Common Problems Seen in DIY fences

Some construction projects, such as raising a fence, can be done by yourself, if you have some basic skills. However, if you want to be sure the result will be as you planed it, you must first go through some stages. Choosing inadequate or low quality materials and digging an incorrect foundation are two of the most common problems seen in DIY fences.

You did not choose the right materials

An important tip to avoid making this mistake is to look for materials according to your house`s style.  The functionality and durability of the materials is also important, so make sure to have your residential fence company choose the best option that fits in your budget.vinyl fencingAlthough wood is a very popular material, a wood fence requires regular maintenance to have a long lifespan. On the other hand, stone and brick are much more resistant, but they require more building effort. A practical solution is to have your residential fence company install vinyl fencing.

The foundation does not have enough depth

A correct foundation is the base of a strong fence, so you have to take into account some aspects when you start digging it. The foundation must have about 50 cm depth, and the width of the trench should be between 30 and 40 cm.

At the same time, it is important to know that not all types of fence need foundation. For example, in the case of a wired mesh fence, the galvanized pillars can be fixed directly into the ground, which simplifies the building process.


The Benefits of Vinyl Fencing – What Are the Main Points to Remember?

vinyl fencing
So you want to set up a new fence, but you’re worried about the cost and quality level of some of the fences out there. If you do a little research, you might find that one of the most affordable fences you can consider is not necessarily a wooden one but a basic vinyl fence. Despite its affordability, vinyl has a few important benefits to offer:

• One of the main advantages of a vinyl fence is that it’s durable. Vinyl may not be the strongest of materials – and it certainly doesn’t compete with steel or stone in this regard – but it is long lasting. You can expect a properly maintained vinyl fence to last for decades.
• Vinyl is also highly affordable, as we have already mentioned. Compared to stone, concrete, wood and steel, it’s the most affordable type of fencing you can buy.
• Get vinyl if you want a stylish privacy fence. This material can be customized to your heart’s content, and the customization work won’t cost as much as, for example, in the case of a high end wooden fence.

In most cases, the quality of the fencing installation won’t necessarily depend on the contractor you hire for the job, since vinyl is relatively easy to install. However, a skilled, trustworthy and experienced local residential fence company is still recommended by experts, if you want the best possible results in exchange for your money.