be safe, and you don’t want to be bothered by outside intruders and undesirables, then a gated community is the best place to live low key and still enjoy your life – while possibly also avoiding being the victim of a crime or burglary.

Finally, the great thing about most gated communities is that, once you get settled in, you can talk to your neighbors and decide on the best ways to maintain a balance between privacy and outside engagement. Instead of feeling like your neighbors are against you, you’ll actually feel supported and you’ll have people who will back you up when something goes wrong.

Benefits of Installing an Automatic Gate

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A safety gate for your property can guarantee the tranquility of your entire family. And in this respect, an automatic gate is probably the best idea available nowadays.

An automatic gate restricts the access to your property, not allowing anyone without your permission. This obviously boosts the safety of your home with all your belongings.

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At the same time, an automatic Thornton gate offers luxury and the safety of gaining entrance to your home without having to get out of your car. This can be especially useful in case you are coming home late at night, when you are unsure about who might be passing by.

Automatic gates are also a great idea in case you have small children. They will protect your kids from potentially-harming intruders, while also not letting small children run into the street. In case you have pets, an automatic gate will keep them inside, where they are safe from oncoming traffic or other animals that might hurt them.

Another excellent thing about automatic gates is that they do not allow people to see inside your house, which may prevent thefts or other unpleasant incidents.

Last but not least, installing an automatic gate is a sure way to increase the value of your property.

Choosing a Fence Gate

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An important aspect that homeowners need to consider is finding a good fence and gate for their property. These should be chosen with great care, as they are among the most visible elements of a property that draw attention and, in addition, offer different levels of security and privacy.

If the house is located in a residential area, you could opt for a living fence, with a height that ensures the privacy you need. It would be indicated to double your fence with a chain link fence, to prevent your pets from escaping.

A wrought iron gate, possibly even an automatic one, would be ideal for such a fence. It looks great, it provides security and can be opened and closed by a remote control, so you will not have to sit outside and open or close the door manually when the weather conditions are unfavorable.

automatic Thornton gate

If you opt for an automatic gate, you will need to contact Thornton gate experts in charge of gate automation to receive offers and place an order.

With a wrought iron gate, you may also want to upgrade your fence in the future and install a wrought iron fence, especially if you have a very beautiful garden in front of the house and do not mind the fact that the passersby can take a peak.

Protecting Your Children and Pets with a New Fence

Besides their decorative role, some fences are also designed for protection and security. Parents of small children as well as pet parents are concerned about keeping their children and animals safe and prevent the possibility that they leave their playground in the backyard and end up in the street, in potentially dangerous situations. Fences also keep unwanted visitors out and create a much needed privacy.

What are the best child and pet friendly fences?

pet-friendly Thornton gate and fence

Fences in this category must be, first of all, higher than decorative fences (at least four feet) and have no elements that could allow climbing (rails, frame, mesh etc.). Splinters, protruding nails or wire ends may cause injuries to children and animals, so make sure your fence doesn’t have them. A child and pet-friendly Thornton gate and fence must also be very stable, with a gate that can be closed securely.

When you choose such a fence for your property, you must do it with containment in mind. Always remember that kids are very active and they may attempt and even find ways to climb, and animals are very capable to dig under the fence, or jump high. Make sure you install an adequate fence, but don`t forget that it is not a substitute for your attentiveness.

Do Commercial Fences Need Permits?

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Whether or not the fence you are planning to build around your commercial property needs a permit depends on several factors – here are some:

  • Zoning – if your commercial facility is located in a residential area, you are likely to be required to obtain a permit for your new fence and you will probably need to comply with the neighborhood’s HOA covenants as well. Commercial zones are more relaxed in this respect;
  • The height of the fence – how tall your proposed fence also determines whether it requires a permit. Many neighborhoods allow fences under a certain height to be built without having to take out a permit for it. If you need a permit, be prepared that commercial fence permits usually allow the height of 6-7 feet, a fence that is taller than that can also be authorized, but it takes lots of time and paperwork;
  • The material of the fence – in most cases, the commercial fences made from concrete or masonry need a permit.

Thornton gate and fencing

Thornton gate and fencing regulations may vary widely, depending on the city, the town or the neighborhood, so you can find out whether or not you will need a permit only if you consult the applicable regulations. If your property is surrounded by a fence that you want to dispose of, find out whether you need a demolition permit as well.

Different Types of Fencing

types of fences

types of fences

The three broad categories that fences can be classified into based on the type of the property they surround are residential, commercial and industrial, but most fencing materials can be used for all three types of applications, so perhaps categorizing fences by the materials they are made from would be more effective. Per Thornton gate and fencing pros, here are the most common materials used in fences:

  • Timber – the great, affordable material is easy to use and suitable for creating tall and long fences. Made from natural wood, timber panels are sensitive to moisture and pest attacks if they are not treated properly, but with the right amount of attention, the material makes a durable solution;
  • Chain link – the metal mesh might not be very attractive, but it is affordable, easy to install, durable and suitable for fencing in very large areas;
  • Masonry – the solution is not cheap, but very attractive and durable. Masonry can be used for building fences that combine several materials, such as stone and metal or stone and wood;
  • Steel – another strong and durable solution suitable for any application, steel fences can also feature designs that use multiple materials. If this is your choice, don’t forget that the longevity of steel depends on maintenance and you will need to inspect and treat your fence at least once a year.

How To Hire A Cost Effective Fencing Contractor

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Many homeowners decide to install their own fences, but in most cases, the project turns out to be more overwhelming than it looked before the first post hole was dug out. Fence installation can also take very long, especially if you are doing it all by yourself and without experience in designing and executing fences and chances are that the results will be less than perfect.

Thornton gateFortunately, there are lots of great Thornton gate and fence contractors out there who can hardly wait for your call – here is how to find a contractor who does a great job for a great price:

  • Get multiple cost estimates for your fencing project – invite at least three contractors to see the future job site and then request a detailed estimate in writing. Choose the fence and gate contractor whose prices are the most reasonable, not the cheapest one – reducing the price too much will prevent the contractor from using quality materials;
  • Ask all your questions – the method that the contractor will use for revealing hidden underground utilities, the way he is planning to do the grading or to incorporate obstacles, such as trees, are all essential for your final decision;
  • Discuss the deadlines – most fencing companies have huge backlogs, so try to get at least a promise about the starting date for the fencing project.